‘Daily Video Battle’ CEO Uploads Crazy Racist Rant To Facebook … Damn! [VIDEO]



Ahh, I enjoy days like this.

Meet Samuel Michael Hendrickson — a “good ol’ salt-of-the-earth white Indiana 20-year-old” who wants to be an internet entrepreneur and … oh … he despises Asian people. Posting a video to Facebook yesterday, Sam rattled off a list of reasons he doesn’t like the Pan-Pacific culture. The list starts with “they all look alike” and ends with “they blur their porn.” And there are several other vitriolic stops along the way, I assure you.

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The video is especially interesting because Sam, who has since taken it down (too late motherf*cker. Welcome to the spotlight of the world wide web) and apologized, is attempting to start a website called “Daily Video Battle” where videos do “head-to-head” battle in an attempt to win “cash prizes” (who doesn’t like cash prizes?). So was this to be considered a submission in his contest? And does he consider it a “worthy contender”?

While I don’t think this kid is a racist in the “traditional” sense (his Facebook backdrop shows him in the same vehicle with likely the only black guy he knows. Do I think this is an accident? No. I would be curious to know though if he changed to that backdrop after sh*t blew up in his face), I think there is a new developing definition of “racist.” No longer is a racist just “that old angry white guy from ‘the flyover states’ who wears a hood and makes comments about ‘white’ being the superior skin color.” No, more and more nowadays, the “racist” distinction is being spread out to include anyone who tells off-color jokes, makes a distinction of any sort about racial discrepancies and/or participates in the “Harlem Shake” fad. Long story short, I am doubtlessly going to be in a lot of trouble one day if I don’t amend my proclivities. But for the time being, thank God I still have this dumbass as a high water mark.

And a special thanks to our friend Angry Asian Man for helping to keep the wheels of justice turning at NMR. I will do my damnedest to stay off your sh*tlist.

Also, here is another fine article to feed your socially-conscious hunger.         
  • Steven Lindsey

    this video has been blown way out of proportion. If anything you guys are the idiots. Sam is my cousin and I know for a fact He’s not racist at all. And the black guy in his backdrop pic happens to be one of his best friends, and far from being his only black friend. My girlfriends Asian and they get a long awesome. Guys are making him out to be something hes not. Posting stupid shit like Indiana Racist!! Oh god help us!! You guys are pathetic.. but I guess some people dont have a sense of humor. I thought the video was hilarious:) we’ve grown up together and Sam’s the shit and ill always be there for him, and if he’s racist, then I guess I am too.. idiots..