‘He Has Never Been A Part Of The YouTube Community': Shay Carl Responds To RWJ’s Allegations Against Maker Studios

As news of Ray William Johnson’s feud with Maker Studios over the creator’s Adsense account broke this morning, the number one pro-Maker voice people wanted to hear from was that of Shay Carl. As an original founder of Maker Studios and influential veteran YouTube creator, Shay Carl has become a beacon for people hoping to turn YouTube into a full-time career and a staple of the YouTube community.

Early this morning via Twitter, Shay Carl announced regarding the Ray William Johnson controversy that, “Yea I have a LOT to say, I’m just trying to figure out how I want to word it.”

The veteran vlogger explained further that he was going to explain Maker Studios’ side of the story, “but first I have to go for a long LONG run.”

Shay Carl  has just issued a response to Ray William Johnson’s claims in a vlog that you can check out below.


  • random

    Shay is full of shit.

  • Lol

    Anyone can lie, but few can show factual evidence like Ray did. It’s shay and his piece of shit company along with fans like you who can’t prove a fucking thing.

  • Gvhgyg

    Wow. Just wow….

    If you were any dumber, I would need to water you 2 times a day.

  • TheEnd

    Maker wins

  • Nur

    Absolutely agree with you, I’ve never liked shay without any particular reason(soz) but now I got one and I feel like my guts were right to tell me to dislike him, anyway I totally believe ray’s side cause he explained everything clearly, maker studios change up the story every single time, fuck them.

  • beth

    How do any of you know that anything being said from either side is true??? You dont. Are you RWJ?? DD?? Are you affeliated with Maker??? Probably not so nobody but them truly knows. And anyone can lie. So stop bashing people when you ve no idea what is really going on. Also who cares that is their personal business.

  • Dave

    Shay your a fucking tool. You don’t know what is even happening in your own studio. keep yourself away from this whole situation. You would be better off keeping your mouth shut you tool.

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  • kendra

    Actually makers studio made it lublic first by making a video and stuff bashing him

  • Rich

    If you did not want to make this public then why did you release a public statement in which you released factually incorrect information with the intent of making Ray look bad. Let it be known that Maker studios released that statement before Ray published his letter. If there is anyone to blame for bringing so many people into this fight and slandering the names of good people then it is maker studios

  • Saurabh

    From what I see shay Carl is just trying to save the public image of his company. He keeps his wife in the video to make it seem informal and genuine. If he didn’t like ray to make personal allegations then why did he himself do so?

  • the dude

    All y’all need to just shut up and stop hanging from Rays nuts. The first person to speak, is always going to do their best to get the truth out there. None of you know what Maker studios is like, or Danny diamond, you’re all making assumptions because your troll god painted an image and you can’t get over it. When you cut the ray chord from your belly button, and give a fair shot to both sides.. Someone might care more about what you have to say. But regardless none of you know the whole story. Nor will you ever know the whole story. Grow up. Its not your fight.

  • Zoggoid

    Surely, it depends what he was convicted for… If it was fraud then yeah its an issue. If he was drunk and got in a fight, then it don’t matter. This conviction things is a bit odd and seems to be a focal point despite people knowing the conviction hah

  • Emily

    Seriously… I expected more from yotubers. It is becoming just as corrupt as Hollywood.

  • Rafael Jaspard E.

    STFU Shay, as Rachel said you are arguing like this was personal and it isn’t. You should stop trying to convince the audience that “this could have been dealt another way” because it couldn’t, no without you knowing anything your white-collar crime commiting partner was doing to Ray. You should all get sued and stabbed in the face 😉 😉

  • Rafael Jaspard E.

    STFU Shay, as Rachel said you are arguing like this was personal and it isn’t. You should stop trying to convince the audience that “this could have been dealt another way” because it couldn’t, no without you knowing anything your white-collar crime commiting partner was doing to Ray. You should all get sued and stabbed in the face 😉

  • vinny

    Being dishonest is the only way you get that far so don’t bullshit a bullshiter

  • mari

    “We didn’t get where we are by being horrible people”
    Well you don’t get any where being nice either so…. YEAH!

  • cj

    I think ray made maker studios something not the other way around. Ray has always had a huge fan base and maker took advantage of that if not then why would they be fighting so hard for him to be a part of maker? Also, how good of a person can u be if youre a convicted felon? Just saying. I believe ray because he has actual proof that he is being screwed over. Shame on u carl for defending someone who makes money off youtubers who are the ones that actually worked hard to create a fan base and make good videos

  • Stu


  • Hordak

    I have to say the contract seemed reasonable. Not by any means prefect or even great but a good starting point to negotiate on.

    The album part was fairly standard and 60% after costs wasn’t good but a starting point.

    The statement after he left looked like a standard affair. No particular liability to the company as you would expect.

    I think ray just realised he would be better off going alone.

  • Rachel

    Business is business… Im sorry Shay, but your making the business aspect too perso al. Ray only mentioned your friends’ past as a felon to forshadow his present concerns. But he it not Danny personally holding his adsense, but ‘Maker’. I think they should have all had lawyers read and review contracts before having them issued or signed. Business is never pretty. It has its ups and downs, gains and losses, but it stilll business. And Youtube celebrities are subject to similar situations regular celebrities deal with; paparazzi, rumours, fan freaks,… Its just a price you pay for celebrity.

