Maker Unveils Maker Max — The Ultimate Analytic Dashboard


Maker Studios continues to redefine the way YouTubers interact with their fans and control their destinies. Introducing Maker Max, the online video production giant has taken an enormous stride forward in shoring up the analytical side of their business model. Traditionally, they’d focused on the more common methods of data management and analysis, but with […]

Windows Phone YouTube App Is Back After Ugly Google, Microsoft Feud


After a three-month hiatus, the YouTube app is back on the Windows Phone marketplace. The application was pulled after Microsoft and Google had an ugly, public dispute over the original version’s lack of ad functionality. The Windows-built model, according to Google, defied many of the policies set in place by YouTube / Google including a […]

That YouTube Video Is Taking Forever To Load Because You Have A Greedy Service Provider


If you’ve ever ever felt like pulling out your hair, chucking your computer and going postal over near-constant YouTube buffering, you’re not alone. To add to that rage, here’s a piece of trivia for you: lagging YouTube videos don’t occur simply because your connection is slow, according to Ars Technica. The problem isn’t that you’re […]

Famous Hacker Abruptly Dies Days Before He Was Set To Demonstrate Pacemaker Hack


Controversial, well-known hacker Barnaby Jack died under mysterious circumstances in San Francisco, California on Thursday one week before he was set to appear at a Black Hat hacking convention. At the convention, also held in San Francisco, Jack was scheduled to display a security vulnerability that allowed malevolent hackers to access implanted heart devices and […]

Corridor Digital Launch Caption Project To Translate Their YouTube Videos Into Any And Every Language


Corridor Digital fans across the globe, it’s time to show your support. The VFX masterminds of Corridor Digital officially launched a new caption system today with the hopes of translating 65 of their videos into various languages. The project — in conjunction with physics YouTube channel Minute Physics and blog Well Caffeinated — offers users […]

RUMOR: The New YouTube App Will Allow Users To View And Search For Videos At The Same Time


Okay, this one is a huge rumor, but according to The Verge forum poster Ryan Matthews — who Ubergizmo claims has a solid track record of breaking this type of news — the updated YouTube app will feature multitasking capabilities. In other words, according to Matthews, users will be able watch videos while simultaneously searching […]

ZEFR Launches New Way To Track & Analyze Fan-Uploaded Movie Trailers, Discovers Shocking Statistics


Digital network ZEFR, after recently launching a BrandID platform, have announced a new way to track and analyze fan-uploaded movie trailers. Known as Trailer Report, the data collection program is designed to measure the true analytics of any movie trailer. Given that many trailers online are either fan-made or not official in some capacity, Hollywood […]

Should The YouTube Community Be Worried About NSA Secret Surveillance Program PRISM?


Should YouTube creators be worried about PRISM, the recently leaked National Security Agency’s data collection program? In short, absolutely. The program, which gathers user data from major tech companies like Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook, also stretches to Google and in turn YouTube. To fully understand how the existence of PRISM harms not only YouTube creators, […]

Google & Microsoft Bury The Hatchet, Begin Working On Windows Phone YouTube App


I like to imagine that Larry Page, Google co-founder and future asteroid miner, was quietly stewing in his Mountain View penthouse cursing Microsoft and that damned unauthorized YouTube app of theirs when he opened an email containing the following picture: To which Page said, “Goddammit, if they can get along so can we.” This strange […]

Microsoft Releases Minor Update To YouTube App After Legal Threats From Google


It came out in the news yesterday that Microsoft, not wanting to give into Google’s legal threats, was unwilling to remove the YouTube application from the Windows Phones Store. The application, which had pre-roll ads removed and gave users the ability to download videos, allegedly violated Google’s terms of service. Google sent Microsoft a cease […]

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