StampyLongHead Partners With Maker For Education-Based ‘Minecraft’ Channel


StampyLongHead is looking to become the Mr. Rogers of gaming. British gamer Joseph Garrett, who goes by the gaming handle StampyLongHead, has just partnered up with Maker Studios to create a new gaming channel that is purely education-based. Revolving around the infinite world of “Minecraft,” Garett aims to teach children positive lessons and intelligence-growing lessons […]

Which Of These 10 YouTube Gamers Has The Best ‘Goat Simulator’ Video? [POLL INSIDE]


Not since the internet found out goats could scream has there been such a barnyard frenzy on YouTube. It’s total pandemonium … or would that be goat-damonium? All the gamers you know, love and listen to have gone “goat crazy” over the new “Goat Simulator” game from Coffee Stain Studios. It’s basically “Grand Theft Auto” […]

Maker/Polaris Allegedly Lay A $400,000 Egg With Abandoned Gamer Show ‘Game Jam’


Ever heard of “Game Jam”? No? You’re not alone. According to though, it was essentially the “Titanic meets Pompeii” for Maker Studios, Polaris and Pepsi. Well more the Polaris/Maker contingent … Pepsi still has that negative PR from Michael Jackson getting lit on fire hanging over their heads. Apparently it was a recent merging […]

Amazon Fire TV Streaming Device Has Everything Except The One Channel You Really Want


Amazon has busted into the streaming video component service in a big way, selling their Fire TV console already loaded with programming options. While the device is only just announced and nowhere near close to selling yet, already Amazon has made some very watchable partnerships. Showtime Anytime, Flixster, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, WatchESPN, Plex and […]

Not Just For Gamers: The Battle in the War Over Copyrights, YouTube and All Content Everywhere


There’s sort of an unspoken rule in the magazine business that you don’t promote your competitors. We don’t adhere to this rule though, and we’re strong believers in getting exposure to the best (and the absolute worst) that the internet has to offer. And in terms of sharp, smart coverage, I think Kotaku has done […]

Machinima & Others Come To Gamers’ Support In Wake of Copyright Nightmares


In the wake of massive copyright claims filed against YouTube gamers over the content of their “Let’s Play” videos, several major software makers and game companies have stepped forward to assert that it wasn’t their fault. Capcom, Machinima, Blizzard, Ubisoft and others have taken to social media to report that the copyright notices being sent […]

Minecraft Documentary from Kickstarter Now Available For Free On YouTube [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2013-11-16 at 12.20.19 PM

It’s good to see some Kickstarter goals live up to their expectations … Successfully funded on March 25, 2011, “Minecraft: The Story of Mojang,” a documentary about the first year of indie game phenomenon Minecraft, is now available for free on YouTube. Created by 2 Player Productions who achieved $210,297 funding on an $150,000 goal, […]

‘Snow White’ Director Turns To Maker Gaming Channel Polaris To Tell Gritty Super Mario Tales [VIDEO]


Hollywood’s top dogs have long existed on a policy of “One for them, one for me,” meaning they would make a big budget studio picture to pay the bills for every small indie project they made. But what happens when your indie project is a little too avant garde? The answer seems to be YouTube. […]

Machinima Content Now on Twitch in New Mega Gaming Partnership

machinima twitch

Machinima announced today a partnership with Twitch that will bring much of the gaming network giant’s “existing and new” content to the live streaming platform. Watch live video from TheRace on Starting with a Twtich channel that launched simultaneously with the news, Machinima stated that it would focus on bringing its live and esports […]

‘Saints Row IV’ Footage On YouTube Is Being Flagged By A Game Publisher That Doesn’t Exist Anymore


By the time you read this sentence, “Saints Row IV” will have hit U.S. shores in all of its dubstep gun, NSFW, purple-draped madness. The fourth installment in the “Saints Row” universe has been highly anticipated since it was announced several years ago. Of course, as the game launched in the United States (Europe and […]

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