Ray William Johnson: Why I Left Maker Studios [EXCLUSIVE]

[UPDATE 12/12/2012 4:45 p.m. PST] NMR has gotten a hold of the company-wide letter sent by Danny Zappin addressing Ray William Johnson’s Allegations. You can find it HERE

[UPDATE 12/11/2012 4:00 p.m. PST] Shay Carl has responded to Ray’s post with his side of the story in a YouTube video: http://newmediarockstars.com/2012/12/shay-carl-responds-to-ray-william-johnsons-allegations-against-maker-studios-video/

Editors Note: All images that Ray refers to are attached in the gallery at the bottom of this post.

Let me start off by saying that I should have said all of this two months ago when everything went down. I held back because I don’t like to beef publicly. I’m not some sort of gangster rapper or pro wrestler; I’m an entertainer. As an entertainer, I make a lot of jokes about this or that, but it is never my intention to be malicious towards anyone. It’s just not who I am as a person.

However, Maker Studios has pushed me to a point where I need to tell the truth about what happened in the order in which the events occurred. I feel that I have a responsibility to myself and to the Youtube community to stand up to them and their rather thuggish tactics.

Two years ago, I signed my Youtube channel over to the Maker Studios network with hopes that I could utilize some of their production resources – which I did, and to be fair, for the first year or so I was content with my decision to sign with them. Unfortunately, things then took a turn. The first red flag arose when the now CEO Danny Zappin got drunk with me one night and informed me that he was a “convicted felon” and that he was waiting for his criminal record to be expunged so that he could officially become CEO of Maker. I’m not sure as to why he confessed to having an alleged criminal record, but this is not something I was informed of prior to signing with them, and it may have influenced my decision had I known beforehand. Regardless, I’m not one to judge someone for something that they may or may not have done in their past, so I tried to forget about it.

Six months later he approached me and said that Maker Studios needed to take a bigger cut of revenue from my online show “Equals Three,” and asked me to renegotiate my existing contract eight months prior to its expiration. I was reluctant to renegotiate my contract at first, but eventually I agreed. Their company had just recently laid off a significant percentage of their employees, and I wanted to be fair and allow them to take a bigger cut of the show’s revenue. At the end of the day, Youtube-based networks are built around exploiting Youtube channels for profit, and I totally understand that. Ultimately, I wanted to help them out and was open to seeing what the terms of the new contract might be.

When they brought me the terms of the new contract they wanted me to sign (See below “Maker Contract Page 1/2 and 2/2”), the terms were incredibly aggressive. They wanted 40% of my Youtube channel’s Adsense revenue after production costs, and more importantly, they wanted 50% of the show’s intellectual property in perpetuity. Let me clarify: they wanted to own 50% of the intellectual property of “Equals Three” for the rest of eternity and weren’t offering much in return. I have it all in writing.

When I politely refused their deal, as it was not in my best interest, they became increasingly aggressive. Negotiations quickly became a bizarre pissing contest between the heads at Maker Studios and myself. I wouldn’t hand over my intellectual property, and they wouldn’t stop aggressively trying to get me to sign it over to them.

After three weeks of failed negotiations, they suddenly brought me two other possible term sheets which were equally as unfair as the one shown. They more or less said that if I didn’t sign one of their deals they were going to shut down production on the album I was recording with their company. Of course I didn’t sign anything, and 48 hours later they shut down the “Your Favorite Martian” album that I had been working on for eight months. A day after that, they shut down production on “Equals Three,” a show that has been running strong for nearly 4 years – all of this in hopes of strong-arming me into signing over my intellectual property.

When they started shutting down my projects in a poor attempt to get me to sign a contract, I decided that Maker Studios was not the place for me. I don’t play ball like that. I do honest business, and I like to think that I’m always fair. The next day, I left the company and started shooting “Equals Three” from my apartment.

Two or three days later I casually announced in a Youtube video that I was leaving the company. My statement was vague, so as not to stir up any controversy or speculation. In response to my announcement, Maker Studios released a factually inaccurate statement to the press about the situation in a public attempt to make me look bad. (See below “Maker Statement”). Interestingly enough, at the time I hadn’t experienced an overall decline in “Equals Three” viewership. In fact, I was receiving 5 to 6 million unique viewers per month when the entire Maker Studios network was only receiving 21 million total unique viewers per month (See below “Comscore Breakdown”). The statistics are public and anyone can look them up. I also never had a “production staff of 12 people including a team of writers.” These are simply false accusations designed to paint me in a poor light.

