Endemol Spends Some of Their $40 Million; Signs Tween Rapper MattyB


Variety might question Endemol Beyond USA’s judgment in signing tween rapper MattyB, whom they call “a mid-level YouTuber on the periphery of pop-culture awareness,” but NMR doesn’t. We’ve been around just long enough to know that Endemol has a strategy that extends beyond the here and now. In MattyB, an 11-year-old family-friendly rap artist from […]

The YouTube Boy Band: These Five UK YouTube Stars Have Teamed Up For Charity [VIDEO]


You know what is awesome? Good content created for a good cause. Five individual YouTube stars from the UK — Caspar Lee, Alfie, Marcus, Jim Chapman and Thatcher Joe — have teamed up to form “supergroup” The YouTube Boy Band and they’ve just dropped their first single, “It’s All About You(Tube),” for charity. Considering each […]

Viral ‘Linda, listen’ Kid Gets His Cupcakes & More On Ellen [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 7.55.28 PM

This is the easiest ratings scam ever — find the big viral star of the moment, fly them out to your show and give them something cool. Then sit back and watch your YouTube numbers skyrocket. Ellen is already lighting up the boards after flying the “Linda Listen” kid out and giving him his treasured […]

Inmates Release Illegal Rap Video From Prison & 4 Other ‘Illegal’ Videos on YouTube

Screen shot 2014-03-19 at 6.55.45 PM

You know why these men are in jail? Because their singing is criminally bad. Making waves on YouTube, these inmates from a South Carolina medium-security prison have managed to film and upload a “music” video on a contraband cell phone. The doubtlessly joyless warden and his oppressive crew of hard-nosed correctional guards have identified eight […]

Is Facebook’s New Facial Recognition Program ‘DeepFace’ A Tool Of The NSA?


Facebook just got a whole lot more evil. Remember it’s Google who pledges, “Don’t Be Evil,” not Zuckerberg and crew. As such, their moral compass was free to develop a program that recognizes faces equally as well as human beings ~ roughly 97 percent of the time. Sure, Facebook is maintaining that the software is […]

Reckless Tortuga Brings ‘The Online Gamer’ Season 2 To Fruition On Kickstarter [INTERVIEW]


Normally when someone runs a crowdfunding project that we cover, NMR has to be all like, “So make sure you get over there and help _____________ out because they need all the help they can get to make this ______________ project happen.” Not Reckless Tortuga. They don’t need your whore money! Okay, maybe that’s a […]

YouTube 2.50: Find Out What New Features Come With the New YouTube Update For iOS


YouTube’s iOS app has just gotten a spit polish. Nothing too crazy mind you, but with their 2.50 update, YouTube now offers you new playlist and commenting abilities. The full scope of things include: sharing and liking playlists, quick access to your favorite playlists from the guide, replying to comments and the ability to delete […]

RWJ Retires: Do You Have What It Takes To Be ‘Equals Three’s’ New Host? [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 7.21.17 PM

While Ray William Johnson has now put his final foot down on YouTube’s throat, leaving his hugely successful “Equals Three” show for the bright lights of television, it doesn’t mean that “Equals Three” is going away too. And even better, RWJ might just want you to fill his massive shoes. I mean “massive” because he […]

Want To Live Like Superman? Let Corridor Digital Show You How [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 6.02.04 PM

Corridor Digital is back at it and in a “super” way. Strapping a GoPro to the Man of Steel, they give us a taste of what it’s like to soar with the eagles and beat up bad guys. No wonder the video has over 250,000 views in the couple hours it’s been up. Think Corridor […]

‘20 Strangers Kissing’ Gets All-Dog Remake With ‘First Sniff’ [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 7.43.07 PM

Of the videos following in the wake of the massive “20 Strangers Kissing” viral sensation, this video is easily the least obnoxious. Okay, it’s still sort of obnoxious because they’re attempting to ride the wave instead of creating their own, but still: as far as videos go, it’s pretty … doggone cute. Here are 20 […]

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