5 Blunt Truths That Will Help You Survive in ‘New Media Hollywood’


After having worked with countless rising and current new media artists over the past three years, I’ve noticed that people trying to get into this industry of “new Hollywood” have a lot of high hopes and dreams. For YouTubers specifically, many have experienced for the first time an actual company wanting to sign them onto […]

6 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your YouTube Sweetheart


Dating a YouTuber can be incredibly challenging. They are constantly Instagramming their dessert on all of your dates, editing into the wee hours of the night, making your embarrassing stories into a video. But what can you do? They are the peanut butter to your jam. The first mate to your pirate ship. The tick […]

5 Reasons Why Los Angeles is The Ultimate Hub For YouTube Creators


Ah, Los Angeles. You probably know a thing or two about this city already: there’s the perfect weather, the endless celebrity sightings and Lamborghini accidents, and the famous Hollywood sign that reminds all aspiring entertainers of what they can potentially achieve. For as long as many of us can remember, L.A. has been the place […]

5 Things Independent YouTube Creators Should Know Before Filing Their Taxes


While keeping people entertained and getting views are a top priority for online video creators, another responsibility that’s sometimes overlooked is that if they’re making money, they have to give some of it to Uncle Sam. Yes, since YouTube creators make a living off of reviewing the latest viral videos or singing in their bedrooms, […]

How to Prioritize Your Work


Originally this article was titled “how to keep yourself calm when dealing with multiple deadlines”, but the simplest way to do that is to prioritize what you have to do. Simply put, if you have a lot of stuff to do, this is how you go about handling it. This nifty diagram was created by […]

10 Time Management Tips for New Media Artists


What up rockstars. My buddy Benny asked me to write a quick post for NewMediaRockstars about how youtubers and bloggers and anyone else in new media can leverage their time and productivity more. One of my passions is peak human performance, so I spend a lot of my time experimenting with time management strategies and […]

5 Exercises You Can Do Near Your Desk


After interviewing several new media artists, one thing we kept hearing was that the gym is  something they really need and the last thing they seem to have time for. Independent artists are basically small business owners who have to do it all. Choosing to go the independent route makes you head of PR and […]

The 3 Best Places to Work as a Struggling New Media Creator


As a new media artist you work hard to bring valuable and meaningful expressions of your art to a wide audience. Between updating your social media accounts and pouring countless hours into improving your talent, the road to making it big in the world of social media can become a full-time job. Like any start-up […]

5 Forms of Internet Marketing Every Online Creator Needs To Know


Being a successful new media artist does not necessarily mean you are going to be adept in the Internet marketing sphere. Assuming you are an online personality, you are essentially regarded as the “talent,” not a marketing professional. Being educated on the basics of online marketing can help you find more optimal ways to promote […]

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