North Korea Destroys New York in Creepy Missile Test YouTube Video

So this just happened …

As a godless, arrogant overweight American I am both surprised and hurt that there is a place on this earth where my kind is not absolutely loved and envied. But apparently that place is North Korea.

Uploaded to YouTube on Saturday by North Korea’s Uriminzokkiri (the country’s propaganda department), this video shows a missile launch that results in the total destruction of an American city (clearly New York). Played as a dream sequence, a young North Korean man slumbers as a missile, not unlike the one the country successfully launched last year, blasts off into the stratosphere. A reunified Korea celebrates as the rocket travels the globe, accompanied by the haunting melody of “We Are the World” (this might become my ringtone). The end result is the destruction of the Big Apple as the words “It seems that the nest of wickedness is ablaze with the fire started by itself” play on the screen. “Surely this will come true,” the young man concludes via voiceover as the vid comes to an end.

Stuff like this is why I am not in politics. Granted, I recognize this is propaganda and bluster (to a certain extent), but if I were commander-in-chief sitting on an assload of nukes and someone uploaded this video to my YouTube, I would just start firing warheads off until there was nothing left of this world but me and my precious books. (*glasses drop off and break, rendering me effectively blind) “Oh, but there was time… there was time!”

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