Amazon Fire TV Streaming Device Has Everything Except The One Channel You Really Want


Amazon has busted into the streaming video component service in a big way, selling their Fire TV console already loaded with programming options. While the device is only just announced and nowhere near close to selling yet, already Amazon has made some very watchable partnerships. Showtime Anytime, Flixster, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, WatchESPN, Plex and […]

Is This Sexual Assault? Remi Gaillard Takes Heat over Controversial ‘Free Sex’ Video

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 7.41.44 PM

Rémi, always relaxed, walks into town and met pretty girls … That is the YouTube description posted to Remi Gaillard’s latest video, the controversial “Free Sex.” How controversial, you ask? Well, essentially likened the video to rape. Remi’s pretending to have sex with unsuspecting people (I say people and not just women because I […]

YouTube to Live Stream Coachella 2014, Offer Behind-the-Scenes Footage


Don’t have a bajillion dollars to spend on standing in the desert for three days while hipsters wax about the shortcomings of Austra while hating how commercial Pharrell Williams has gotten? Good news — T-mobile on YouTube can wire you that experience with Coachella on YouTube. From and, you will get free access […]

Has the MCN Bubble Burst? 3 Things Learned Through AwesomenessTV’s Acquisition of Big Frame


How do you make an awesome TV even better? Put a big frame around it! Okay, that joke was pretty lame, but how often is AwesomenessTV going to buy MCN Big Frame? Yup, you heard correctly. Big Frame, the home to such YouTube creators as Liam Dryden, Lana Mckissack, MysteryGuitarMan and Jimmy Tatro has been […]

Top 8 Funniest Pranks From YouTube Creators on This April Fool’s Day

Closeup portrait of a group of business people laughing

You’d think that on April Fool’s Day, the prank channels would all take the day off. They’d maybe sit back, relax, and let us wreak some havoc of our own (not that us non-prankers would be very good at it, but still). Instead, nope. As Vitaly and Prank vs. Prank and others show us, prankers […]

YouTube Asks Users To Submit Meme Ideas To #NewTrends Conveniently On April Fool’s Day [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 4.03.30 PM

Darn it, YouTube, you got our hopes up again. Last year, NMR thought we were finally going to have a definitive answer to the number 1 YouTube video of all time (screaming goats for the win). And now this year, we were already brainstorming out crispy ideas for your #newtrends project (our first one was […]



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Machinima Gets New Head Honcho in CEO Chad E. Gutstein


All hail Chad E. Gutstein, new CEO of Machinima! