KevJumba Builds A School in Africa With His YouTube Money [VIDEO]


Kev Jumba is doing a world of good. That is to say, he’s doing good all over the world. His latest stop? Nairobi, in Africa, where students recently challenged him to come teach their class. As he tells it, via a blog entry he made on the Huffington Post entitled, “How I Built A School […]

FPSRussia YouTube Channel To Begin Filming Soon In The Wake Of FBI And ATF Raids


Things have been difficult for the FPSRussia YouTube channel in the past few months. Almost three months after one of the channel’s co-founders was found shot to death in Georgia, federal agents raided the family compound of Kyle “FPSRussia” Myers searching for illegal explosives and weapons. Although agents left the compound without finding any illegal […]

FreddieW And Harley Morenstein Take It To The Next Level At The ‘VGHS’ Season 2 Premiere [INTERVIEW]


Season two of “Video Game High School” is here and it is looking better than ever. Now with longer episodes, higher production values and a brand new roster of special guests, this season could very well elevate the web series medium to another level. But what do YouTube creators think about it? Displaying the utmost […]

Easter Egg Gives YouTube A ‘Retro Look’ For Geek Week


All signs are pointing to Geek Week becoming the tech version of Shark Week as people are starting to go nuts with the gadgetry, the pageantry and the Easter eggs. Just launched by YouTube via their Twitter account, we get the vlogger’s version of the Konami Code — an Easter egg to make your YouTube […]

1.8 Million Facebook ‘Likes’ Happen Every Sixty Seconds According To Web Usage Infographic


In the event that you felt good about your recent productivity, I ask you to gaze upon this infographic courtesy of Qmee and realize how terribly incorrect you were. According to the infographic, which was designed by mycleveragency, every sixty seconds on the internet produces the following: 2 million Google searches, 278,000 tweets, 204 million emails […]

‘Weiss’ And ‘Glinda’ Of ‘RWBY’ Talk Kicking Ass In The New Rooster Teeth Anime [INTERVIEW]


Rooster Teeth Productions original anime series “RWBY” premiered earlier this month to much fanfare. Episode one, “Ruby Rose” at this moment has over 53,000 likes on Facebook and more than 3,000 comments on the Rooster Teeth website where the show is airing exclusively. At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, NMR caught up with some […]

Thicke Beats Thin: The 5 Best ‘Blurred Line’ Parodies [VIDEOS]


It’s officially become “a thing” to figure out whatever the hot trend is and then emulate it ad nauseum. Eventually that thing is no longer cool to emulate (at which point the Miami Heat will come in and make a version). The problem is, nobody can quite agree what the next “thing” is — is […]

Mega64 Drops Some Knowledge Straight From San Diego Comic Con [INTERVIEW]


Just because San Diego Comic Con 2013 is over it doesn’t mean that life is meaningless. Sure, your office job is free of cosplayers, collectibles and booth babes, but aren’t fax machines, stale coffee and that guy who tells off-color jokes just as good? Actually, don’t think about that too hard; instead, relive some of […]

Vine Toilet Video Shows Why ‘I’m Busy’ Really Means ‘I’m Busy’


Mothers, heed this advice: If your son is in the toilet taking a leak, please don’t nag him constantly. Seriously, your chores can wait another 30 seconds. Otherwise it will get really, really messy. The hilarious Vine video above shows what happens when moms nag their sons while they’re in the toilet. You’ve been warned. […]

Subblime Launches Virtual Marketplace For Brands And YouTube Creators Looking To Partner Up


Pinterest/Etsy/Amazon Wishlist hybrid Subblime has announced a brand new virtual marketplace today allowing brands to offer influential YouTube creators products and deals. Currently, Subblime acts as a platform for YouTube creators the likes of Elle Walker (What’s Up Elle) to list and recommend their favorite products, which then can be purchased by fans and followers. […]

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