Despite their thuggish negotiation tactics, their attempts to trash me, and the CEO’s personal claim to a criminal record, I still refrained from calling them out publicly, because again, that’s not who I am as a person. Even as I write this, I feel a bit out of character.

After their passive-aggressive PR statement went public, we called a meeting to work things through. In the meeting the heads of Maker Studios did plenty of backpedaling and CEO Danny Zappin himself specifically stated, “I won’t hold your Youtube channel/Adsense account in our network against your will. We will give it back to you.” The problem is, they aren’t giving it back to me. They haven’t made reasonable attempts to give it back to me. They are now even trying to leverage my own Adsense account against me so that I will “sign over all of Your Favorite Martian’s intellectual property, void my stock options in the company, sign a confidentiality agreement to never tell the truth, and are even suggesting that they have legal claims against me for trade libel, slander, etc.” (See below “Email screenshot”) even though I have kept my mouth shut about this and tried to play nice up until this point.

Hopefully, you can see now why I’m at my wits ends with these guys and am speaking out after being silent for so long. I would only like for my Youtube Adsense account to be returned to me as promised so that I can move on with my life. I don’t feel comfortable with it in the hands of people who do business this way – especially when one of them personally said to me that he is a convicted felon. I’ve never wanted to believe that people are overtly dishonest, but I’m beginning to change my mind.

At the end of the day, I have an obligation to my audience to perform and entertain them and keep my projects moving forward to the best of my ability. I hope that this story will make anyone in the Youtube community think twice about signing their Adsense over to a Youtube network or third party and that what I’ve gone through will help some digital content creators avoid the frustrations I’ve been dealing with. [laughs] If their aforementioned email is any indication, they will probably attempt to sue me for releasing all of this information publicly, but I have to stand up for myself. At the very least, I owe it to the Youtube community.

  • Kate Moon

    Danny Zappin is a kike, right? You’re the stupid one for working with a kike. Never trust one.

  • johnjet88

    hey man. im super bummed that this happend, but why don’t you just create a new youtube channel or msg youtube and ask for your YFM channel back… i recently found you on spotify but i love your songs

  • This guy

    Good post

  • samelu tuovinen

    ok but why all that thing is somethings ??????

  • Harley

    If this is maker studios why in the f******ing h***all are you on this site?!

  • Sam

    Fuck ’em Ray! Fuck them in their asses!

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  • ChickenMcSwaggins

    You obviously care. If not you would’nt be posting a reply.

  • ChickenMcSwaggins

    I’m gonna miss the Troll…

  • J

    Ray I watched every yourfavoritemartian video since the channel first started it just made me feel happier and in a good mood I woke up early and had a great personality when I had found out that the project had retired I was in a deep depression I didn’t even know how to socialize with people for about a couple of months and I started going to sleep late and waking up late and was not the same for a while i just wish u can bring back yourfavoritemartian it’s one of my dreams I just loved yourfavoritemartian so much because I felt so happy every time I watched one please bring it back

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  • http://youtube.com/Specogrunt Specogrunt

    Thank you Ray,
    Someone from RPM network sent me an invite to join the network, they sent me a message over youtube, I have 106 subscribers so I dont think I could earn anything really ($3 a month?!?). i went on the website and everything looked nice. They had a nice video and that. I thank God for giving me a mind tht could think twice. Before I clicked connect with youtube I went and researched and found your story. Love the show and havw for years. And thank you for following me on twitter I am @specogrunt2

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  • RayWJFan

    Hey. Ray

    Makers studios is just being weird. U go man.
    Big fan of yours for 3 years.

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  • Chris

    True that

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  • Nolan

    Dude fuck them u have so much talent u dont need that bullshit theey should just go fuck themselves they are acting like fucking 6yr olds. Lawyer up!

