Jimmy Fallon Draws Closer In The Late Night Race; Sings His Thanks to YouTube [VIDEO]

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You have to give Jimmy Fallon credit — he certainly knows the code of the road … After hitting 3 million subscribers, the “Tonight Show” host has taken to his YouTube channel to thank his subscribers in true YouTuber fashion. With the entire cast of “The Tonight Show” on backup vocals, Jimmy blasts through a […]

Your Ultimate Guide to the 6 Types Of #AfterSexSelfies [NSFW]


People are pretty grossed out by this trend, but I wholeheartedly endorse it — I think everyone should post an “after-sex selfie.” #Aftersexselfies, which have become surprisingly popular on Twitter, Instagram and every other photo-sharing site that utilizes a hashtag, are not only the voyeurs’ near-ultimate dream (it’s like I’m inside the bedroom with these […]

YouTube Prankster Surprises Strangers Posing for Selfies With A … [VIDEO]


While Andrew Hales, the creator and star of the LAHWF (Losing All Hope Was Freedom) channel, isn’t as outlandish or boisterous as other YouTube pranksters, his videos still consistently achieve viral gangbuster status and grab media attention. The Salt Lake City resident typically pulls social experiment/awkward public interaction type of gags — a strong trend in YouTube prank […]

Man Captures His Three-Month-Long Saturday Nightmare In One Viral Video


Like the seminal documentaries “Night and Fog” and “Hearts and Minds,” “One Man’s Saturday Morning … For 3 Months” rawly captures the deep suffering that humans can inflict upon one another. In the viral video, the monster is a hyperactive little girl with a penchant for teen pop that violates her father’s last nerve and […]

HBO Baits The Hook With Free Pilot Episode of Mike Judge’s New Show ‘Silicon Valley’ on YouTube [VIDEO]


Are you a fan of quality HBO programming, getting hooked on new television shows and free stuff? How about YouTube, do you like YouTube? Boy are you going to LOVE this news then: HBO is broadcasting its exciting newest show “Silicon Valley” on YouTube FOR FREE! The show, which deals in the barely fictional world of […]

Florida Driver Captures Instant Karma on Video As Road Rage Driver Wrecks In Front of Her

florida driver_1395962523175_3826776_ver1.0_640_480

Now that Playlist Live is over, are there any decent people left in Florida? I would be hard pressed to say yes after watching this video of scum-on-scum crime. This woman, who didn’t want to be identified, instigated another driver by filming him being an asshole, and then sped up so she could film him […]

Nick Cannon Does ‘WhiteFace;’ Is This The End Of His Career? [VIDEO]


A mighty storm is brewing over Nick Cannon’s “whiteface” footage that has emerged on YouTube. Playing the white bro “Connor Smallnut,” Cannon gives his take on how silly white guys are. And you know what? He isn’t wrong. There are a grip of us who act like this (and use the term “grip” to describe […]

Granny Busts A Move To ‘Ice Ice Baby’ While Making Dinner — Surprisingly, Does Not Bust Hip [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 7.55.38 PM

This grandma dancing to “Ice Ice Baby” has been slowly picking up steam over the last couple weeks and finally looks primed to explode on the viral scene. Why things work this way is one of the great mysteries of virality — some things creep along and only become a “hit” over many years of […]

Vice Co-Founder Gavin McInnes Has Punched Out A Baby, Filmed A Netflix Movie & Thinks You Are Weak [INTERVIEW]


[Editor’s note: Hey kids, this is an awesome, but also very un-PC, interview. No “letters to the editor,” because THE EDITOR HAS WARNED YOU (and also because stupid emails give me tummy aches).] A huge part of being a good interviewer is that you have to have an awesome interviewee. And YouTuber/Godfather of Hipsterdom Gavin […]

Turn On the Waterworks: Firefighter Pops the Question to Teacher Girlfriend In Most Memorable Way [VIDEO]

marriage proposal ring

Awww. Viral marriage proposal videos always manage to melt NMR’s dark, cold heart, and this latest one is no different. Racking up nearly 600,00 views since its upload March 24, “Fire Drill Engagement” features Greentown firefighter Justin Deierling, 31, proposing to his girlfriend Megan Zahorec, 27, in front of the elementary school she teaches at […]

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