Richard Mourdock – Why YouTube and Politics Don’t Mix


It is no secret that 21st century politicians have gone to great lengths to connect with the youth culture of America by expanding their communication to involve culturally relevant platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Since social media has virtually transformed how political campaigns function and made American politics more interactive than ever before, I […]

5 Things For YouTubers To Meditate On Before Staying Indie


Staying independent may seem easy on the surface, but with the increasing number of big players trying to recruit talent from YouTube with great financial backing, it’s harder to stick to your creativity without letting others do the dictating. Studios like Revision3, Maker Studios, Machinima and Big Frame are constantly adding more undiscovered artists into […]

iJustine | Internet Personality


In a minivan laden with an array of guns, ammunition, a writer, a videographer and a gun-handling instructor; the NMR team heads out to an undisclosed location for a feature with the blonde bombshell turned YouTube vlogger sensation iJustine. After some intense off-roading, we reach our arid destination, where we have been warned that all […]

Merch Done Right: Take a Cue from these YouTube Artists


YouTube makeup mogul and beauty guru Michelle Phan recently announced that she is releasing a jewelry line inspired by Joan of Arc, with future inspiration coming from YouTube subscriber suggestions. After finding fame through her beauty tutorials, Phan has expanded her brand to include a Lancome partnership, her YouTube network FAWN and now a jewelry […]

NASA Unveils Social Media Event for Mars Landing [EXCLUSIVE]


I won’t try to sugar coat it: I am literally constantly impressed by the work that NASA is doing in terms of social media and digital marketing. How could I not be? After visiting the Dryden Center for their #DrydenSocial event, I saw how NASA is an organization that consciously keeps an eye on the […]

New Nielson Study: Why Your YouTube Ratings Matter


Numbers are everything on YouTube since it began to seriously model itself after traditional television. Now Nielsen, the ratings company, is including viewership data on YouTube partners through its Nielsen VideoCensus tool, which will allow subscribers to find detailed ratings and who’s watching the channel. “With consumers increasingly turning to multiple devices to watch their […]

YouTube RealTime Is The New Tool For Content Creators


Earlier today, Mashable featured an article highlighting a new website called “YouTube RealTime” that is shaping up to be an invaluable tool for YouTube creators. Essentially, YouTube RealTime allows viewers and creators to track the exact moment that comments are attached to a YouTube video. If you read the comments section of any YouTube video, […]

Should YouTube Mistakes Haunt You Forever?


Remember the video of Karen Klein, the bus lady from New York harassed by 7th grade students last week? After receiving a flood of donations for an all-expenses-paid vacation somewhere, her daughter has called for the harassment against the boys who bullied Klein to stop. Although Klein told CNN that some of the boys were […]

YouTube May Have $1.2 Billion For Partners


Are YouTube’s daring efforts to become a television carbon copy earning them the big bucks? Citigroup analyst Mark Mahaney thinks so. In fact, he predicted to AllThingsD by the end of the year that YouTube will generate more than $3.6 billion in revenue from advertising and other sources. Google—owner of YouTube—will probably keep about $2.4 […]

This Week In YouTube: Celebrities Try Everything & Fail


YouTube, acting as a mirror this week, exposed a truth that talented non-celebrities all know but try not to think about too much. The truth is, you need absolutely zero percent talent to be successful. The cast of “Jersey Shore” made $30,000 per show in the third season, Michael Bay is making another “Transformers” movie […]

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