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  • Chris

    Screw you Maker Studios. The only reason that you are trying to make RWJ look like he is guilty is because you know that you have been beat, not just by Johnson ( which he is one of the best youtubers ever) but also by the people that support RWJ. And all that you are doing now is trying to take what you have left, your CEO has stepped down, if I read correctly, and you are picking up scraps and trying to still show RWJ is still wrong. You’re acting like a beaten dog with its tail between its legs, trying to man and/or beef up to something you are not and will not be. The fight is lost, it was lost when RWJ posted this article. It was finished when he left, not only because he has the proof, but because of all the support that he has from his fans. FIN.

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  • Isabella Curtis

    Are you getting YFM back or are they keeping it?

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  • http://www.youtube.com/oxideproductions Michael R.

    GO RAY!!!!

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  • Justin

    Then why the hell did his channel get retired moron… Ray spent the time
    to get his album finished and at almost last moment they screwed him over by wanting to take away his revenue so it is not bullshit it is fucking fact.

  • Justin

    Then why the hell did his channel get retired dumbass… Ray spent the time
    to get his album finished and at almost last moment they screwed him over by wanting to take away his revenue so it is not bullshit it is fucking fact.

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  • Gail

    You see all these comments ray? You have supporters and don’t let anyone bring you down. That company is pathetic and it’s sad all the things they made you do. Yfm lives forever in all of our hearts. We believe in you ray and that’s all that matters. Keep on entertaining :)

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  • Trevor k

    You might be short but this just made you taller then them. Good job ray

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  • Maykur Stood-E-oz

    We are sorry Ray. We are a bunch of little fucktards that are just trying to make more money than we need instead of those who work hard (and honestly) and get payed their money’s worth. We are just a group of ragtag motherfucking sons of bitches that want to rob every honest man that wants to collaborate with us of his/her hard earned money.

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  • RanaAboomar

    You did the right thing ray. As a view, I will stick by you and your choices.

  • John

    No one gives a shit

  • frank

    that musta sucked man having those guys after you sounds like a real drag but i hope in the end u keep makng your shows thier still and always will be awesome

  • njihns

    I can’t believe pewdiepie signed with maker

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  • Dakota

    All I can say is that you did the right thing Ray. Maker Studios is in the wrong to ask so much of you, for so little in return.
    I was introduced to =3 and YFM by my bestfriend and you have never ceased to put a smile on my face. I am extremly sad that YFM is no more for it is my favorite thing to listen to.
    I hope that Maker Studios will soon see how wrong they are and until then I will support you, Ray.

  • John Maciag (bacon)

    I was just going to check when the next YFM song was coming out becuase you guys usually say when the next song is coming out and I saw that THIS PROJECT IS NOW RETIRED on there instead of the album release date..and I cried for a good amount of time…then I knew I had to tell my friends the awful news…YFM was no more…each and every one that knows who YFM is started crying right away..after that we started a campfire with me,my friends and my cousins) and we listened to every single YFM song on an iPod boom box…thank you for telling me why YFM did this and I really think what you did was great. I hope things only get better for you from here…

  • Anbasnipez

    You did the right thing Ray. I’m so happy for you and Anna working on project RR. I hope this is soon water under the bridge and you can both move on.

    Best wishes
    /viewer since first episodes back on the forum.

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  • Jessica

    Ray, I’ve been watching =3 long before you even had a partnership with a studio, when you didn’t even have the watchman wallpaper, and I’ll continue to watch it going forward. Love the show and you’re a great host. Don’t give in to the BS :)

  • Max

    Fuck maker studios fuck all of them

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  • Adrian

    First of all sir you are the imbecile. And he only wants his channels back so why don’t you fuck off and get your shit straight before talking smack like an idiot. And also go fuck yourself or does your life do it for you

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  • Ken Xing

    You’ve made a good decision Ray, keep up the good work.

  • Ken Xing

    You’ve made a good decision Ray, keep up the good work

  • Rafael Jaspard E.

    I’ve always watched =3, I’ve seen it grow progressively bigger and better and I’m sure it will keep that way no matter how many “convicted felons” stand in your way!
    Ray, you are going the right way. Keep going!
    Best wishes for you and Runaway Planet from Chile

    P.S.: I’ll be in New York for Christmas to throw every piece of Danny Zappin and Maker Studios into a fire as a present for you ;);)

  • Rafael Jaspard E.

