5 Most Majorly Epic YouTube Heckler Shut Down Videos

1. Michael Richards’ Career-Ending Show

It’s not hilarious, but it is a teachable moment in how not to handle hecklers. The former “Seinfeld” actor thought he could make a comeback on the stand-up stage in 2006, but a heckler pretty much quashed those dreams. Instead of ignoring it or coming back with a witty joke, good ol’ Kramer lashed out like a beast, calling for the Laugh Factory to “throw [the heckler’s] a55 out” because he’s a “n***er” and then proceeded to repeat the n-word many, many times. Obviously, this spread on YouTube like wildfire. Well, if you ever wanted to know about what happened to Richards’ career after the Laugh Factory blow-up, I shall quote the heckler: “It’s not funny, that’s why you’re a reject, never had no shows, never had no movies, “Seinfeld” that’s it.”

2. Jimmy Carr: Destroying Hecklers Since 2000

One comedian who should teach “How To Burn Hecklers 101” is British stand-up impresario Jimmy Carr. Although he’s not well-known in the States, the live shows where he’s had to deal with a drunk or rude heckler are classic. Carr doesn’t need anger or racial expletives to shut a heckler down; his calm, collected manner makes him a shining example. For instance, when a heckler sarcastically asked “Where’s the best place you’ve performed?” Carr retorted “Well, I’d say in your girlfriend.” Check out his 10-minute compilation of shutting down these haters.

3. The Wedding Heckler

If you ever need to invite a comedian to your wedding, insist on hiring Adam Hunter. He’ll humiliate your Uncle Bill, who looks like Bon Jovi wearing a white shirt and white socks. After Uncle Bill socks him to the ground, he’ll dust himself off and skewer on.

4. Kevin Smith’s Epic Response

Comic-Con hosts the best, the newest and the most epic of pop culture every year in San Diego. When Kevin Smith was promoting one of his films during the 2007 Comic-Con, an audience member asked “Do you plan on making a movie without rehashing some of your old characters that doesn’t suck?” Smith replies that “Zack and Miri Make A Porno” and “Red State” all feature original characters. He then adds that he’ll be going back to making original movies where his old characters don’t suck “as soon as he pulls his cock out of your mother’s a55.”

5. Zach Galifianakis Pwns This Heckler

Destroying hecklers should be part of Zach Galifianakis’s job description. In this clip, he calls out a young woman for interrupting his bit, takes her on stage and engages with his heckler for five minutes — without holding back. He said, “I have to cater my act to 22 year olds now. Here are some jokes for young 22-year-old Claudia. Happy Meals are weird.” Good way to put a childish heckler on the spot.