Michelle Phan Strikes Back In Copyright Lawsuit; May File Countersuit

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Whew, I was worried that this whole thing would wind up in a quiet out-of-court settlement … Michelle Phan, YouTube’s most famous beauty guru, has struck back in what could shape up to be quite a nasty lawsuit. Phan, who is being sued by Ultra Records, home to some of EDM’s most popular musicians including […]

Jerry Springer Brings The Glory of 90s-Era Trash Television To YouTube On His New Channel

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Worried that there aren’t enough neo-Nazis, transgendered acrobats or crab people on YouTube? Fear no more! The trashiest component of 90’s daytime television is now the trashiest of 21st century YouTube. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Yup, the Cincinnati-governor-turned-talk-show-host, Jerry Springer, is now bringing his schtick to YouTube, what with its white-trash cheaters, exhibisionists and carnival of […]

Kain Carter Shows There Is YouTube Life After Scandal

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Ahh, scandal. We’ve seen quite a bit of it on NMR (and broke a fair amount of it too). But how damaging is scandal to a YouTube star? Is there such a thing as a scandal a YouTuber can’t come back from? Well, if you check out Tom Milsom’s channel, apparently yes. But what about […]

North Korea Squares Off With China Over Viral Video

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It’s been a while since a viral video caused an international incident, but tensions are rising between North Korea and the Chinese government and a YouTube parody is at the center of it all. North Korea is demanding that the Chinese government act to remove an unflattering parody video that has already spread widely across […]

Target Teams Up With YouTubers, Todrick Hall For College Reality Series ‘Best Year Ever’

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Target has found a loophole to get free advertising from us (slow clap). The major multi-good chain is the latest corporation to find the benefit in partnering with YouTubers for getting the attention of youngsters … and sort-of youngsters. Their new promotion pairs YouTubers like Todrick Hall, Mikey Bolts, Ann Le and Tiffany Garcia with […]

Universal Music Launches YouTube-Focused Music Label


The connection between music and the world of online video is becoming increasingly obvious. The inclusion of YouTube statistics in the Billboard formula last year only formalized what most music industry observers already knew — a video success on YouTube can be directly correlated with radio play and album sales. With that in mind, label […]

7 Superstars’ YouTube Videos Before They Were Famous


It’s nearly impossible to imagine celebrities before they had the glitz and glamor of fame, right? We just assume Beyonce came out of the womb with her domineering fierceness, perhaps even doing the iconic “Single Ladies” dance while being delivered. And Lady Gaga must have obviously been born that way, donning her meat dresses before pre-K. […]

9 Inspirational Speech Videos Guaranteed to Restore Your Hope in the World


Ever feel like the world just sucks? Like, really sucks? The I-can’t-handle-my-life-responsibilities-and-everything’s-going-wrong-today kind of suck? It’s actually quite easy to let your mind slip into the default mode of thinking the odds will never be in your favor. Luckily for you, NMR is here to kindly help you shake your case of the Debbie-Downers and […]

The DashCon Fiasco Becomes Even More Tragic With The Company’s Explanations

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So DashCon has finally gotten around to sorting through the aftermath of the nightmare rubble that has fallen about their convention experience (to put it loosely). Posting to their Tumblr page and website, DashCon attempts to sort through the miasma of issues the corporation endured in their debatably successful attempts at hosting a Tumblr-themed convention […]

‘Meet’ YouTube’s Most Anonymous — And Richest! — Power Couple: BluCollection & DisneyCollectorBR

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If you study the YouTube analytics as often as NMR does, you’ll see one unusual name pop up frequently along with PewDiePie and all the rest of the “regular” top performers: DisneyCollectorBR. She’s an interesting lady in that she is consistently on top of the YouTube performance charts and yet nobody seems to know who […]

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