Brilliant/Insane Man Proposes Three-Way With Fiancee and Friend On YouTube [VIDEO]

You have to hand it to this YouTuber named Zach for being so frank and open about his sexual life. He’s so open about what he wants that he posted a nearly two-minute video to propose “something he hasn’t done before” — a three-way between him, his fiancée Cynthia and Cynthia’s friend Zoe.

The best part about this plea? Zach is flexible with his schedule, and Zoe can join them any time she wants.

He said in the video: “I’ll have a three-way whenever. Anytime really. Today, or maybe tomorrow. I’m really just looking forward to this three-way.”

Awful camerawork and overall creepiness aside, Zach is merely expressing his unfulfilled desires, albeit in a very public setting. Watch him try to make his case for a three-way in the video below and tell us if honesty is the best solution on YouTube.


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