YouTube: One Of The Biggest News Sources In 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

For years, YouTube has been trying their damndest to change how the public views them. No longer a place where hyperactive teens and cats compete for our attention, Google is shifting the new YouTube into a more prestigious space. Like all popular media platforms, the greatest level of prestige and credibility comes from being a definitive source for breaking news.

In 2012, YouTube came into its own as a news source. As citizen journalist’s uploads skyrocketed, the video-sharing site launched an Election 2012 channel featuring videos from YouTube legends like Phil De Franco. YouTube has become the source for global news both professional and amateur.

To celebrate their arrival as a news source, the video-sharing site has developed the below infographic detailing how the news played out on YouTube in 2012.


YT News 2012 640px YouTube: One Of The Biggest News Sources In 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]


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