    I’ve always watched =3, I’ve seen it grow progressively bigger and better and I’m sure it will keep that way no matter how many “convicted felons” stand in your way!
    Ray, you are going the right way. Keep going!
    Best wishes for you and Runaway Planet from Chile

    P.S.: I’ll be in New York for Christmas to throw every piece of Danny Zappin and Maker Studios into a fire as a present for you ;);) (seriously)

  • Mkl

    Your videos always brighten my day! My boyfriend for and I watch them almost religiously. Keep strong ray! You have a community of YouTubers that have your back. :)

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  • freakydokie

    Keep it up RWJ, stay above the game. Don’t let these ball-busters get ahead of you.

  • freakydokie

    Keep it up RWJ, stay above the game. Don’t let these morons get ahead of you.

  • freakydokie

    Keep it up RWJ, stay above the game. Don’t let these fools get ahead of you.

  • Hamid

    Damn! I didn’t know that G had a rol in this shit. We’ll always support you Ray. Oh and btw Fuck shay carl I never liked him!

  • Gentry

    Ray you are the fucking best in the YouTube community! Fuck those Maker asswholes and fight on. They can’t take you down, you’ve got everything that they would’ve kept from the public. And as a fellow entertainer on YouTube it’s very helpful and have out all thoughts of signing with them.

  • Genima_x

    My 3 older brothers got me into watching your videos when you first starting to get popular and we all think your AWSOME!!!! So f**k those sh***y maker B********s. we will always watch your videos!

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  • Chip

    Ray you did the right thing.

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  • Raaj Chheda

    Been a fan of Ray for a LONG ass time and I am glad that Ray is no longer with Maker. What really surprises me is that when ever a person goes BIG, they end up acting like a BIG shot, but with Ray…he is completely honest guy. He had the BALLZ to state this issue publicly-like I said, completely honest. I do hope we all learn something from this and move on with something better for us…. And Ray William Johnson.

  • John ureta

    Fuck em ray,we,got your,back counter sue them!

  • street

    Ray your doing the right thing here! Keep strong and don’t give up!

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  • genuine

    Wow, you know what RAY. you are f****** awesome. I just wanna give love to you your family and everything you do.keep it up man.and your girls channel amy is fuckin good. I love it. Dont let them fuck you. If anything fuck them. And for some reason your videos are even better. I didn’t know you could be this good.

  • Pianisimo

    Yeah fuck that asshole ,fans will be with you. Keep up the gw

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  • Jalen

    Ray, all i got to say is i’ve been watching ur show for the past 2 years, even at school. Never stop fighting for whats yours, and good luck, i’m right behind u 100%.

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  • Jessica Lynn Bradford

    My boyfriend got me into watching =3 after i got pregnant because he said it would brighten my day. Which of course it has over and over again. Now my son watches the videos with me. We all love what you do. Keep it up Ray :)

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  • Kev

    I’ve been watching =3 for about three years now and I never thought about stuff behind the scenes. It’s so weird seeing this coming from ray who is usually joking around on his show.

  • Efthimios

    =3 is YOUR show, no one should take it away from you! Chin up Ray, things will work out! I too have been watching =3 from the very begining, and I look forward to your new shows!

    Lots of support, all the way from Zambia!

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  • Scb

    I was a viewer/ fan of Ray’s way before any of these other chumps! But I’m not only standing behind him for that reason but because he is proving to be an honest man and I trust his statement over Makers. I’m not going to say Shay and Danny and Kassem and all the others are bad people but they are not right in their and Makers actions with this hole thing.

  • Danielle

    Hey ray, I’m so sorry to everything you are going through now and I wish I was a fan of you for as long as most of these people but I am definitely a fan of your old stuff and the new equals three. You are a good guy and I hope everything works out for you because I honestly don’t know what I would do without your videos and vlogs. They get me through the day! Fuck Em ray!

  • SGTRandyB

    I signed a contract with MS & accrued a bit over $120 bucks in ad sales before signing, that money seems to have disappeared while I got a check for 6 bucks. I haven’t made a video since & I have no idea what to do.