  • TH

    I just have to say that u may not be meaning to be dissing Ray but u sounded like you were. Yea he did point out what the CEO said but he was describing his shock and showing his supporters why he felt like he should leave Maker. And yea he didnt have to post the article but JUST LIKE YOU he felt obliged to because his loyal followers were asking him questions (as yours were) and Maker was frustrating him ( as he frustrated u with his article). Ray specifically said that he didnt judge your CEO because he even said that thats not the kind of person he is to judge others for their past, ive watched ray for a long time, ive watched equals three, your favorite martian, and his vlogs breaking NYC and breaking LA, and i have come to like his friends too and i even watch their vlogs, i dont even care that i sound like a stalker but like you said, i watch videos for entertainment to brighten my day. I would also like to point out that you said you’ve only met Ray three times so i think that you have no right to judge him like that when he said he posted the article for the youtube community and you felt the need to point out that he hasnt done a whole lot of things for said community but, um, hello?!?! Maybe he was working on his equals three/your favorite martian/breaking vlogs?!?! Did you even consider how much work he does for his subscribers? You seem like a really nice guy and i watched a couple of your videos before so i have absolutely nothing against you im just sticking up for my favorite youtuber on the internet. That is all.

  • Can I ask, why do you people actually care? None of you have actually worked with maker, so why are you lashing out? And same for the people who go bashing shay and colette. You don’t personally know them, so how can you just straight up call them liars… really, I honestly feel that ray should have just kept this a personal thing between him and the company… especially because its really getting old seeing comments on youtube about it. Kthxbai

  • Dyxon

    Honestly, I don’t see how Danny’s criminal record has anything to do with who he is or how he runs Maker. Making that a focal point of the argument was a poor choice. That being said: the proposed terms that were given to Ray were horrendous and basically came down to Maker wanting control of Ray’s already hugely successful channel and all of it’s profits in the long run. If it’s true that they were using strong-arm tactics by shutting down his other projects to get him to agree, then yes: they were in the wrong. I agree that this should have been handled behind closed doors, but I get the feeling that Ray thought he would be forced to give up his rights if he didn’t bring it out. In the end, there may have been miscommhnication. Who knows? I’m still going to watch =3 and my shows on the Maker network. Move on with your lives people.

  • Tico1012

    Maker needs to make sure what they say is right, so they are lying, Ray just says everything as it is, and we should all rain down on Maker for being dicks…Ray has >6,000,000 subscribers that will follow him no matter what. FUCK MAKER! Shay Carls and T Diamond or whatever should STFU!

  • chris

    You two sound so fake. I dont know you. I know ray. U 2 make excuses and its obvious your liars.. No more maker studios for me

  • Zach

    Say that it’s wrong for Ray to publicly bash on you people.. Bashes on Ray publicly.. Well played Shay.. Shows how honest you and Maker really are..

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  • John

    I think it was right for Ray for letting his viewers to see what Maker was trying to do. It just shows that what Ray is saying is true by showing proof. I mean, Ray Is only a guy fighting for himself against Maker studios and needs/has the public on his side as witnesses. Like the texts that ray was receiving, I don’t think anyone will bother him as harsh after knowing that everything they say to ray will go public for the viewers to see…

  • Dee

    Shay, you shouldn’t have made a statement. You are too out of touch with the company you helped found. By admitting that you didn’t even know a problem was going on proves that. You have no idea what business practices are currently in place, you are too busy “making out”. I suggest paying more attention to you companies assets and potential earnings, instead of letting other people do it for you. If that is too much, let maker buy out your stake and separate yourself from future business errors that are inevitable with makers current policies.

  • Maggie Brown

    Ray William Johnson is amazing. And what your company did to him was wrong. This isn’t about standing up for your friend, it’s about what’s right and what’s wrong. If your friend killed someone, would you make a video to defend his honor for that too? Ya jerk!

  • Jared

    I feel the same way Michael is saying. How could you make this company and stamp your name to it then do not know what’s going on with it. Ray show papers to back his story, your company start it, ray going to end it. I heard people say this to lot YouTube star: you wouldn’t care if I stop watching your show, I hope you make better answer

  • Michael T Moore

    When your right your right raveen

  • Michael T Moore

    Shay I appreciate your honesty…. however, it’s not so much what you said but what you didn’t say.
    You said that Danny diamond is a great guy but not that he isn’t a convicted felon.
    Also while Ray may have still been under contract with Maker studios. I’m sure thay maker breached their contract by with holding services and resources from him would potentally void and contract. Attempting to strong arm him into a new contract that sees him forfeit 50% of his intellectual property is socialy and professionaly unethical.
    I’m sure your a stand up guy shay…but saying that danny is a passionate person does not excuse the use of such underhanded tactics

  • Raveen

    Fuck me.As an insider looking in, I have to say Ray was right to leave. (I thought =3 without Maker was brilliant, so I’m glad he left and started making the show in his apartment like the old days) ray had every reason to leave, you vaginas wanted half of equals 3 and holding onto his money. Shut the fuck up and drop it. SQUAIDS and two camels in a tiny car!

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