Onision: The Definitive Timeline Of YouTube’s Perfect Villain


Weaved within the cultural fabric of YouTube is every base archetype. Shaycarl: devoted husband, loving father and a notably inspirational figure in digital culture; he’s the Hero, a righteous leader, an honest yet often bullheaded creator. Then there’s the Jester, or in this case, Jesters — Ian and Anthony of Smosh: two comedic creators far smarter than most give them credit for. But for every Hero, Jester, Sage and Ruler, there must be a trickster, the bad guy we love to hate.

Before Rebecca Black and before suggested video feeds were boiling over with Reply Girls, there was Greg Jackson, or as you may know him — Onision. Jackson is and continues to be one of the most reviled creators online. He has publicly feuded with some of the biggest creators on YouTube while documenting various personal relationships imploding upon themselves with unflinching transparency. He’s received such vitriol that he was once barred from attending VidCon for fear of personal harm coming to him or other attendees.

Jackson is YouTube’s perfect villain, a character out of comic book who is loved and hated with equal amounts of ferocity.

How did he get there? Is he simply a peg that matched a hole in the YouTube infrastructure? We need to understand bad before we can really appreciate good — is Jackson that bad side, an antithesis to the “edgy” yet squeaky clean image of most modern bloggers? To truly understand Jackson, we need to start at the beginning when digital video was still in its infancy and the concept of YouTube stardom was just on the horizon.

January 29, 2006: Gregory Jackson (Onision) joins YouTube and starts the channel “Onision.” According to Jackson: “The account was created in 2006, yes, but it was barely used, and only included comedy sketches at the time.”

October 16, 2007: Jackson uploads “Darth Vader ‘Voice Changing’ Helmet,” his first official YouTube video.

November 12, 2008: “Onision’s Memories” is uploaded to YouTube. The video plays as a picture slideshow and explains that Jackson was raised by his mother. Jackson mentions his father, writing: “What he did to our family… Ruined our innocence forever.”

March 7, 2009: Jackson introduces a character named “Chibi.” The high-pitched voice and childish mannerisms of Chibi — played by Jackson — raise questions about the character’s close resemblance to that of Fred Figglehorn (first “Fred” upload was on October 30, 2006).

April [?], 2009: Controversial video “Murder Eaters” is uploaded then deleted by Jackson. In the video, the vlogger shares his extremely strong feelings about non-vegetarians. In the video, Jackson says: “Let me ask you something: If you murder animals on a regular basis, do you really think I give a f*ck about your opinion?” Many respond negatively to Jackson posting and several critical response videos follow.

September 16, 2009: Jackson features his then-wife Skye Tantaga in a video titled “Married Life.” In a blog post uploaded on March 1, 2010, Jackson confirms that they married in August of 2005.

September 25, 2009: “Banana Song (I’m a Banana)” is uploaded. It will prove to be Jackson’s most popular upload to date receiving over 33 million cumulative views.

February 3, 2010: “Banana Song (I’m a Banana)” is selected as “Tosh.0’s” Viewer Video of the Week.

February 20, 2010: Playing characters, Jackson and wife Skye Tantaga post video in which they gossip about the “divorce” of Jackson and Tantaga. Jackson explains in character: “She [Tantaga] wasn’t in a few videos so I assumed they divorced, then I told everyone like I knew what I was talking about.” Clearly, the couple is attempting to dispel any rumors of a divorce.

June 25, 2010: After announcing that he would have his son circumcised, creator Shay Butler (Shaycarl) was confronted via Twitter by Jackson. The dispute resulted in Butler’s fans rushing to his support and a falling out between the two creators.




July 7, 2010: The first upload to Jackson’s secondary channel Onision Speaks is posted. However, in a video uploaded on November 21, 2009 to the original Onision channel, Jackson mentions Onision Speaks, which suggests several original uploads were deleted.

December 22, 2010: According to a contract, Jackson and Tantaga agreed to the financial conditions of their mutual divorce. The contract, which Jackson posted, states that he will take care of Tantaga’s financial needs (up to 30 percent of his income) for one year.


December 22, 2010 – January 3, 2011: Jackson uploads a video in which he documents that his ex-wife has broken into his home and stolen many of his belongings. The video is taken down but reposted elsewhere. In a video posted in 2012, Jackson confirms that Tantaga was responsible for the robbery.

