What Can We Expect from Jessica Jones Season 2?

When the news broke last week that we were getting a Jessica Jones season 2, fans were excited. Now that the excitement has calmed down to a dull roar, let’s look at what we might get when season 2 finally gets here.

Jessica Jones season 2 Netflix

It’s official: Jessica Jones is getting a second season.

The first season of Jessica Jones was a definite hit, showing a much more reluctant hero than we’re used to and taking the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a direction that few thought they’d ever see. Jessica Jones season 2 was recently confirmed by Netflix, though they haven’t confirmed an expected release date yet. Since we know that it’s coming but not much more, let’s look at season 1 and the show’s comic inspiration to see if we can’t figure out what we might see in season 2.

A.k.a. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones season 2 Krysten Ritter

Jessica Jones is here, and she wants to help.

The first season of Jessica Jones drew heavily from the Purple Man arc of the Marvel Max title Alias, and picked up a few bits and pieces from other parts of Alias as well. Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg confirmed recently that the show would continue following Alias as much as possible, though that would become more difficult as the MCU marched on.

“Unfortunately, we’ve moved away from the mythology of the book,” she explained at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour. “The MCU is very different from the comics in terms of its mythology… The nature of that is we’re probably not going to be able to continue to do parallel storylines, but I’ll always take as much as I can because it’s really just so good.” Rosenberg made no comments about whether the show might draw inspiration from The Pulse, Marvel’s other main Jessica Jones title that saw Jessica move away from Alias Investigations and work as an investigative reporter.

How can I help?

Jessica Jones season 2 Alias Investigations

Yes, the phone number works.

If Jessica Jones will continue looking to Alias when it can, even if that’s not very often, then it’s a good place to look for possible plot points for season 2. The Purple Man arc came toward the end of Alias, so we can’t simply look at what came next in the comics to figure things out, but there are a few other storylines that came earlier in the comic that are worth considering.

All that’s been revealed as far as marketing materials for Jessica Jones season 2 is an Alias  Investigations card with the words “How can I help?” scrawled on it. This oddly enough may not seem very helpful, but it might provide more of a hint than you think. There are at least two story arcs in Alias that could be adapted with a theme of Jessica trying to help.

Sadly, neither one of them are the arc where J. Jonah Jameson hires Jessica to find out the identity of Spider-Man and she spends her time running up fees and helping people on the Bugle’s dime until JJJ gets wise.

Come Home

Jessica Jones season 2 Come Home

“Come Home” revealed how rumors can take on a life of their own.

The first arc that could be adapted is called “Come Home,” and ran from issues 11 to 15 in Alias. Jessica is hired to help find a missing girl who may have fallen victim to foul play. As her investigation progresses, she discovers rumors that the girl may have had powers (she was rumored to be a mutant in the comics.) In the end, Jessica locates the girl and learns that she had just run away because of the prejudice in her town and a desire to be part of a bigger and more open-minded world. The end of the arc is both tragic and hopeful at the same time, and there were definitely some topics covered that would fit well within the established Jessica Jones world.

In the comics, the girl was obsessed with Daredevil (or Matt Murdock, anyway, at a time when it was suspected that he was DD but he was actively denying it.) The rumors about her would obviously have to be adjusted to eliminate the “m” word, but other than that it could fit pretty well as a plot line in the show. It might even help Jessica to open up about some of the isolation she feels because her powers set her apart from most other people.

The Underneath

Jessica Jones season 2 The Underneath Spider-Woman

This is one of the big problems with abducting heroes… other heroes.

While the first part of “The Underneath” was the aforementioned JJJ story, that was a one-off issue; the main story ran from issues 16 to 21. In the arc, the new Spider-Woman Mattie Franklin has gone missing and Jessica is hired to find her. This leads her to a criminal underworld where Mutant Growth Hormone is sold as a designer drug. She runs in to Jessica Drew, the original Spider-Woman, and the two create the ultimate snarky Marvel team-up to try and locate Franklin. They rescue Franklin, though the events of her abduction and use in the creation of MGH cause her to give up the superhero lifestyle and enter drug rehab.

In Jessica Jones season 2, the Mutant Growth Hormone could be replaced with a drug similar to what gave Jessica her powers; the hunt for information about the drug was already set up in season 1, so some adaptation of “The Underneath” would flow pretty naturally from the first season. Spider-Woman may need to be replaced with a different hero (or possibly a non-hero character), but with minor tweaks it would work really well.

Who would the bad guy be?

Jessica Jones season 2 villain

The villain for season 2 will have a tough act to follow.

One potential problem with Jessica Jones season 2 is that Jessica has largely been a supporting character in other books, even though she’s been involved with some fairly major events in the Marvel universe. Her main adversary in her solo comics was the Purple Man, and even he was a Daredevil villain first and foremost. This doesn’t leave a lot of baddies who are strongly associated with Jessica, though at the same time it opens up a lot of opportunities for lesser-known villains who might otherwise not make it to the screen.

In Alias, she crosses a third-tier bad guy named Man Mountain Marko early on. He threatened her with sexual assault to try and scare her off of a case, and has been known to work for mob bosses such as Silvermane in the past. His role could be adapted for Jessica Jones season 2, making him into hired muscle for whoever the big bad of the season is; this would work especially well if “The Underneath” was adapted since Jessica would be dealing with a criminal organization anyway. One of the better-known mobsters such as Hammerhead or Silvermane could be featured (assuming that Silvermane isn’t used in Agent Carter, since his son in the comics is set to appear on that show as a villain this season) as the big threat throughout the season.

Which could it be?

Jessica Jones season 2 coming soon

Jessica Jones season 2 may not arrive until 2017 or later.

While these two arcs are the most likely to be adapted in Jessica Jones season 2, this doesn’t mean that one of them will definitely be adapted. On the flip side of that, they could both be worked in to the new season. It’s also possible that story arcs from elsewhere will also be adapted, so long as they fit into the character’s growth arc and continue on the themes that were set up in season 1. Regardless of which arcs are adapted and which bad guys are featured, we can expect to learn more about Jessica’s past (and even her future) when Jessica Jones season 2 finally premieres on Netflix.