Vevo’s ‘Guess the Video’ Punishes Music Video Ignorance With Pies To The Face [VIDEO]

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If I was walking down an urban street in Atlanta and two random dudes rolled up on me with a pie, a $100 bill and a video tablet, I would fall to my knees and beg not to be raped, beaten, robbed, turned out, murdered or have my teeth knocked out with a lead pipe […]

YouTube Star Christina Grimmie Shines on the TV Stage With ‘Wrecking Ball’ Rendition on the ‘The Voice’

christina grimmie

With her YouTube channel’s nearly 2.5 million subscribers and 246 million total views, Christina Grimmie isn’t a stranger to most avid pop music-listening, YouTube-viewing teens. Still, she hasn’t made it quite yet into the household name territory — but her star may be coming soon. Recently appearing on NBC’s highly-rated “The Voice” during the show’s […]

EDM YouTuber M4Sonic Laid the Beats For ‘What Does the Fox Say?’, Now Signed to Sony, Ultra

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While you might not have heard of rising EDM star M4Sonic, you’ve almost certainly heard his beats — they’re the music that form the non-lyrical part of a little song called, “What Does the Fox Say?” M4Sonic, whose real name is Nick Boundy, was an Australian YouTuber posting a few EDM videos to his channel […] Signs Deal With Maker To Create Content


If we had some sort of betting pool where we tried to guess the next mainstream star who thought they could make a buck off of YouTube/social media, those of you who picked would be in the money right now. Signing up to produce channels with MCN powerhouse Maker, the Black Eyed Peas musician […]

Trucks, Girls and Riverbanks: Viral Video Slams Country Music’s Clichés [VIDEO]


EW music critic Grady Smith has given country music a good hard kick in the marbles by revealing just how shallow and insipid the genre has gotten. When called out over his list of best country albums of the year, he posted this collage of tired Nashville clichés that accounted for the top hits of […]

The Top 20 YouTube K-Pop Videos of 2013; PSY Tops the List With ‘Gentleman’


Last time I wrote about K-pop, we got a bunch of hate mail. So I’m not going to go that route. Instead, in the spirit of Christmas, NMR is going to focus on the wonderful and totally not terrible genre of spunky, cheerful majesty that is K-pop. PSY made the genre global and performers like […]

Beyonce Fans vs. Charles Trippy, We The Kings: Swear Words Determine Who’s No. 1 On iTunes


We The Kings is certainly loved by the YouTube circuit. But right now, Beyonce lovers don’t seem to be the biggest of fans. Blowing up Charles Trippy’s Twitter feed, the now-permanent bassist for the band and YouTube star is being inundated with tweets galore from Beyonce fans taking umbrage with his assertion that the band […]

Lyrically Speaking: The Next Big Trend in YouTube Music Videos is Here


Good news, people: the record labels have found a cheap way to increase their views while offering us less content. Whew. Lyric videos, which have existed for years and were previously uploaded by hardcore fans are now a commodity for the record labels who can’t help but see lyric videos as a cheap means of […]

Peter Hollens: 4 Things I Learned About Online Music Distribution as an Independent Artist


1) How has independent music distribution become easier, and why does this benefit listeners/consumers? Independent music distribution has become much easier as artist-created platforms have risen up to fulfill the traditional services provided by record labels. For example, I do all my direct distribution through a platform called Loudr.  Rather than being a music store, […]

Next ‘Friday’: An Interview With Dave Days About His Duet With Rebecca Black on Their Huge New Hit ‘Saturday’

dave days rebecca black

A duet with Rebecca Black might be one of the biggest “gets” in all of the internet. And yet, Dave Days has had a few of them now with his work on her version of “Wrecking Ball” and a cover of Rihanna’s “Stay.” But nothing so far has been been nearly so huge or as […]

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