Twitter on the Rise: Tweeting to Build Your Brand


This week, Palo Alto Network released a study on the Internet traffic of various corporations and found that Twitter use at work is on the rise. According to the, the study found that workday Twitter use had increased from 11% in 2011 to 21% this year . After analyzing reports from more than 2,000 […]

Big Frame Gets Big Money For YouTube Network [EXCLUSIVE]


LA-based YouTube network Big Frame, which represents more than 100 YouTube channels that includes big name talents like DaveDays, DeStorm Power and MysteryGuitarMan, announced today that they have raised $3 million in their first round of funding. “We’re thrilled to have such a strong group of investors support us as we work to create a […]

YouTube Announces New & Improved Scheduled Publishing


YouTube’s scheduled improvements of scheduled publishing have been published. Got that? YouTube announced on their Creators Blog last night that they “heard your feedback that scheduled publishing was due for an overhaul,” and they’ve made updates to shut you the hell up. Scheduled publishing, if you don’t know, gives YouTube partners the ability to schedule […]

Nielsen Report ranks YouTube #1: what it means for creators


According to a report, in May of 2012 there were more than 163 million unique U.S. viewers watching videos online. The #1 online video destination was YouTube, which garnered more than 136 million of those unique views and 16 million total streams. Four out of five streams are coming directly from YouTube channels, which […]

MyMusic:The Fine Bros Bring TV Quality To YouTube [EXCLUSIVE]


Watching the presentation for the 2012 Daytime Emmy Award’s “AOL Best Viral Video” category, a specific moment stands out among the broadcast. As each viral video is announced, the audience responds with sprinkled applause until, finally, the last nominee is revealed. When footage from the Fine Brother’s “Kids React To Nyan Cat” flashes on the […]

How Metered Internet Could Throttle Your YouTube Content


As if trying to piss off customers with its high cable prices and increasingly mediocre content wasn’t enough, cable companies are now trying to meter your Internet. Yes, what was once considered a birthright at $29.99 a month is slowly becoming an endangered species. In some places in the United States, unlimited Internet is a […]

Richard Mourdock – Why YouTube and Politics Don’t Mix


It is no secret that 21st century politicians have gone to great lengths to connect with the youth culture of America by expanding their communication to involve culturally relevant platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Since social media has virtually transformed how political campaigns function and made American politics more interactive than ever before, I […]

5 Things For YouTubers To Meditate On Before Staying Indie


Staying independent may seem easy on the surface, but with the increasing number of big players trying to recruit talent from YouTube with great financial backing, it’s harder to stick to your creativity without letting others do the dictating. Studios like Revision3, Maker Studios, Machinima and Big Frame are constantly adding more undiscovered artists into […]

iJustine | Internet Personality


In a minivan laden with an array of guns, ammunition, a writer, a videographer and a gun-handling instructor; the NMR team heads out to an undisclosed location for a feature with the blonde bombshell turned YouTube vlogger sensation iJustine. After some intense off-roading, we reach our arid destination, where we have been warned that all […]

Merch Done Right: Take a Cue from these YouTube Artists


YouTube makeup mogul and beauty guru Michelle Phan recently announced that she is releasing a jewelry line inspired by Joan of Arc, with future inspiration coming from YouTube subscriber suggestions. After finding fame through her beauty tutorials, Phan has expanded her brand to include a Lancome partnership, her YouTube network FAWN and now a jewelry […]

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