  • SGTRandyB

    I signed a contract with MS & accrued a bit over $120 bucks in ad sales before signing, that money seems to have disappeared….while I got a check for 6 bucks. I haven’t made a video since & I have no idea what to do.

  • SGTRandyB

    I recently signed a contract with Maker Studios, I had accrued a bit over $120 bucks in ad sales before signing this and now, that money seems to have disappeared….while I got a check for 6 bucks. I haven’t made a video since & I have no idea what to do.

  • Lola

    Wow. First of all: *you’re. And secondly, your vocabulary is very limited. Get a dictionary, and learn how to talk to someone in a civil manner. It’s kinda funny that you can’t spell. It adds a large amount of irony to the situation. I think you’re the ten year old.

  • Kylah Smith

    you all are just jumping to conclusions by just reading this! y’all need to wait until y’all here both sides of the story

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  • Dominic

    Go ray u stay awesome

  • Chris K

    Well done Ray. Always stay true to yourself. But when you are forced in a situation like this, put it out there and let the public decide. And now back to equals three. come on, move it!

  • Desmond

    Ray I have been watching you since the first equals three episode I remember how for the first episode you dressed up in a suit and a tie I laugh at all your shitty jokes. I remember the shitty dorm room in NYC and puff puff (nickname for that old girlfriend). I remember Fatty Spins Records. I have been watching you since day one and to see them fuck stains Jew you over like that makes me want to go find them fuck them up the ass with a
    knife. ???? Ray fuck maker jewdios. Ha shitty joke. ???? P.S. Ray keep on trolling. ????

  • Desmond

    Fuck you Lola if you think Ray is imateure look at that spelling error. This whole post by Ray is so mateure he is handling this whole thing like a real adult unlike you. I bet your only 10! Maker studios can “Eat a dick”!

  • Maker Studios Can SMD


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  • Pat

    You (Ray) are an imbecile ! Any professional would know better than to use “thuggish” in a public statement. And how childish and immature of you to relentlessly keep badgering Danny. Lastly, get a freakin lawyer idiot! You surely can afford it and do so successfully w/I brining innocent victims down with you! Complete embarrassment and disgrace!!

  • Saz

    I think It needs to be made clear that yes Shay Carl and Kassem G are founders of the company, but they are not the heads. The CEO’s and higher are the ones responsible for this, not the founders that have not taken a title. Ray even states on his twitter that Shay and Kassem knew nothing of this or had anything to do with his decision.

  • VDyana

    I’ve been watching ur show for a year now n that first day, i actually went to ur ild videos n watched all of them bcause i think its great n i remember those bricks too
    But I have to b honest as soon as u join that Fucker Studio ur videos r seriously overproduced n its just lack of ur originality
    N now since u left that Sucker Studio we’ve found our old ray back n its refreshing
    U made a good move with those short legs, gay.. I mean ray..
    Keep up the good work

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  • Lola

    I think that Ray is a lying snake. It clearly states that the mutual obligations are that confidentiality of separation terms are to be kept. Unless I’m hallucinating, posting an article about it isn’t exactly being confidential. I think he lacks a lot of maturity and is halving the situation like a 5 year old.

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  • http://youtube.com/aronmsound Aron

    1. What you have done is wise and protective..well done. 2. Im sure you have representation, but if you need; I have an excellent and established pit-bull of an attorney for your corner to refer. 3. There is the format negotiation and the opposite which is usury, and forced leverage via threat and Coercive action..Get ready to own Makers…either that or they should learn how to do business appropriately..even if they learned to do that now..you still will own Makers..Give the DA a call.. im sure she will be interested since she is fresh in office. There is more than just you at stake..it sounds like the possibilities of uncovering much more is only an email or a contract away..
    Never been a fan of the show..but everyone I know who knows you has said how diligent and earnest you are. Go kick ass and forget their names..then get back to what you do best..of which i have no clue what that was..All the best to you from Moscow!
    Aron M. Sound

  • Alex

    Your*. Danny Zappin obviously does not know correct grammar and did not use it in his text. Props to you Ray William Johnson. You did not let them push you around and stood up for yourself.

