SDCC 2013: ‘Annoying Orange’ Creator Dane Boe Reveals The Bizarre Origins Of His Hit Show


Maybe you’ve watched “The Annoying Orange” on either YouTube or Cartoon Network and thought to yourself: “What would ever compel a lunatic to create this program?” At “The Annoying Orange” panel during San Diego Comic Con 2013, “Annoying Orange” creator Dane Boedigheimer unveiled the inspiration behind his juice-ready, manic creation. “I’ve always loved bringing weird […]

Machinima Series ‘Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn’ Gets Emmy Nomination for ‘Best Main Title Design’


While the entertainment world woke up to the fact that Netflix’s original series “House of Cards” and “Arrested Development” earned 14 nominations for the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, the YouTube community can also count their blessings. Machinima sci-fi web series “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” has clinched an Emmy nomination for—wait for it—Best Main […]

Some YouTube Paid Subscription Partners Say They’re Not Getting Enough People To Pay


After YouTube launched paid subscription channels for content creators last May, some content partners have told Variety that they’re not getting enough paying subscribers. YouTube’s contracts with partners involved in paid subscription channels state that they cannot disclose subscriber figures, but some have voiced concerns about their fledgling numbers. Google predicted that the paid subscriptions […]

Evil Queen Filmed At Disneyland Tells Kids To ‘Stop Crying,’ Becomes Internet Hero [VIDEO]


If you grew up in California you most likely have a complicated relationship with Disneyland. For young men and women of the West Coast, enough time spent at the Happiest Place On Earth as an adult evokes either manic joy (we call these people “weirdos”) or a deathly-allergic-level aversion to giant rodents, princes and $50 […]

Tumblr Site Calls Out Netflix For Atrociously Cropping Its Movies


The latest trending Tumblr will make people want to think twice about their Netflix subscriptions. The site “What Netflix Does” calls out the streaming video site for atrociously cropping films to fit television screens and mobile devices without warning viewers. Films are ideally viewed in a 2.39:1 ratio, but Netflix doesn’t respect that ratio when […]

Tuna the Dog Bewitches 400k Instagram Followers With Rescue Story & Photos Of Her Unconventional Beauty


Tuna the Chiweenie — that is a Chihuahua/dachshund mix for those of you that don’t watch dog shows in your spare time — has become a minor Instagram celebrity after his rescue mom Courtney Dasher began Instagramming photos of the pint size dog who was born with a severe overbite. As a puppy, Tuna was […]

Tennessee Woman’s Complaint About Doctor’s Racist ‘Ghetto Booty’ Diagnosis Goes Viral [VIDEO]


When Jackson, Tennessee woman Terry Ragland went to see Dr. Timothy D. Sweo for her lower back pain last Spring, he gave her a diagnosis far worse than she imagined. She told Memphis TV station WREG last week: “He said, ‘I know what the problem is. It’s ‘ghetto booty.’” Surprised by his use of a […]

Hilarious Photo Of Family Finding Out They Are Having A 5th Boy Goes Viral On Reddit


Learning they would be adding yet another boy to their already testosterone-filled house, expectant parents Isaac and Brittany Frisbie decided to have a little fun announcing the sex of their baby. Posted to Reddit with the caption “We’re gonna have another boy!!!”, the photo shows Brittany cradling her head while the five Frisbie boys bounce […]

VlogBrothers’ Hank Green Asks YouTube To ‘Get Out Of The Way’ In Latest Pro-Creator Video Upload


As one half of The Vlogbrothers, co-creator of VidCon and overall internet tastemaker, when Hank Green speaks, people listen. In the past, Green has been vocal about his thoughts on the YouTube ecosystem, breaching topics like multi-channel networks and content curation. While the majority of the time Green seems to give off positive feelings about […]

Facebook Walks Fine Line Over ‘Kill George Zimmerman’ Fan Pages


The acquittal of Florida neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman last weekend has sparked protests, social media campaigns and a Tumblr page expressing their support of the 17-year-old murder victim Trayvon Martin. However, some fan pages on Facebook want Zimmerman’s blood for Trayvon’s death. As of late, a handful of Facebook pages have titles that promote […]

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