Note on 2011: 2011 for Jackson can really be categorized as the year of Shiloh. The couple — Jackson and Canadian singer Shiloh Hoganson (Draculoh) — went through an extremely public, possibly fabricated series of disputes. As their inevitable split was broadcast through a variety of platforms (YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) many of the said broadcastings were either removed and reposted by third parties or deleted altogether. With that, many of the specific dates are unclear due to the continuous content removals of both Jackson and Hoganson.

April 12, 2011: Jackson introducers Shiloh Hoganson in a video uploaded to his Onision Speaks channel. He states that they are dating. From that point on, Hoganson will appear in many of Jackson’s videos.

June 30, 2011: Over the course of June, Jackson and Hoganson upload a series of prank videos with titles such as: “Greg Gave Me Aids,” “She Cheated On Me” and “Shiloh Dumped Onision.”

June – July [?], 2011: In a video titled “Shiloh Forgot Me,” Jackson records Hoganson experiencing a bout of memory loss. In the video, Jackson claims that Hoganson lost three years of memory in a split second. The video received incredible amounts of backlash as viewers questioned why Jackson did not rush her to the hospital, why he uploaded the footage to YouTube and whether this was simply a joke played by Jackson and Hoganson.


July [?], 2011: Jackson uploaded a video claiming that Hoganson had threatened to “destroy” him. The video was taken down almost immediately.

July 17, 2011: According to a blog post made by Hoganson, her and Jackson separated. Both parties told conflicting stories about the nature of the split — Jackson claiming abuse, Hoganson claiming infidelity. After rumors surfaced that the “Canadian Mafia” was after Jackson, Hoganson’s post hints at a “bad crowd” but not the Canadian Mafia. In the post, Hoganson also claims that she is pregnant with Jackson’s child.


September 3, 2011: Jackson uploads a video titled “I Found Her” in which he mentions meeting a woman who would later be known as Adrienne Jourgensen.

September [?], 2011: Jourgensen publishes a letter about her short, rocky relationship with Jackson. In the letter she writes:

“It felt like the more I turned up my nose his attempts at controlling the situation, the more extravagant his next attempt would be. It was like the ultimate game of pong; back and forth, until one of us would slip up, and then it’s game over. I want you to remember, this is still night 3 of us talking. Not 3 years, not 3 months, not 3 weeks, 3 days. Please notice how he is already throwing the L word around — as if he is using it to control me and invoke fear, rather than to express any genuine feelings for me.”

Jourgensen added:

“He told me that Shiloh is a psychotic pathelogical [sic] liar — that almost every word that comes out of her mouth is fabricated or designed to hurt someone. I think it goes without saying that he told me he didn’t believe she was pregnant and that she lied entirely about losing her memory — that she admitted it to him later. “

The letter goes on to detail Jourgensen’s email correspondence with Hoganson’s mother in which she explains that Hoganson and Jackson are back together. Hoganson’s mother writes:

“he [Jackson] tried mending things with his wife [Tantaga] when he booted Shiloh out, and now he’s turned to her when you guys didn’t work out….he just found the weakest link……it scares me cause i know how calloused he is from the last time. i was there to rescue her that time but now she’s too far away and knows absolutely nobody there. he is evil personified. it’ll only be a matter of time before he kicks her out onto the street again…..she just doesn’t seem to have any self worth any more.

The full letter can be found here.

November 9, 2011: Jackson uploads a video titled “Our Child” in which he claims that Hoganson is pregnant: “After a month of being together, Shiloh took a pregnancy test and reveled [sic] she is indeed pregnant.”

December 9, 2011: In a video update on Hoganson’s pregnancy, Jackson claims that she has suffered a miscarriage.

December [?], 2011: Jackson uploads a video claiming Hoganson has sepsis, an illness in which the carrier suffers from extreme reactions to bacteria.

December [?], 2011: Jackson releases a video titled “I’m Sorry” in which he claims the sepsis diagnosis was fabricated by Hoganson.

December 17, 2011: “Goodbye Shiloh” is released by Jackson with the description: “Shiloh, I hope you have a long and happy life… I will never stop loving you, despite everything… goodbye.”

