‘Double Rainbow’ Guy is Desperate For Another Viral Hit, Tries Again With ‘Double Rainbow Fire’ [VIDEO]

There are few things sadder than when a has-been trots out their tired, old tricks for a little more time in the sun.

The “Double Rainbow” guy, Paul Vasquez, is back at it, extolling extreme fascination over a nearby forest fire. The problem is, he can barely muster the energy to “ooh and aah,” and it sounds like a has-been desperate for virality. If that’s not bad enough, he actually names the video “Double Rainbow Fire” and gives a  shout-out to Maker Studios (et al), alerting them to the possibility of his going viral.

Screen shot 2013 06 19 at 9.53.27 AM Double Rainbow Guy is Desperate For Another Viral Hit, Tries Again With Double Rainbow Fire [VIDEO]

What’s particularly of interest to me is how quickly Vasquez drops the wonderment act in order to logically discuss how he’s actually been through several fires as a former firefighter (he was also a terrible cage fighter – who knew?!).

Look buddy, I can’t fault you one-trick-ponies for wanting to get back into the limelight — all I ask is that you try harder.

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