Lindsey Stirling ‘Shatters’ The YouTube Space L.A. For Her Album Debut Party [INTERVIEW]


Need proof that something awesome is happening in L.A.? Take last night for instance — a seemingly mundane Tuesday night, right? Well, that’s unless you were one of the hundreds of souls who were rocking the night away at the YouTube Space for Lindsey Stirling’s album release party. Of course, NMR was on scene — […]

Take A Photo With An Officer: NYPD Fails Hard With #myNYPD PR Campaign [GALLERY]


So the NYPD tried to do an “engagement” experiment on social media, taking to their Twitter account on Tuesday and asking for users to send in photos of their experience with New York’s finest. They posted a photo of a friendly trio, two officers and a man clearly not in some compromising position with them. […]

FremantleMedia Teams With BroadbandTV To Snatch Some Serious TV-Centric Copyrights on YouTube


Are you monetizing clips from shows like “American Idol” and “The Price is Right” on your YouTube channel? Yeah, not no more, you ain’t. FremantleMedia, a TV production conglomerate who owns those shows and many more, has partnered with BroadbandTV to seek out and take ownership of all those clips in the latest copyright hit […]

YouTube Turns 9: In Celebration, Here Are The Most Memorable Videos From Each Year Of YouTube’s Existence


The problem with covering YouTube’s birthday every year is that you tend to fall into a sort of rut. Every year, we want to do a list celebrating YouTube’s existence, but the natural inclination is to do a “9 Videos That Made YouTube” sort of thing, which is cool, but how many ways can we […]

Was Avril Lavigne’s Latest Music Video Banned From YouTube For Racism? You Decide [VIDEO]

avril lavigne

Has YouTube suddenly developed an aversion to all things Canadian? Or is the Great White North’s latest offering — a music video from Canuck Avril Lavigne simply too offensive for the video site?   Called “Hello Kitty,” the video is an “American Boy”-esque ode to all things Japan, only someone apparently found it a little […]

Dancing On A BathTub In Lingerie Makes Woman A Facebook Star For Wrong Reasons [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 8.04.03 PM

Monique Anderson just made a name for herself on Facebook … in all the wrong ways. With a video on Facebook showing Ms. Anderson shaking her ass on the edge of a shower before eating it on an overzealous shower rod pole dance, the zaftig dancer now has over 50,000 shares. High heels and bathtubs […]

Steve Kardynal Has Figured Out An Impressively Viral Way To Waste Food [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 7.31.40 PM

Videos like this one are hard to watch. Sure it’s Steve Kardynal and I love what he’s been coming up with, but to see such a tragic waste of such delicious food — it pains me. It doesn’t matter that I would never get to eat the food regardless. For us fat kids, it’s akin […]

The Six Levels Of Awesome: How Action Movie Kid Is The Best YouTube Idea Ever

Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 5.29.51 PM

Okay, you’re probably familiar with Action Movie Kid in one form or another. Either you saw some news story on him, the insanely popular .gif of the little kid disappearing into the puddle of water, or you’ve seen one of the increasing number of videos popping up on the Action Movie Kid YouTube channel. Even […]

Video Monopoly? Dailymotion Cites ‘Unfair Practices’ in Beef With YouTube, Google


So Dailymotion isn’t happy about YouTube … Yeah, no shit. This is how Hydrox likely feels about Oreo. See, for every big dog out there, there is some little dog screaming “monopoly” or “anti-trust.” In the digital video world, it’s everyone except the behemoth YouTube who seems to be crying foul. Dailymotion, the European competitor […]

7 ‘Game of Thrones’ Purple Wedding Reaction Videos you Need to See [SPOILER ALERT]


It’s been almost a week since Sunday’s much-talked-about Purple Wedding episode of “Game of Thrones,” so NMR feels confident that we’re not ruining anything by putting this article together. If you aren’t aware of Prince Joffrey’s sudden death by now, you probably still don’t know how “Inception” ended. (Hint: It was all a dream.) There […]

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