Russell Simmons and AwesomenessTV Founder Brian Robbins To Launch YouTube-Oriented Music Label Later This Summer


Earlier this year, Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons announced that he was collaborating with veteran TV producer and AwesomenessTV founder Brian Robbins on a YouTube multi-channel network called “All Def Digital.” The channel would focus on a general variety of content, including music, poetry and comedy. While the “All Def Digital” network has yet to […]

YouTube Comedian Shane Dawson Leaves William Morris Endeavor for UTA Agency


YouTube comedian and Fullscreen partner Shane Dawson has signed with United Talent Agency (UTA), reported Monday. The YouTube star, who has more than 1.5 billion video views and 9 million subscribers across his three channels, was previously represented by the William Morris Endeavor talent agency. Dawson is best known for making comedy vlogs and […]

Jenna Marbles Becomes The Third YouTube Creator Ever To Reach 10 Million Subscribers


Comedian, dog lover and vlogger extraordinaire Jenna N. Mourey (Jenna Marbles) is now the third YouTube creator in history to cross the 10-million subscriber mark. The Jenna Marbles channel joins previous 10-million sub-holders Smosh and PewDiePie. Since joining in 2010, Mourey has risen to become one of YouTube’s most prolific creators with popular uploads such […]

Diver Is Almost Swallowed By Whale, Proves Giant Mammals Are Not To Be Trusted [VIDEO]


Here is a lesson for the day: Whales are not to be fucked with. Nobody knows this better than diver Shawn Stamback who was almost swallowed by a giant death machine also known as a humpback whale. Diving off the Central California Coast (we call it “Whale Danger Zone” here), Stamback can be seen in […]

Tumblr Is Still Filtering LGBT Content Despite Return of NSFW and Porn Blogs


While Tumblr has largely restored the NSFW and adult tags on its platform this morning after angry social media reaction, finding posts with the tags #lgbt, #gay, #lesbian and #bisexual may be a hassle. When Yahoo went forward with its failed crackdown on pornographic content on Tumblr last weekend, it has also inadvertently made it […]

Comic Book Legend Grant Morrison Teams Up With YouTube To Launch Animated Indian Web Series


Comic book legend Grant Morrison has partnered with “character entertainment company” Graphic India on an upcoming animated web series “18 days.” The series focuses on the retelling of Sanskrit epic “Mahabharata.” “18 days” will launch August 5 in conjunction with YouTube’s upcoming “Geek Week,” which will serve as the nerdier (well, maybe not) sibling of […]

European Multi-Channel Network Base79 Hires YouTube’s Patrick Walker as Chief Content Officer


Patrick Walker, YouTube’s senior director of content partnerships, will be leaving to become chief content officer for London-based multi-channel network Base79, the company announced today. Walker will be in charge of leading Base79’s content partnerships and would be responsible for making sure that these partnerships help foster the company’s growth worldwide. Walker told NMR about […]

SDCC 2013: Wong Fu Productions on Developing A Feature Film, Awkward Animals Merch [INTERVIEW]


At Comic Con 2013, Wong Fu Productions — the filmmaking company of Wesley Chan, Ted Fu and Philip Wang — explained that their next filmmaking endeavor will be a feature film. “Right now, Wong Fu Productions is actually focusing on a feature,” Chan told NMR on the convention floor. “We are writing our second draft […]

Ghosts in the Machine: CreepyPasta Narration Community Haunts YouTube [INTERVIEW]


Don’t close your eyes for this, but imagine a single candlestick burning in the dark. Blood haphazardly drips down from some unseen vein, spattering the yellow wax with a mechanical consistency — almost to the beat of a metronome. A voice pipes in, calm and eerie, detailing evil in its many supernatural forms. All the […]

YouTube Analytics Update Lets Creators See Performance of Their Top 200 Videos


YouTube announced Thursday that it has improved its Analytics feature so content creators can know how well their channels and videos are performing. Content creators can now see how their top 200 videos are doing under the new Analytics update, and multi-channel networks can see statistics from their top 200 channels. Besides letting content creators […]

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