‘Men and Kittens’ Tumblr Gives Women Everything They’ve Ever Wanted


Last winter I stumbled upon the Tumblr “Your LL Bean Boyfriend,” and after writing up a short piece, came to think, “This is the best Tumblr around. Nothing will ever be able to top this one!” Then a month later along came “Robert Pattinson Hates His Life” and of course this became the new best thing. How can you not die laughing at all the crazy sh*t RPatz says on a constant basis? It seemed like “Robert Pattinson Hates His Life” was the Tumblr I had been waiting for, and after it, no other favorite would be found. I challenged — nah, dared! — the internet world to make something that I could love, and lo and behold, that is exactly what happened.

On this particularly quiet Friday, we have been blessed to find the Tumblr “Des Hommes et des Chatons,” translated from French to mean “Men and Kittens.” So many men and so many kittens — it’s everything I’ve ever wanted and more. The Tumblr pairs photos of hot male actors and models alongside a photo of a cat doing the same pose. Half-sexy, half-adorable, each photograph adds up to a whole lot of wonderfulness. You name the person, the Tumblr has found a matching picture of a cat next to it. David Beckham looking sexy in a tux, Adam Levine giving himself smoldering looks in the mirror and Joseph Gordon Levitt playing a guitar all become perfectly paired alongside their kitten doppelgangers. Hot men and cute kittens — it’s one step away from being porn for women. So sit and enjoy my new — and forever more — favorite Tumblr of all time. It’s about to change your world.

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