‘What Do The Mavs Say?’ Dallas Mavericks Ruin Perfectly Good Ylvis Song [VIDEO]

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Sweet fucking travesty, You know how you can tell a good thing is at its end? A professional basketball team makes a video about it. Here with the worst thing since the Miami Heat punished us with their “rendition” of the “Harlem Shake” is the Dallas Mavericks with their version of Ylvis’ “What Did the […]

Cincinnati Bengals Rookie Gets Cheers For Belting Out Soulful ‘Superstar’ [VIDEO]


Being a rookie in an NFL training camp is not an easy gig. You get fucked with unmercifully — unless you demonstrate some sort of attribute that wins you a manner of respect. Terrence Stephens, a Cincinnati Bengals defensive linesman just made his life a hell of a lot easier by knocking out a soulful […]

‘Kickalicious’: YouTube Star Makes Good in NFL Preseason Debut


Its got to feel good to be Havard “Kickalicious” Rugland right about now. The YouTube footballer who posted a viral reel of slick trick kicks has made some heart beats tick quick. Rugland, as we previously reported, was initially considered by the New York Jets NFL team, but ultimately was signed by the Detroit Lions […]

Fan Runs Alongside Pro Soccer Team’s Bus For Five Miles, Team Brings Him Aboard [VIDEO]


Usually, this is Carly’s domain, but since she is on assignment today, it has fallen to me to warm your hearts. And this video is certainly in contention for most heartwarming YouTube story of the year. The UK soccer team Arsenal (of course, they call it football over there) was travelling through Vietnam recently when […]

Wimbledon YouTube Channel Streams Tennis Matches Starting Today


For the first time in its 127-year history, the Wimbledon Championships tennis tournament is streaming live worldwide, and it’s streaming on YouTube. Starting today, viewers can see the best tennis players from Roger Federer to Serena Williams duke it out in real time from the convenience of their laptop or mobile device. Besides live matches, […]

YouTube Sensation Stunt Quarterback Alex Tanney Released By Chiefs [VIDEO]


  This just in from the dreams do come true file: Alex Tanney, the YouTube phenomenon football quarterback, was just cut by the Kansas City Chiefs. Hmm, I think somebody mis-filed that one … Tanney, who filmed a video back in 2011 of himself throwing a football great distances and with laser-like precision, was signed […]

Dreams Do Come True: ‘Kickalicious’ Viral YouTube Star Signs With Detroit Lions NFL Team [VIDEO]


    So this guy, Havard Rugland, has over 3 million views for his video entitled “Kickalicious” in which he makes a series of incredible field goals and stunt kicks with a football. And though he’s not able to monetize on the video because he uses a Dropkick Murphy song in it which he doesn’t […]

The 5 Most Googled/YouTubed Topics During Super Bowl [INFOGRAPHIC]


When I see a list like this, I’m always curious why people Google what they do. Take for instance the number one most-searched item during yesterday’s Super Bowl: M&M’s. The commercial sucked, so what could people possibly have been hoping to find out? The little candies have been around since the 50’s, and it’s not […]

Super Bowl XLVII Is The Most Tweeted Football Game In History


Nothing unites Americans more than the Super Bowl, and Twitter users are no exception. Twitter reported on its blog this morning that the Super Bowl generated more than 24.1 million tweets during the big game. The number of tweets during Super Bowl XLVII surpassed last year’s total during the second half and ended up at […]

Kid Boxer is Fast; Will Likely One Day Beat Up Her Pimp [VIDEO]


Remember Zillions magazine? It was sort of the precursor to videos like this. Its focus was little kid phenoms who were world-changing-prodigies-in-the-making. Kids who were going to change the world. I’ll bet few of those little fuckers achieved anything outside a meth habit. Today, with child “stars” online being pushed by their parents into banging […]

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