9 Inspirational Speech Videos Guaranteed to Restore Your Hope in the World


Ever feel like the world just sucks? Like, really sucks? The I-can’t-handle-my-life-responsibilities-and-everything’s-going-wrong-today kind of suck? It’s actually quite easy to let your mind slip into the default mode of thinking the odds will never be in your favor. Luckily for you, NMR is here to kindly help you shake your case of the Debbie-Downers and […]

8 Things You Need To Know About Net Neutrality


In recent weeks the issue of net neutrality has become headline news here at NMR. For the most part, we’ve restricted our coverage to commenting on the various online video and new media companies that have weighed in on the issue. However, net neutrality is a complicated issue that affects all of us who use […]

‘I Died Today’ Photoshoot Goes Viral; Is It What You Think?


Having pictures of your dog’s last day alive could possibly fall into the category of strange, but at this present time, NMR is going to offer this woman a brief aside and simply categorize this doggy photoshoot as bittersweet. Robyn Arouty’s photographs of her close friend’s dog went viral this week after being posted on […]

Microsoft Ditches X-Box Digital Studio During Massive Round of Layoffs


The world of digital video and online entertainment is getting more competitive every day, and it looks like Microsoft couldn’t take the heat. In the wake of the company announcing 18,000 layoffs, many were curious about the fate of the software giant’s newborn but struggling digital content division, X-Box Entertainment. Now it seems we have an […]

Felicia Day and the Geek and Sundry Team Take On San Diego Comic-Con


San Diego Comic-Con is upon us once more and that means that the Geek Queen of YouTube Felicia Day and her Geek and Sundry network will be out in full force. What was once a niche event for only the nerdiest of nerds is now a major media blow-out covering every area of pop culture […]

Phone Call To Cancel Cable Service Goes Viral As Customer Service Guy Vies For Worst Person Alive [AUDIO]

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 3.34.57 PM

We as a culture have ebbed into the Visual Age — everything better be pictures or video or it’s GTFO. So when we at NMR hear about an audio-only clip that has gone viral in this photo-centric era, it certainly piques our interest. The story is a simple one, told in many formats over the […]

Jared Leto Can’t Keep His Hands to Himself: 13 Funniest Pics of his Hugging Meme [GALLERY]


Two Words: Jared. Leto. Not only does he have luscious locks of hair that would put any girl’s ombre to shame, a bone structure from the face of an angel and a frickin’ Oscar for Pete’s sake, it also turns out that he is, in fact, a hugger. Swoon, ladies. Swoon. He graced us mere […]

Is This The Most Disastrous Wedding Pic Ever?


Ouch, now THAT’S gonna leave a mark. But hey, if someone’s wedding day isn’t an appropriate time to do a simultaneous toe-touch/ bridesmaid face-kick, then when is, pray tell? The incriminating picture that’s been deemed the “Most Disastrous Wedding Pic Ever” went viral with over 6 million views after being posted July 9. The groomsman […]

Celebrate Summer With the 6 Funniest Parodies Of Its Biggest Musical Hits


Fact: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery — even if it’s the mocking, change-the-lyrics-to-your-song-to-poke-fun-at-you kind of flattery. The truth of the matter is, you cannot be initiated into the music video hall of fame until there’s a hella-hilarious YouTube parody made of your smash hit. It’s, like, the laws of the internet. Ever since […]

From Rodney King To A Burning Man: How Sites Like YouTube Have Boldly Changed News Reporting [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 3.37.35 PM

The released video of Rodney King’s beating by police officers will forever stand as the moment when news changed forever. From that point on, eyewitnesses with cameras at the ready became the new newsmedia. With the advent of video-on-the-web sites such as LiveLeak, YouTube and the like, television channels like CNN became irrelevant. Now we […]

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