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  • http://youtube.com/worldmartian Zana

    So… Does Maker still own YFM? Is that why it’s retired?

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  • mick rouse

    Well done Ray for standing up for yourself. People like this make me sick, trying to take liberties..

    If I ever go back to the states, point me in their direction and I’ll f**k their s**t up for them.. :-)

    Keep up the good work.. =3 is by FAR the best channel on YouTube!!

    December 25th.. Jesus man.. :)

  • Akshay Sapra

    I cried

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  • Lies

    Maker claims in their statement they wish ray the best of luck and will support him no matter what…. I CALL BULLSHIT

  • Fuck brown people

    Ray is the first brown person I have ever met that is honest. Dirty Indians never honest! Bet ray isn’t either. FUCK BROWN PEOPLE

  • Ray fan

    Don’t worry ray I still masterbait to your shows.

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  • Yes

    Funny isn’t it?!

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  • you’re

    You’re ffs not your, you grammar failures.

  • Jas

    They didn’t deserve your talent anyway. Good for you Ray. Standing up for yourself is always the way forward and bullies like that show unprofessionalism.

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  • Nattaly Nicole

    Ray I’ve watched equals three and your vlog since you lived in that shitty college dorm with the brick wall in NYC. I’ll always be a fan. It’s great you’ve opened up to your fans, we support you 100%. Yes, get an attorney, stand up for yourself like the sir you are. You’re not one to let yourself get stepped on or pushed aside. Danny will get what’s coming to him. He don’t got no pancake mix!

  • Jeremy noel perez

    When one door closes and fucks you in the butthole another more gentle door will open. Its a new beginning for you and now your are in a place where your not being taken Advantage of best of all your shows is original and the way u wanted it to be. Keep ur head up and ur very short legs on the ground.

  • Matthew

    I love =3 and have kept up with every episode that goes viral. Don’t ever stop making =3 or Your Favorite Martian songs. Merry christmas Ray from your newest fan, Matthew here in Saskatchewan Canada

  • Hannah

    Good for you, Ray. To be honest, I didn’t watch =3 as much when you went to Maker. Hopefully now it will be how it was in the beginning: all you, funny, and something worth looking forward to. Wish you the best, and keep on trollin’!

  • Jozay

    Hey ray jesus man ;D lol

  • dawne

    Not to be mean and I am a huge fan but ever since you signed on with maker studios I kinda lost interest in your videos they weren’t as awesome as they used to be so good job leaving them they were destroying =3 any ways and they know after u leave your viewers will be back and that’s why they want ur property so bad fuck more studio your better off with out them

  • Émilie

    Ive been wondering whats going on, thank you for letting us all know. Im a really big fan and Im really sorry to hear about all the bullshit Maker Studies has been putting you through. My family has been through things like these, with false allogations flying left and right. So I understan how frustrating this can be. Just keep doing what youre doing and all will work out. You have a bunch of people on your side, including a whole Youtube community.

  • Mark

    Go get em Ray

  • Emily S

    That was super duper mature… I think this confirms all of what Ray’s saying because of this bullshit comment. Way to be adults about it!

  • David

    Hey Ray! Good job sticking up man! Just so you know they cannot press charges to how they think they can in order to ruin you. They created a case themselves! Libel Defamation, Assault (obviously their threats are of concern to you), blackmail, etc. If they wish sue bro I suggest to go through with it because it’s going to be a bluff. Don’t sit down and stand up because you got this! Your being fair by honestly doing business the right way. Keep everything they send you so you can have a stronger case if they try to sue.

  • DBA

    Aw man this is the company shay (carl) butler helped create. Very disappointing to read about all this.

  • DBA

    Aw man this is the company shay carl/butler helped create. Very disappointing to read about all this.

  • Ariel_RayWJ Fan

    This shows how consistent you are, Ray! You are loyal to your fans…anybody can sign over there channel and it be crap by the time the mega company takes over everything. We can tell that you’re an awesome guy!!! STAY STRONG!

  • Aaron Watson

    hey ray,
    your doing the right thing. this was a good move. my whole family is in law enforcement if you need any legal advise email me. your fans love what you do an hope this all works out. stay strong my friend. your fans have your back. Maker is very wrong.
    Aaron Waston.

