Alex Of Wassabi Productions Explains Why Everyone Wants To See Him Shirtless [INTERVIEW]

Like so many Fresh Princes of Bel Air, A.C. Slaters and Lord Byrons, Alex Burriss of YouTube’s Wassabi Productions is a ladies’ man. So much so that a cursory Google search of “Alex Wassabi” yields the result “Alex Wassabi Shirtless” followed by “Alex Wassabi Birthday,” which if I understand fangirls (I don’t), tells me people want to send him a shirt on his birthday, or something like that.

It’s rare that Alex, acting as one-half of the Wassabi Productions comedy team is without his best friend and YouTube partner Roi. But as the fates had it, we here at NMR caught Alex without his companion in comedy during an impromptu trip to Los Angeles. In an unprecedented solo interview, Alex was able to unwind without Roi around, and give us some dirt on his best friend’s dating life, his own love for Melanie Iglesias (join the club, pal) and why, oh why everyone wants to see him shirtless.


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What’s it like being what’s known as “the handsome half” of Wassabi Productions?

Alex Burriss: I get proposed to daily, and people send me weird stuff. But,there is some really cool stuff. Like I got some Muay Thai gear from Thailand. I get stuffed animals; I get a lot of stuffed animals.

Have you had any insane stalkers?

We are at a hotel and we are renting a room, and we’re standing a foot from the receptionist, and she’s like, “Oh yeah, we can get you a room.” And I was like, “Yeah, okay cool.” Then this kid walks by in front of us with a camera in his face and just walks by in that foot space and just walks away. Then every once in awhile we’ll see him outside our hotel door or when we go outside. He was just a kid, so it’s fine.


    Hi Alex and roi I love your videos.especially all the rap battles.if I ever get to me yall in person Alex can u bring your big brother along.I think all of y’all or cute.see y’all later.?HOPE TO MEET Y’ALL IN PERSON.(my my name is nayeli)

  • Mary


  • Mary

    Hi Roi and alex i just wanted to asked you guys a question, that are u both gay not to be rude but it’s just a question no harm

  • heather

    hi a l e x and r o I how are u doing

  • Puppy love

    Is it easy to play Richard and relonda

  • Puppy love


  • Angel Pham

    Hey there is a wornderland at the mall in sacomento u guys should come is big like state fair! (OMG!) (squeeze!!!)

  • Angel Pham

    Hey guys one question? How old r u guys ? I no it’s not all my beeswax and all but I am just wondering? (Lol) so four question roi how old r u rolanda Alex Richard was Richard the one that sang I’m moving like Richard were moving like Richard Richard !

  • Angel

    Hi roi hi Alex my name is angel and I am 11 and me and my cousin saw your vevo and we like u guys and my cousins Samantha says u look cute ! Lol so u may not no us but we loved your old wasabi and the new wasabi Vlogs! And my favorite one is when u guys did the duck tape challenges but u guys rule!!! I wish I could meet u to face to face, sooooo….bye! ( mabe if I am lucky, I will cry and be like OMG! Lol) P.S I am not that very funny because I am still a kid. Bye-bye ! (Hugs!)

  • Simone

    Alex I really love your videos and your cute smile.:) I really like you. You are so CUTE!:)

  • http://g3r4rd GeemØ-oxîï

    You’re tha best :*

  • http://g3r4rd GeemØ-oxîï

    LOol 11yrs old go to sleep ur just a baby -_- mkaybye

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  • alex lover nayeliz :-)

    I love you sooo much it is my Dream to meet you I live in the mass in dudley 317 mason red ext. I have a pool I’m 11yrs old and I love your vids my question is how old are you and why how did you ask out your girlfriend I’m totally single I want you to hang out wirpth you I dream about you sometimes you are so hot when you took your shirt of in pose and that best friend song when you were little ohhh and is your middle name poop cause your body is the shit :-)

  • Alex lover nayeliz123

    I love you solo much ohhh and is your middle name poop cause your body’s the shit ohhhhhhhh and I’m 11 for your info tell Richard I said hi and rolanda to and roi I can’t forget about roi.

  • http://google sharlotte

    I wouldn’t want to see his bodie like come on people that’s disgusting

  • Hailey

    He’s dead forget about if you watched the news January 6 2014 you would understand

  • Lily Marie

    Just saying but Alex you are hot you should do more shirtless videos

  • me

    its nice having comedy by the wassabi guys and yes, Alex is handsome but that’s no reason why he should go shirtless.

  • Native girl

    Wassabi productions is awesome. I watch their videos every Wassabi Wednesday!!!!

  • http://wassabiproduction Adilene

    You should be shirtless on one of your videos

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