Dad Takes Daughter On Her ‘First Date’: Only Creeps Would Find This Video ‘Creepy’

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This video has bounced around a while and I’ve tried to ignore it because it is stupid and cheesy. And yet, now with eight million views in the bag, it has attracted some controversy from viewers who claim that this sort of thing is creepy and/or borderline pedophile-incest. What?! When did this weird vibe come […]

Grumpy Cat and Other Celebrity Cats Get Together For the Ultimate ‘Cat Summer’ [VIDEO]

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Okay, I admit it: I’ve been singing “Cat Summer” nonstop since I watched this video. My pug is not amused. Purina Friskies has effectively cornered the ad market in viral videos of cats — this time doing it by bringing several of the internet’s most recognizable cats together for a “cat party.” Grumpy Cat, Nala […]

TotalBiscuit Pledges Transparency Regarding Payola For The YouTube Gaming Industry

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Back in January, superstar gamer Boogie2988 said that gamers getting money from developers to play or feature their games was “commonplace.” Now British gamer TotalBiscuit (AKA John Bain) has determined that, on his channel at least, viewers would know exactly when he is being compensated for a reviewed game. “From now on we’ll be clearly […]

FinsGraphics Turned A Chance Opportunity With Tobuscus Into A Full-Time YouTube Career [INTERVIEW]

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Fin of the FinsGraphics channel has youth and talent going for him — two key components of success on YouTube nowadays. While the rest of us are guzzling gin and waiting for a slow death that never seems to come, Fin has turned a knack for colorful pictures into a fully realized career. And at […]

Google Opens The Door for the Return of Anonymous YouTube Comments


YouTube and Google ruffled a lot of feathers months ago when they instituted a policy that forced users to link their YouTube accounts to accounts on the Google+ social network. This move meant that in most cases users would be forced to use a proper name when registering to comment on YouTube videos. It was […]

Ray William Johnson Reveals The New Host of Delayed ‘Equals Three’ 2.


After weeks of speculation about who he would choose to succeed him in the role that made him an internet star, Ray William Johnson has announced in an interview with Variety that Robby Motz would take over hosting duties on the popular web show “Equals Three.” Motz, a 20-year-old college student and actor, has no […]

Expect Lots of Familiar Faces in Joe Nation’s New Movie


It looks like Relativity Digital Studios has found their first big YouTube project, and it’s going to involve a lot of familiar faces. Relativity’s newly minted digital studio will produce a film by YouTuber Joe Nation based on his web series “YouTube Assassin.” You can check out the first episode of the original web series […]

DashCon: Could A Tumblr Convention Be Pretty Much The Second Worst Thing That Has Happened On American Soil?

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Having recently spent a weekend at VidCon, NMR knows a good fan convention when it sees one. And the Tumblr-themed DashCon held over this previous weekend has already become a fan convention of legendary proportions — for all the worst reasons. The interweb wires have been crackling with hashtags and first-person accounts aimed at the […]

Women With Hairy Legs Are The Big Tumblr Trend At The Moment [GALLERY]

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This is a hairy issue to say the least (ba dum tsh) … A popular new Tumblr site has sprung up recently, attempting to spark the anti-leg shaving movement for women. And here’s the kicker — it appears to have legs. Hundreds of women have already submitted their own hairy leg photos to Hairy Legs […]

Digital Designer Causes Viral Stir With Flashy #BuyMyBarina Video To Sell His Crappy Car

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This is how advertising got created in the first place — there were lots of people selling things in the “oldy times” so someone came up with a novel approach to sell their products better. Perhaps we’ve entered a new age of advertising with this multifaceted campaign from an Australian digital production artist. Wanting to […]

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