1.5 Million People on YouTube Just Realized Russians Are Weird [VIDEO]



I need to get a siren or a flashing light that I can deploy whenever we have a new viral video “superfrenzy.” As in, a video that achieves over a million views in less than a week. Because that is just what this fat dancing Russian has just done.

Some videos we report on because they are important — they signify a new trend or style emerging, some we report on because they are fun and/or popular. And some we report on purely because “just what the fuck is going on here?!” This video comes out of that latter category.

Deciding to interrupt a public aerobics class, this fat bastard (I’m one too so i can use that term) breaks into an unprovoked dancing frenzy … for nearly a full five minutes. He doesn’t belong there, nobody reacts to him, and yet, he exists.

No joke, I now keep expecting to get a phone call where a strange voice tells me I will die in seven days. That’s the kind of shit I have just experienced with this. Hmm, maybe this is a Must. Watch. Video. you absolutely shouldn’t watch ….       

For more weird Russians, check out this public bus driver ramming into cars that cut him off, or this naked man singing in front of a Pirates of the Caribbean montage. Both will leave you with more questions than answers.

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