Caught on Camera: Driving onto Race Track leads to Teens’ Arrest [VIDEO]

race track

Teenagers will be teenagers. It’s the circle of life. But when that circle of life included a viral video of three British teens driving onto a racetrack, police were quick to snap their fingers with a big ol’ HELL NO. Uptight little coppers, right? Oh, we forgot to mention that it was whilst an actually […]

Best of E3 2014: Top 9 Game Trailers


Now that E3 2014 is officially a wrap, we can hear the quiet sound of a million gamers’ heads hitting their pillow. All this E3 action sure has worn them out! And who can blame them; these new game trailers have seriously put everyone on sensory overload. But now that we’ve taken a day or […]

YouTube Declines Takedown Of Middle East Sexual Assault Video — What Happens Now?


  YouTube has this uncanny ability to shed light in the darkest of places, to show the depths of social injustice that is occurring around the world. One such occurrence is the recent video of an Egyptian woman, naked and injured, being dragged through Cairo’s Tahrir Square after being sexually assaulted during celebrations for President […]

Comcast is trying to Build a Bigger, Better YouTube- Will It Work?

comcast money

Things are about to heat up on the corporate field with some good ol’ fashioned competition. YouTube better watch its back, because Comcast is eyeing its territory. Comcast Senior Vice President of Video, Matt Strauss, confirmed June 11 that the company is in fact working on a video streaming site that would rival Google’s YouTube. […]

The Onion Mocks Buzzfeed With New Comedy Survey Site ClickHole

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 12.13.22 PM

So The Onion has started a site parodying Buzzfeed. Be grateful that you are reading that information here, because this is the shit I had to wade through on another site to bring you this information: “The past few years have seen countless attempts to poke some of the steaming, foul air out of the […]

OMG: O2L Documentary will cover U.S. Tour, YouTube Super-Stardom

O2L 1

Move over, One Direction, because YouTube supergroup O2L is now in the running to steal the title of “Favorite Teen Heartthrobs.” Known for their channel Our2ndLife, the vlogging supergroup have proven that a group of six teenage boys musing about humorous parts of their day are the key to a 14-year-old’s heart. They’ve proven themselves […]

Grumpy Cat To Save Christmas With Forthcoming Lifetime Movie

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 1.07.57 PM

A year ago we reported that Grumpy Cat had scored a movie deal. And now some of the details surrounding that news are starting to get shaded in. And while it’s a little less spectacular than, say, headlining a big-budget superhero movie, it’s still … well, it’s … it’s … Grumpy Cat is headed to […]

DEFY Media and Viacom Form Friendship, Aim For Gaming Dominance


Just when you thought there was nothing but deception on the bloody corporate battlefield, two big hob-knobs go and prove you wrong. The two in question are DEFY Media and Viacom, who have announced their new partnership. DEFY has bought Viacom’s gaming websites Addicting Games, Game Trailers and Shockwave, also entering a partnership for joint […]

Digifest Rocks Out NYC Stop With Performances By O2L, Nash Grier

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 11.19.22 AM

Digifest, the travelling sideshow of YouTubers and Vine stars is a success — at least in their NYC hub. Selling out with a capacity crowd of 12500, stars like the O2L crew took the stage to entertain throngs of screaming, frothing, frenzied girls (and some boys too). The stage, set up at Citi Field in […]

YouTuber Ken Tanaka Wants You To Know You’re Doomed (And That’s Okay) With His Book, ‘Everybody Dies’ [INTERVIEW]

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.21.32 AM

Increasingly, the road to greater success with YouTubers is making a pit stop in author country. Some write memoirs, some write books that further their brand (like Epic Meal Time’s cookbook), and some, well, some are like Ken Tanaka and his alter ego David Ury (or is Ken Tanaka David Ury’s alter ego?). Ken/David “collaborated” […]

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