January 20, 2012: Jackson posts on Facebook that he has been barred from attending VidCon 2012 due to “haters who spammed VidCon with anti-Onision mail.” The backlash is in response to a series of ex-girlfriend shaming videos aimed at Jourgensen, which resulted in thousands of negative responses calling Jackson a “rape apologist” and “slut shamer.”


In the video, Jackson states that Jourgensen had sex with more than 20 people before him and was therefore incapable of being raped.

In the wake of the controversy, Jackson loses over 24,000 subscribers.

onision_losing_subs_rape_video 2

 Image via The Daily Dot

Hank Green, a co-founder of VidCon writes to Jackson explaining that “if it is possible that you will not be safe, we will not let you come.”

May 7, 2012: Simultaneously, Jackson uploads two videos accusing Smosh of stealing his content while also claiming online voting competition King of The Web is a scam.

October 5, 2012: Jackson uploads a video titled “Rise Above Hate.” In the video he adds the following annotation:


YouTube creator Daniel Sulzbach (MrRepzion) responds to Jackson’s video saying that: “I guess what really saddens me is that you have a fan base — young girls and young guys that look up to you between the ages of 10, 17, 18 and they ask you a simple question. They ask you, ‘how do I deal with these thoughts?’ And you turn it and switch it around and say ‘it’s your fault’.”

May 7, 2013: Jackson accuses Daniel Sulzbach (MrRepzion) of stalking him online. Jackson explains:

“I’ve had this little stalker on YouTube for a while. And he’s a pretty creepy dude.”

Jackson accuses Sulzbach of sending letters to his in-laws, “about what a terrible person he believes me to be.”

May 7, 2013: Sulzbach contacted NMR and gave the following quote regarding Jackson’s claims:

“As of this week he recently released a video addressing a stalker, which he assumes is me by claiming I wrote a hand-written letter to his parents in-laws. I can understand why he might think it was me due to my videos in the past on calling him out on his bullsh*t with evidence, but I do not like being accused of things I did not do.”

May 8, 2013: NMR reported: “In a recent upload titled “A New Low,” the YouTuber [Jackson] explains that after being sent a topless photo of an underaged girl, he was allegedly set up by a “hater” looking to defame him.

Jackson writes in the video’s about section:

“There’s a screencap out there of me responding to an email from a girl asking to be in my videos. I asked her for her facebook/channel to see if she was photogenic (photogenic = better thumbnails) – Not realizing she had already attached a photo of herself (I was using my cell phone).”

He adds, “You just don’t ask for someone’s facebook/channel when they send you a **** pic, I wouldn’t do that, problem is, I didn’t know it was there.”

Jackson has since cut off all communication with his fan base, explaining:

“I’m seeing a lot of love and support, and I appreciate that. Thank you bananas. This will be my last non-video status update for some time. Goodbye.”

June 21, 2013: Jackson seems to be keeping up his no contact with fans policy as this Facebook post confirms.


June 26, 2013: Jackson uploads a video explaining that his wife Lainey is now pregnant. The claims are confirmed by Lainey who posted an image of her stomach on Tumblr only to take it down immediately.





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  • Code

    He’s a lying paedophile.
    You’re defending someone who literally fucks children.
    Get a grip.

  • SZM

    Whether or not you like Onision depends entirely on how easily you get offended and not being able to tell the difference between brutally honest advice and cold-hearted hate ranting, which can actually be very difficult. People who don’t get offended will definitely find a lot of real advice for life in his videos, and others will take absolutely everything he says as an insult or some form of hating on real problems that people have. Better yet, people who suffer from the problems he talks about will generally become extremely defensive and offended due simply to how brutally honest his advice is. When those same people come back a long time after they’ve solved their problem, they’ll likely find just how helpful that advice could have been if they took it to heart instead of getting infuriated by it.
    Then there’s the people who hate him just because an extremely large number of other people hate him, and they find the need to fight against Onision and anyone that tries to speak for him. This is probably due to the fact that when they know that people get offended by him, they go into his videos with the intention of getting offended simply to fuel their reasoning for hating him. The truth is, if someone was honestly offended by topics that Onision covers, all they would do is simply stop watching his videos and move on with their life. The funny thing is, most people who get offended by Onision end up fighting back in an attempt to offend him and anyone who’s on his side, accomplishing absolutely nothing. Instead of ignoring Oni and moving on with their life to find another video that they’ll enjoy, they come back to other videos Oni made for the sole purpose of getting offended again in order to have a reason to hate on him. You can say that Onision’s honest opinions are bullshit and then throw your “not bullshit” opinions right back at him, thus becoming no better yourself.
    And then there’s one last thing on the topic.
    In order to be truly insulted or offended, shouldn’t it be from someone whose opinions actually matter to you and not some random person on the internet that you don’t even know?

