‘Chip, Don’t Go’ is A Fan’s Musical Plea To His Football Coach [VIDEO]

Musician Mat Kearney has taken to YouTube in a viral bid to save his coach.

Kearney, a fan of the University of Oregon Ducks (Go DUCKS!), has been having a majestic couple of years, football-wise. See, the Ducks are normally terrible and have been for many, many years. But under the direction of head coach Chip Kelly, the team has been a strong contender — even going to the National Championship last year. But Kelly’s success might have been too great — the coach has caught the attention of the NFL and its lure of big prestige on the biggest level.

And so, in a bid to compete against the NFL markets of Buffalo, Philadelphia and Cleveland, the surprisingly talented Kearney throws up a Hail Mary for the small (but gorgeous!) town of Eugene, Oregon. And here’s the kicker (metaphorically, not literally … this is a football story, so one has to make such clarifications): it might have worked!

According to ESPN, Kelly just announced that he was staying put in Oregon! No word on whether Kearney or his song were the catalyst, but considering that it’s Nike CEO Phil Knight’s alma mater, you can imagine there were some good incentives ($$$) from the booster community. But Kearney probably worked a little magic too.

Now if only I could get him to write a song about unscrambling my cable porn.