Jenna Marbles Dumped Over Vicious Video Comment?! [RUMOR]

YouTubers fighting is my bread and butter, and as far as breakups go, this one is a doozy!

Jeffrey K. here with a delicious dish of ish that should make your holiday wish list. Check it: the longtime blonde queen of the online video scene, one Jenna Marbles, is having a true blue December after in-fighting has cost her her secret Santa. Somebody call Doctor Häagen Dazs!

Miss Marbles has apparently lost hers after a public tiff with a YouTube non-scenester, one BradtheLadLong, that resulted in a seven-ten split with longtime paramour Max Nosleeves. Is there a plumber in the house, cuz that’s four years of bliss down the drain.

Apparently, not so so long ago, Jenna went onto the page of Mr. LadLong and commented “Dude you’re a f*cking creep. And you can’t sing!” Harsher words were never posted. Keep your sticks and stones, people, Jenna Marbles is packing the heavy verbal artillery.

So then, the fans of Jenna Marbles — the Marbleheads I’m calling them if no one else is, decided that if it’s good for the queen, it’s good for the court. And they went open season on BradtheLadLong as well, even going so far as to threaten the Long fellow’s life. One if by land, indeed.

“What a lovely girlfriend I have…” commented Nosleeves on LadLong’s vid, prompting aggression on him from the Marbleheads as well. LadLong story short, Jenna and Max got to fighting, and suddenly no one is having a merry Xmas except yours truly.

Jenna, giving credence to the whole sordid affair, then dropped dime on Twitter, giving fans a squeeze of the lemon with a post that read: “Max split up with me over the Youtuber BradTheLadLong. COOL. Might have to be sexual thursday instead guys.” Of course, the pouty minx deleted the tweet a short time later. Too bad the ship already sank. Loose lips and all that. As for which set of lips … I’ll leave that up to you, dear readers. Keep your eyes on the monitors though. ‘Round the holidays, you can pour the online gossip from a cocktail shaker.

On the serious side of the bubble though: It is fascinating when people who make their livelihoods by opening up their lives to the world, suddenly clamp down when their lives get too lively. It makes you question what we’re all really watching for.

  • Tom Jones

    Jenna is the “pig”. How dare she attack a young guy like this? And, why the gender double standard? If a popular MALE YouTuber attacked a young, unknown FEMALE. All Hell would break loose! The women would be up in arms. Besides, Jenna stole her personality and her online persona from Max. Now, that they’ve split up, she’s not even funny anymore.

  • Betty

    maxnosleeves is a pig. I’m glad jenna dumped that loser. Julians way better.
    He’s more attractive, funny, ORIGINAL, and 100000000 times nicer than max.

  • THE_moses

    This was some of the most obnoxious, campy writing I have ever experienced in my 2+ decades of life.

  • JP

    Wow her fans are such a hypocritical ass kissing bunch

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  • R.A.C

    Stick to your guns. Take the time you need to refresh and renew and come back charged up!
    Love ya….!!!!

  • Kristie Ricci

    I just discovered Jenna recently, and she is immensely talented! Jenna’s award-winning, quirky take on her own life and her comic observations on human behavior have endeared her to the You Tube community and this individual as well. As a successful public figure, however, Jenna has had the misfortune to fall prey to the wolves, gossips, and snarks of that same community. Don’t sweat the small stuff, Jenna…and these snarling, back-biting bitches are indeed very small stuff.

  • Danny Shroyer

    World loves Jenna fan club member don’t be sad Jenna you are my favorite person in the world be proud of yourself gurl!

  • Jasmin

    Ya she took time from her week.piep the fuck dawn

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  • Bree ;)

    Hey, I am a really big fan. My favorite video is the LandSharks. U cracked me up :) And u still do!!! 😉 U guys…! People have problems in their lives. Why pick on her?? Worry about your own freaking life. Dont be a hater.

  • http://NMR Vanessa

    People can’t hate you unless they met you and btw the girl is alot more talented then you are and popular so all the haters out there think about that before you go hating\trolling PS. I love Jenna number one fan of her so yeah. Love,Vanessa

  • http://NMR Vanessa

    You know what i love JennaMarbles who the F*** cares instead of crying she’s making videos for us you cant hate on her if you never met her and if you did you would know she’s an angle. PS the girl is way more talented then you are so think about that before you go hating\trolling, Love Vanessa:-D

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  • Kendra

    Jenna takes time from her life each week to make us all laugh and smile. Sometimes were so glad shes making herself look stupid so we can laugh so we can deal with life when it falls apart and we retreat in solitude away from the world… So I say who the F cares if she needs down time she’s human too! Don’t question her work. What she shares or not with the world is up to her! She loves her fans it’s obvious she still tunes in and says hi and instead of letting us have a whole video of her being sad she posts old take outs from past videos to make us laugh even more!!! I just love the “news” they only get their jollies from exploiting others sadness and hardships… Jenna can do what she wants and if this makes her human thank God!! Cause I was seriously having to reconsider my view on alien attacks cause she is freaking out of this world funny! Smile Jenna…. People suck! But you know that already!!!

  • Jenna Mourey

    I’m pretty disappointed in this from NMR. Obviously this story is fabricated,I’ve had people tweet me about this kid promoting himself but come on. If you guys are trying to be any sort of reputable news-ish outlet you should fucking give me a call. The tweets are photoshopped and you guys need to check sources before you just publish something like this. Not cool all around.