  • Terrance

    Stay true – we are with you – vintage youtube – fuck em

  • Alan A.

    As an avid follower for over 4 years of =3, I support your decision in publicizing all this. You are =3 you are the talent. Keep doing what you do Ray

  • Melissa

    So sorry to hear what ur going through Ray. Keep fighting the good fight. Ur loyal subbies will always support you.

  • Monika

    Wow, this Danny fuckball doesn’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your” AND he’s a jerk. Ray, I’m glad you’re free of those money-grubbing whores, and I wish you all the best in getting Runaway Planet up and running. I’ll keep watching for sure!

  • Em

    I think you should release this guys Facebook info so all your supporters can send him some nice messages

  • Simon

    good 4 you man.. thats some bullshit.. they put you in
    fuck em and feed them fish

  • Tom

    =3 IS Ray William Johnson. Get a High powered attorney ASAP and protect yourself, you are being slandered and deserve justice. I would suggest appealing to your fan base to boycott Maker Studios (with your attorney’s blessing in advance) as retaliation for their thuggish tactics. You are the talent Ray and therefore wield the power, your fans will support you, I know I will!

  • KidWithAFace

    My 1st year of college I fell into a bad depression, your videos gave me a short reprieve, and helped me get out of bed. A little laughter goes a long way. Thank you and stay strong. For what ever little it’s worth I’m behind you 100%

  • John

    Um you are still gay… but love the show

  • David Vercetti

    If I could I would beat the shit out of Danny fappin… Punkass

  • Michael T Moore

    Ray, I have been an avid viewer of yours for nearly 4 years and one thing that has always shone through is your talent and integrity. From the growing popularity of outtasite, helping MeekaKitty win $100, 000 and telling awesome stories about your grandpa on Breaking NYC. Unfortunately many people will try and steal food from your plate. I think that the best thing you did was to start your own studio, prove your integrity to the world and let the see what your fans know. Best of luck Ray, you have your fans unwavering support.

  • David

    Danny screwed up. He never should have done anything to lose you, Ray. I hope things work out for you bro, I’ve looked forward to the show every few days for over a year now.

  • http://www.instagram.com/Majestic_Cars Mo

    Kassem G is a founder of Maker too. I can’t believe these guys.. I started watching Ray when he filmed in front of his brick wall in NYC and I’ll keep watching

  • Bigfan

    If you don’t have talent then go steal someone else’s talent . Maker studios new moto. I hope you smash em ray

  • Erik H.

    That’s not much of a secret…


  • http://Pornhub.com Maker Studios

    Hi there Ray William Johnson, us here at Maker Studios would like to offer our gratitude and send you Horny pictures of our wives for Christmas. Happy Holidays. -Secret Santa

  • Brandon Ehrman

    I hope Danny zipper gets stabbed haha, other note fan for a long time and it sucks to see some one try to ruin such a good show, there’s greedy fucks out there and I’m sorry you got tied in with one ray :/ I hope all this gets cleared up and a new CEO takes place of Danny,

  • troll

    Maker studios is Fake and Ghey!!!

  • Moses

    Man, you are fucking awesome. Don’t let those assholes over at Maker screw you over. Been entertained by you for almost three years now, started watching when I was 14. You are a massive inspiration. Keep doing what you do!

  • Geoff

    I’ve honestly never been a fan of you, your content, or much of anything you’ve done. I do know people that are though. I’ve seen people getting pushed around by companies before, and it’s really just too bad more people don’t stand up for themselves or their content. I applaud all of your decisions regarding the whole situation and wish you continued success.

  • sam

    Your awesome Ray, your just being honest and be sure that its all goin to be all right…

  • Jess

    Damn. Shay Carl is one of the heads right? He always talks about being an honest business man, ha. Ironic.

  • Ian

    Fuck them your the shit and your still gonna be successful with or without them. They done fucked up now

  • Ay Star

    This explains so much. I thank you Ray for coming out for this information and for communicating your personal thoughts with the You Tube Community. Still a fan. <3

  • http://riainthecity.com R

    Fuck them Ray! Stay awesome!

  • liZ

    You did the right thing ray always stand up for yourself and believe in yourself you are awesome.