  • nych

    Onisiontube is a pretty cool guy, eh blaims all victims and doesnt afraid of “stalkers”

  • hi

    If you didn’t care so much you wouldn’t say anything about it :)

  • Dont

    Oh god just shut up. What he says is blunt honesty. Its what hundreds of people think but just aren’t brave enough to say it. And when I say hundreds, I mean hundreds, not billions. A lot of the people that subscribe to him are people who find him funny and honest and worth subscribing to and not the whole world is going to think that but you have no right to bash him or his fans for something you believe in. I personally think he is great because the way he tackles serious problems is tactful. He doesn’t beat around the bush, he doesn’t tiptoe around the truth; he says it outright and bluntly and thats a big step forward for people that have those serious problems to fix them. People who self mutilate are people constantly feeling sorry for themselves and I can say this because I have self mutilated, for 2 1/2 years and everyone around me was always so tender and careful with me like I was a piece of China that was going to break at the smallest of gestures. But what actually made me stop was because someone came up to me and bluntly ripped the harsh band-aid of reality off, they told me the truth and that made me realize how much of a idiot I was being. He is just saying his opinion thats proven to be right multiple times. People get offended easily and if a certain topic relates to them and he said something bad about them, then they will start hating on him because they are in denial. They cannot handle the truth thus they trick themselves into thinking that he was wrong and stupid and worthless but all the while, they are the ones that cannot deal with the truth. But, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and at least he is honest about his.

  • liv

    im so confused so did lainey and greg have the baby?

  • Thinkbeforeyouspeak

    Most of the things he “speaks” his kind about he doesn’t even believe in. He will out right bash people who self mutilate and then apologize while making good ten more videos bashing them. It doesn’t take any courage to open your mouth and say something stupid it takes courgette to say something intelligent in a room full of idiots. He and his fans are the room full of idiots.

  • Jasha Gutierrez

    I like Onison. He says whatever he wants and I admire him for that because I know how hard that is. Sometimes I don’t agree with what he says, sometimes yes I get offended because of his blunt honesty. However, It’s refreshing, humorous, and he doesn’t just spew nonsense for spite. If you watch his recent videos where he tackles sensitive and serious subjects you’ll see that his opinions are well thought, sharp, and shrewd that sheds new and interesting points that are actually worth considering.

  • Jaelin

    The “SMOSH EXPOSED” video WAS A JOKE!! If you had TAKEN THE TIME to click on the link (he has in an annotation and its in the description) Its a video about how they BOTH WEAR BLACK SHIRTS!!! ITS A FUCKING JOKE! GOD THIS IS WHY PEOPLE CALL HIM “A VILLAIN” BECAUSE THEY CANT TAKE OR ARE TOO DUMB TO UNDERSTAND A MOTHERFUCKING JOKE!

  • CBear88

    I also realise this is probably off topic, but as a psych major, I don’t care. These types of people are the exact reason I am studying psych.

  • CBear88

    “Smosh” have taken low to a completely new level. They are two people who manipulate and deceive through looks and falsities. Their campaign through fund raising for a game was gross. They could easily fund the game for themselves given the income they receive. It could be forgiven did they not charge so much for in-game purchases. But to charge that much to purchase ‘gems’ through their game is gross. These are two grown men who realise that a younger, not legal crowd, fawns over them and use that knowledge to be deceitful. It is such a gross display of humanity.

  • http://about.me/LucasCAPS Lucas Souza

    The video about being ripped off by Smosh is a joke.

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  • Anon

    This article, while damning, is considerably kinder than need be. Also, his rape apologist tendencies run a lot deeper than mentioned here; he has uploaded videos indicating that how you dress or how much you’ve had to drink can make you a slut asking to get raped. He has made videos about how a husband has a right to touch his wife in her sleep without her permission or more specifically even if she hasn’t given it or has indicated it makes her uncomfortable.

    You painted him the trickster early on in this article. Would you call Rush Limbaugh a trickster? No, I’d call him a bad man.