Last Call For The ‘Coachella on YouTube’ Train … Last Call, Poor Hipsters!


Got no plans for the weekend? Bored, lazy and regretting that you violently chased off everyone who loved you? Yeah, NMR knows just how you feel. That’s why we’re reminding you one last time that you can spend the whole weekend watching Coachella for free on YouTube! Now you can lie to your co-workers in […]

And The Playlist Live Rockstar of 2014 is None Other Than …

mystery king

We recently asked all of you NMR readers and online video fanatics to wear your heart on your digital sleeves and to vote for your favoritest, most awesomely cool creator you were most excited to see at Playlist Live 2014, and it looks like we have a winner …. let me just get this envelope […]

DJ Flula Borg Interviews the Fans at Playlist Live 2014 as NMR’s Ultimate Man on the Street [VIDEO]


If you’re one of the few dummkopfs who still don’t know Herr Flula Borg, YouTube and music meister, you’re kaput to us. For those that have have been turned on to the German YouTuber/DJ, congrats for being a member of the Forever Flula Club, and: achtung! NMR unleashed Flula on the young, bewildered fans of […]

Playlist Live 2014 Last Day Recap: Madilyn Bailey, Jessi Smiles and More! [VIDEO]

jessi smiles

The final day of Playlist Live 2014 … and we’ve survived! AND we’re bringing you a recap of the day! Check out the video above, and don’t forget to vote for the Playlist Rockstar here!

Playlist Live 2014: Wassabi Productions, Alex G, Michael Buckley, DJ Flula INTERVIEWS [VIDEO]


What do Wassabi Productions, Alex G, Michael Buckley and DJ Flula Borg all have in common? (Beside the fact that they’re YouTubers, smart-ass.) They’re all at Playlist Live 2014 and NMR’s bringing them straight to you! Watch the video above for our interviews with Michael Buckley and Wassabi Productions’ Roy and Alex, with NewMediaRockstar Flula […]

Playlist Live 2014 Day 2: The Nive Nulls Team Up With NMR to Surprise Fans With … [VIDEO]

nive nulls feature

Last week, NMR favorites The Nive Nulls reached the 100,00 subscriber milestone. Of course, while we obviously threw Austin and Britney a kick-ass kegger — Kailand and Audri got milk — all of us thought, hmmm, what about the fans? Loyal viewers, after all, is what makes the YouTuber world go ‘round. So after a […]

Playlist Live 2014 Day 1: Which Creator Do Fans Want to Be Crowned #PlaylistRockstar? [VIDEO]

playlist feature

Thousands of online video fans converged in sunny Orlando, Florida yesterday for the first day of Playlist Live 2014. There, they participated in interactive games, watched shows, attended panels, checked out exhibitors’ booths, and met up with frightened, deafened creators — a thousand teenage girls screaming is a horrible thing (sorry, ladies). Luckily, NMR has […]


playlist rockstar feature

 Audience! Bro Army! Moosh Army! Niches! Smoshers! Insert other channel collective audience name here! We’ve fought it out on the battlefields, on the comments boards and forums across the internet. But there can only be one channel to rule them all. To celebrate Playlist Live this weekend, NMR and Playlist have joined forces to anoint […]

Grammys Taps YouTube Talent Including Kurt Hugo Schneider, Tyler Ward for Nomination Visuals [VIDEO]


Imagine being a kid watching the Grammys and wishing you were up there on that screen. Now imagine that you’re a talented YouTuber like Kurt or Max Schneider or Tyler Oakley or Megan Nicole or Kina Grannis — and suddenly you are up on the screen! That’s got to be pretty cool, right? The Grammys, […]

Vidcon 2014: Super Early Bird Passes Available Now [DETAILS INSIDE]


Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that Vidcon 2013 happened? I can still remember distinctly the sheer, abject horror of walking into a giant pit stuffed with awkward teens who live and breathe YouTube, and the adults who work the industry salivating over their buying power at that point manifested in the flesh before their […]

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