Jack Vale as 90-Year-Old Man Makes Out With Young Woman in Not-So-Sexy Prank [VIDEO]

You gotta hand it to Jack Vale on two counts: 1. he totally knows how to get people’s attention and 2. he married extremely well. Pulling his foxy wife, Sherry, into his shenanigans, Vale dresses up as a 90-year-old, complete with a realistic old man face mask and makes out with his special lady down on Huntington Beach’s main drag. Turns out, in the land of cougars, trophy wives and sugar daddies, such an age discrepancy still gets tongues wagging.

Many moons ago, I used to manage a couple of porn shops (yes, it does explain a lot), and I can tell you one fetish NOBODY really seemed interested in: old man porn. Perhaps this is why the “Lemon Party” photo continues to punish unsuspecting sour fruit enthusiasts worldwide. But for all the old women-with-young-guys stuff we sold, I cannot remember a single transaction in which anybody wanted to see some old tallywacker slaying barely legal kitty (Max Hardcore is only in his mid-fifties). We even sold a video in which guys who could “reach it” did. And that sold a few. But never old man porn. So with this one, Jack Vale has clearly touched a cultural nerve — probably especially because his old man looks less like Robert Evans and more like Orville Redenbacher’s ballsack.

Of course, over 100,000 people have tuned in to see Jack Vale playing an old man making out with a young woman. So let that be a lesson to you ancient guys who bag golddiggers and hoochies — if you’re going to make out in public, make sure you’re actually Jack Vale. Otherwise, get a room.

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