Why Is Lindsay Lohan Suing Makers of ‘Grand Theft Auto’?


It may surprise you to learn that Lindsay Lohan and I have a lot in common — we are both redheads, we were both born in the Northeast, and we have both at times been described as train wrecks. We also have the same birthday! One thing we do not have in common is that […]

Best of E3 2014: Top 9 Game Trailers


Now that E3 2014 is officially a wrap, we can hear the quiet sound of a million gamers’ heads hitting their pillow. All this E3 action sure has worn them out! And who can blame them; these new game trailers have seriously put everyone on sensory overload. But now that we’ve taken a day or […]

DEFY Media and Viacom Form Friendship, Aim For Gaming Dominance


Just when you thought there was nothing but deception on the bloody corporate battlefield, two big hob-knobs go and prove you wrong. The two in question are DEFY Media and Viacom, who have announced their new partnership. DEFY has bought Viacom’s gaming websites Addicting Games, Game Trailers and Shockwave, also entering a partnership for joint […]

PS4 Takes Hint From Xbox One, Finally Plugs Into YouTube

PS4, xbox

Good news, gamers : Playstationers will have to wait no longer, because YouTube is finally coming to your console. During the E3 press conference, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Shawn Layden, made the grand announcement during Playstation’s presentation on June 9, that YouTube is coming to the PlayStation 4. The specifics are still up in the […]

Nintendo announces new YouTube affiliate program, earns massive brownie points with gamers

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 3.30.47 PM

The YouTube gaming community took a blow last year when Nintendo initiated Content ID matches on all videos using their images, thus taking away all those videos’ revenue from their creators and giving it to Nintendo. Now it seems that Nintendo has had a change of heart. The Japanese gaming company has decided to create […]

Is Free ‘Transistor’ Soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube SuperGiants’ Viral Tactic To Market Their New Game?

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 11.28.01 AM

Free music alert, free music alert! SuperGiant’s Games have graciously released the soundtrack for their PS4 game “Transistor” to both YouTube and Spotify for free. But if you were in the mood to show your generosity, they’ve given you the option of purchasing a digital copy on Bandcamp for $10 or a physical copy on […]

Nintendo Waves Small Surrender Flag With Announcement of New YouTube Access For Mario Kart Gamers


Nintendo hasn’t exactly been endearing itself to YouTubers lately, so now with the sales of their latest Wii in the toilet, it will be interesting to see how many gamers they can lure in with this hook … Mario Kart 8 comes with the ability to create highlight reels and, a first for the Nintendo […]

StampyLongHead Partners With Maker For Education-Based ‘Minecraft’ Channel


StampyLongHead is looking to become the Mr. Rogers of gaming. British gamer Joseph Garrett, who goes by the gaming handle StampyLongHead, has just partnered up with Maker Studios to create a new gaming channel that is purely education-based. Revolving around the infinite world of “Minecraft,” Garett aims to teach children positive lessons and intelligence-growing lessons […]

Which Of These 10 YouTube Gamers Has The Best ‘Goat Simulator’ Video? [POLL INSIDE]


Not since the internet found out goats could scream has there been such a barnyard frenzy on YouTube. It’s total pandemonium … or would that be goat-damonium? All the gamers you know, love and listen to have gone “goat crazy” over the new “Goat Simulator” game from Coffee Stain Studios. It’s basically “Grand Theft Auto” […]

Maker/Polaris Allegedly Lay A $400,000 Egg With Abandoned Gamer Show ‘Game Jam’


Ever heard of “Game Jam”? No? You’re not alone. According to IndieStatik.com though, it was essentially the “Titanic meets Pompeii” for Maker Studios, Polaris and Pepsi. Well more the Polaris/Maker contingent … Pepsi still has that negative PR from Michael Jackson getting lit on fire hanging over their heads. Apparently it was a recent merging […]

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