Wilson Cleveland: ‘Leap Year’ Co-Creator, Actor And The Hardest Working Man In Digital Video [#ProudToLove YouTube Series]

It was ruled by the Supreme Court recently that gay marriage can continue in California 00 do you believe the various pro-LBGT movements online have contributed to this? How large of an influencer is digital video in this?

I think movements like NoH8, It Gets Better and HRC’s = for marriage equality have a huge impact in the court of public opinion. They certainly contribute to the public’s awareness of the issues and allows them to their support, but I don’t think Ruth Bader Ginsburg is swayed much by trending topics when weighing decisions.

Digital video, YouTube especially, has a rich gay culture from performers like Tyler Oakley to Kingsley. Why do you think so many LBGT creators have found supportive, safe homes in digital video?

The YouTube audience is primarily comprised of a generation that is exponentially more tolerant. Kids are coming out at 11,12,13-years-old; they have a gay parent or parents. They watch Tyler and Kingsley because they’re gay themselves, have gay friends and family members and they can appreciate Tyler and Kingsley just for being the gifted creators they are. We’re a far cry from universal acceptance, but every day we move further away from the intolerance of previous generations, and it’s awesome. It’s important I also give credit to people like Phil DeFranco, Hank Green, Jenna Marbles, Grace Helbig, Ray William Johnson, Chris Thompson and many other creators with huge followings who happen to be straight and publicly support the gay community. They play an equally crucial role in fostering tolerance among their audiences and they deserve to be recognized for it.

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