Fail Army Scooped Up By Dick Clark Productions For Painfully Awesome TV Show


Apparently Dick Clark Productions has developed a taste for failure … After the company mysteriously disappeared from its association with the Streamys, it has now popped up in a development role, setting its sights on bringing Fail Army to television. Like the world’s most painful version of “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” Fail Army has consistently […]

Has YouTube’s ‘Shadow Plan’ To Advertise on Television Been Exposed?


Time magazine has made our radar twice this month — neither of them for particularly innovative or good reasons. The first was after they posted an article dancing around the idea that Remi Gaillard’s latest video was essentially a form of rape, and now they are pimping the notion that YouTube is using television “to […]

HBO Baits The Hook With Free Pilot Episode of Mike Judge’s New Show ‘Silicon Valley’ on YouTube [VIDEO]


Are you a fan of quality HBO programming, getting hooked on new television shows and free stuff? How about YouTube, do you like YouTube? Boy are you going to LOVE this news then: HBO is broadcasting its exciting newest show “Silicon Valley” on YouTube FOR FREE! The show, which deals in the barely fictional world of […]

Let The Countdown Begin: Presenting The 10 Best ‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Videos [VOTE INSIDE]


When I started at NMR, I couldn’t give a spit about “Game of Thrones.” But since that time, OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! A brilliant show! And finally, we’re getting our (long overdue) next installment! But if you think I’m excited and you’re excited, just check out how excited these YouTube creators must have been to make […]

Which Of These 10 YouTube Gamers Has The Best ‘Goat Simulator’ Video? [POLL INSIDE]


Not since the internet found out goats could scream has there been such a barnyard frenzy on YouTube. It’s total pandemonium … or would that be goat-damonium? All the gamers you know, love and listen to have gone “goat crazy” over the new “Goat Simulator” game from Coffee Stain Studios. It’s basically “Grand Theft Auto” […]

My Damn Channel Rebrands As Omnivision Entertainment, Signs YouTube Musician Sara Maria Forsberg

Screen shot 2014-04-04 at 5.46.35 PM

From the My Damn Channel press release: “My Damn Channel founders Rob Barnett and Warren Chao today announced the launch of Omnivision Entertainment reflecting an integrated, united vision of traditional, digital and social media as the company evolves into a multi-platform, 360° entertainment company.” What it really means: My Damn Channel was too kickass a […]

[UPDATED WITH PICTURES] Dane Boedigheimer & Annoying Orange Celebrate 2 Billion Views At YouTube Space Tonight

Screen shot 2014-04-04 at 5.26.27 PM

Update: Find pictures of the event at the YouTube Space L.A. below! Tonight, the YouTube Space in L.A. will be playing host to a major milestone of “Annoying” proportions. Dane Boedigheimer, he of the Annoying Orange fame will be celebrating 2 billion views for the little citrus that just keeps rolling on in pop culture. […]

Bad Girl Gone Glamorous: Miss Jessica Harlow Hits All The Notes For Good Style [INTERVIEW]


NMR has been super excited about everything that beauty/lifestyle network Kin Community has been up to lately. Positing themselves as “A Community of the Best Women’s Content on YouTube,” Kin Community has been making strides towards acquiring some of the best and smartest female-focused channels the internet has to offer. So first we covered AprilJustinTV […]

Falling Meteorite Barely Misses Skydiving Man; Creates Viral Video In The Process


You know its a good day when the big video breaking out is of an airborne man almost dying at the hands of a space rock. A Norwegian parachute team was making a jump when one of their members captured what is without a doubt, a very close call. Anders Helstrup is the parachutist who […]

Maker/Polaris Allegedly Lay A $400,000 Egg With Abandoned Gamer Show ‘Game Jam’


Ever heard of “Game Jam”? No? You’re not alone. According to though, it was essentially the “Titanic meets Pompeii” for Maker Studios, Polaris and Pepsi. Well more the Polaris/Maker contingent … Pepsi still has that negative PR from Michael Jackson getting lit on fire hanging over their heads. Apparently it was a recent merging […]

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