Laffster Rebrands As Cogo, Expands Crowdfunding Opportunities To All Performers

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Are you a passionate superfan? Are you good at donating money to your favorite superstar’s personal cause? Allow me to introduce: Cogo. “But NMR guy, I already use Laffster,” you might be saying. Well guess what? Then you already use Cogo. See, as of today, Laffster is now Cogo. Now if you don’t know Laffster, […]

Samuel L. Jackson Goes Off on Reporter Who Mistakes Him for Laurence Fishburne [VIDEO]


In NMR’s latest round of Samuel L. Jackson news: Samuel L. Jackson intensely yells at someone. Making viral waves is this video where an L.A. entertainment reporter mistakes Jackson for Laurence Fishburne during an interview. Jackson rightfully lets him have it, and fun is had by all. The fucked up thing in my mind here is […]

‘Flappy Fedora’ Mocks ‘Flappy Bird’ A Moment Too Late [VIDEO]

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This is truly the Vaughn Meader of viral videos — a humor unfortunately just a moment too late. Mocking the hit viral app “Flappy Bird,” this YouTube video, “Flappy Fedora,” shits bird-like all over internet culture with the ultimate in “M’lady” mocking. And yet, the source material is no longer living. “Flappy Bird,” the app […]

YouTube Video of a Fish Driving a Car Signals The Apocalypse is Nearing


Well, folks, I’ve officially seen it all. Justin Bieber has ended up being maladjusted, naked Hannah Montana is the biggest thing since … every other pop tartlet who’s ever gotten naked, I am an editor — that’s not the unbelievable part, asshole — of a magazine that mostly covers YouTubers (a magazine that inexplicably ended […]

Jogger Interviewed By the News Falls On Her Ass — Call It A Viral Hit [VIDEO]

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Two Portland joggers, Chelsea and Michael, earned themselves some viral views for jogging — and failing — in a storm. Stopping to talk with a news reporter, the duo explains that a storm is the best time for jogging. Then taking off, about 30 feet later, Chelsea falls on her ass, hard. Chelsea later posted […]

IceJJFish Has Unlistenable Worst Song Ever With ‘On the Floor’ — Is It His Fault?

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Someone is clearly having some fun at this “performer’s” expense. IceJJFish brings us his music video for “On the Floor.” Is it mean-spirited to do this? Probably. Is it wrong? No. That model is smokin’ hot and IceJJFish is clearly having a pretty good time. Here are some other questionable performances of note: Watch This: […]

Manufacturing An Art Form: Tate Roskelley Takes BMX Outside the Box [VIDEO]

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Tate Roskelley understands the nature of change. He clearly recognizes that modern BMX riding is in a transitional phase and that the art is evolving into the next stage of its metamorphosis. Or maybe he’s just a regular guy who can turn a trick on a bike like your mom turns tricks off ‘em? Roskelley […]

‘Minecraft’ the Movie: Brandon Laatsch Seeks To Make ‘Birth of Man’ Happen On Kickstarter


Now that “Minecraft” is a sensation, it only seems fitting that a “Minecraft” movie should follow. And if you’re going to crowdfund a really awesome spectacle, it seems only sensible that someone experienced with spectacle of that magnitude should handle it. Going to Kickstarter to seek funds for this enormous project, Brandon Laatsch, he of […]

Pocket Physician is Indiegogo Campaign With A Lionheart [Metaphorically, Of Course]

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Most of the time I just tear pop culture and new media a “new one” so every once in a while it feels good to be able to promote some positive aspect of social living … actually, I feel like I’ve said a lot of nice stuff lately, so the hell with that. I’ll still […]

Bill Nye Fights Creationism During Live Stream Debate RIGHT NOW

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Legendary scientist Bill Nye is enmeshed in a verbal battle of wits against a man, Ken Ham, who runs a museum positing the opinion that dinosaurs and man walked together. The debate, which is taking place at the museum called Answers in Genesis in Petersburg, Ky. Don’t waste your time reading the rest of this […]

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