Parody Rap Songs Are Why YouTube Won’t Have An Emmy-Worthy Prestige Drama Anytime Soon


The talk of the town last week among television critics and streaming video aficionados was the staggering 14 Emmy nominations earned by Netflix. Original Netflix series “House of Cards” brought in nine nominations while “Arrested Development,” which aired its fourth season exclusively on Netflix, earned three more nominations, including lead actor in a comedy. With […]

After Purchasing Tumblr For $1.1 Billion, Yahoo Sets Sights On Hulu


Yahoo made headlines earlier this week when it purchased the social media site Tumblr for $1.3 billion. Now, the iconic internet company could add streaming entertainment platform Hulu to its growing number of assets. AllThingsD reported today that Yahoo has submitted an offer to acquire Hulu for an undisclosed price. Yahoo joins six other suitors […]

Yahoo In Talks To Buy Hulu, Expand Its Online Video Presence


Much discussion has followed video streaming site Hulu after their longtime CEO Jason Kilar stepped down earlier this year. The site, a joint venture of Comcast, The Walt Disney Company and Fox, features a wide selection of movies and television shows as well as its own original content. The trio have been trying to look […]

Hulu Plus Finally Releases App For Windows Phone


Unlike its bigger competitors Apple and Google, Microsoft is playing catch-up when it comes to getting high-profile apps. Today, Hulu announced that its Hulu Plus app is available for download on the fledgling Windows Phone platform. In the company blog post, Hulu Product Manager Karan Nischol wrote: “The app leverages Windows design principles that lend […]

Hulu Acting CEO Announces 4 MM Subscription Milestone, New Original Series


Hulu reached the 4 million subscriber mark in the first quarter of this year, acting CEO Andy Forssell announced on the company blog today. Forssell also announced that its mobile reach is expanding and will make up for 15 percent of the video streaming site’s consumption for 2013-2014. Also, Hulu viewing in living rooms is […]

StackSocial Offers One Month of Hulu Plus Free–Act Now!


The guys at StackSocial are making Hulu Plus’s free trial offer even better. Normally, you’d get a one week free trial, but they have a limited-time deal that gives you one month of Hulu Plus—FREEEEEEE! Now that I’ve got your attention, this means for one month, you can watch unlimited streams of series like “Community,” […]

Yahoo Snatches Exclusive ‘Saturday Night Live’ Rights Away From Hulu


Coming soon to Yahoo, it’s Saturday Night! The venerable NBC sketch comedy show “Saturday Night Live” is leaving its longtime internet home of Hulu for Yahoo, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said in a blog post Wednesday. She said: “As a fan, I couldn’t be more excited to announce that we have reached an agreement with […]

MTV’s ‘Status Updates’ Cast on Acting in a Transmedia Show & Social Media’s Impact on Their Relationships [INTERVIEW]


When it comes to dating, the world of social media can act more as an enemy than a friend. We obsess about our ex-partners’ Facebooks, worry about what our profile pictures convey and make a grand show out of declaring our relationship statuses. And with humor and relatability, the new MTV transmedia show “Status Updates” […]

Kurosawa Films Free this Weekend Only, From Hulu, Criterion


Free samurai alert! I’m a damn Akira Kurosawa nut and if you like films even a little bit, you should be too. He pretty much inspired every modern filmmaker working today. His seminal classics “Yojimbo,” “Seven Samurai” and “Rashomon” have been remade several times (into less quality movies, but still), and even his “lesser films,” […]

Party On, Trekkies! Hulu Makes ‘Star Trek’ Episodes Available For Free Until April


Happy Birthday, William Shatner! And what better way to celebrate than with free episodes of “Star Trek” on Hulu! In celebration of the great William Shatner’s 82nd birthday, Hulu is treating everyone to free “Star Trek” episodes from all five series. While these episodes would normally be for only paying Hulu Plus subscribers, for the […]

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