The 5 Most Googled/YouTubed Topics During Super Bowl [INFOGRAPHIC]

When I see a list like this, I’m always curious why people Google what they do. Take for instance the number one most-searched item during yesterday’s Super Bowl: M&M’s. The commercial sucked, so what could people possibly have been hoping to find out? The little candies have been around since the 50’s, and it’s not as if there have been any major changes made in the last couple weeks, so I am utterly baffled as to what inspired America to suddenly, collectively check up on them. Were we worried there was somehow going to be a Twinkies-esque emergency M&M shortage?For more of what America was curious about during this Super Bowl, check out the stellar infographic below.


superbowl search 1 The 5 Most Googled/YouTubed Topics During Super Bowl [INFOGRAPHIC]
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