Who We Are

NMR is an online magazine dedicated to cutting edge coverage and analyses of new media content, culture and news.

The magazine’s mission is to serve as the leading publication for the newest waves of digital content creators and viewers.

NMR focuses a unique spotlight on the most important and intriguing figures in new media, as well as highlighting those on the rise and the audiences that propel them.


Founded in Dec. of 2011, NMR is the leader in covering digital entertainment and culture. See some of the featured interviews we’ve done here, and learn how you can advertise or sponsor NMR here.


Alan Van – Editor-in-Chief

Alan is a mystery to everyone, including the staff at NMR. Expect to see his novels for sale on a bookshelf near you one day, but only if the bookshelf near you happens to be his bookshelf, and loose-leaf Xerox copies of his handwritten journals filled with the erotically charged tales of one Astronaut Johnny Danger Hughes and his sidekick, Pancho the Chow Chow, can be considered “novels.” Reach him at alan@newrockstars.com.   



Jeff Klima – Senior Editor

Jeff Klima is a ray of sunshine cutting through a gray world. With a song in his heart and a smile on his face, he brings a sense of whimsy and a belief in the possibility of the fantastical to everyone he meets. Jeff makes the flowers bloom and the birds chirp. Also, I heard he once kicked a hobo to death.  




Evan DeSimone – Staff Writer

Evan DeSimone is a copywriter, digital media blogger, and all-purpose internet person. He hails from New Jersey and believes with all of his heart that the world probably owes him something to make up for that. Though rumor has it that he does possess a physical form he is most easily found at twitter.com/smorgasboredom tweeting his feelings (and jokes about Lindsay Lohan) into the uncaring void of cyberspace.

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