Author/Creator John Green On Subbable And The Future Of YouTube Advertising [INTERVIEW]


It should be said from the start that Subbable is not a YouTube competitor. And while it may share similarities to crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Subbable creators John and Hank Green seem focused on more than pledges and fundraising. “Advertisers just want the most views, not the most engaged views. We fear this […]

Biddy The Hedgehog Becomes Instagram Star After Adorable Travel Photos Go Viral


Adventure is out there, and Biddy the hedgehog is on his way to find it. With 82,000 followers to call his own, Biddy has risen to Instagram stardom through his weekly travel photos that document his many trips around the United States. Biddy travels alongside his parents, Toni DeWeese and Tom Unterseher, and at 8 […]

Woman’s Freakout At LA Apple Store Captured In Viral Vine Clip [VIDEO]


Apple users who need service for their products have to schedule an Apple Store appointment. Apparently, one lady who didn’t have an appointment got really angry when she couldn’t get immediate service. Actress Porscha Coleman filmed the tirade at an Apple Store in Los Angeles, where the young mother complains at the top of her […]

Redbull and Milk Challenge Becomes The Latest Vomit-Inducing YouTube Trend


Remember the cinnamon challenge? Of course you do; you’re probably still recovering from the time you tried it. Like Draw My Life and the Harlem Shake, the cinnamon challenge swept across YouTube prompting creators big and small to try the challenge for themselves because: “Dude, swallowing a spoonful of cinnamon? That doesn’t even seem that […]

Photo of Couple’s Cheeky Wedding RSVP Will Make You Jealous You Weren’t Invited


While planning their upcoming nuptials, 28-year-old Katie Kerr and her finance, 29-year-old Chris Sabino, wanted every last detail of their big day to reflect their quirky, light-hearted personalities. And from there, the best wedding RSVP card known to man was born. “We were just trying to make it different and unique. This is crazy. I […]

YouTube Geek Week: Soulpancake and Cinefix Talk YouTube’s Week-Long Celebration of Geek Culture [VIDEO INTERVIEW]


Geeks unite! In celebration of the geek culture that continues to flourish online, YouTube — in conjunction with Nerdist — has just announced plans for their first ever Geek Week — a week dedicated to highlighting YouTube’s geekiest content that will take place from Sunday, August 4 to Saturday, August 10. During Geek Week, over […]

4chan Bullies Fitness Guru Scooby Off YouTube With Doxxing and Threats [VIDEO]


The dichotomy of 4chan is absolutely fascinating. On the one hand, there are pictures of naked guys all over, with posts asking for other guys to rate their penises or begging for gay hookups. On the other hand, “faggot” is one of the two most common words on 4chan, and there is definitely a strongly […]

Parody Rap Songs Are Why YouTube Won’t Have An Emmy-Worthy Prestige Drama Anytime Soon


The talk of the town last week among television critics and streaming video aficionados was the staggering 14 Emmy nominations earned by Netflix. Original Netflix series “House of Cards” brought in nine nominations while “Arrested Development,” which aired its fourth season exclusively on Netflix, earned three more nominations, including lead actor in a comedy. With […]

Just Like Tumblr, Vine Blocks The Term ‘Gay’ From Its Smartphone App Search


Tumblr has been getting flack as of late for blocking LGBT-related tags from its iPhone and iPad apps, but it’s not the only social media network that’s getting criticism for blocking such content. A quick search on Vine’s mobile app for the term “gay” brings up a sad face with the words “No tags found.” […]

Russell Simmons and AwesomenessTV Founder Brian Robbins To Launch YouTube-Oriented Music Label Later This Summer


Earlier this year, Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons announced that he was collaborating with veteran TV producer and AwesomenessTV founder Brian Robbins on a YouTube multi-channel network called “All Def Digital.” The channel would focus on a general variety of content, including music, poetry and comedy. While the “All Def Digital” network has yet to […]

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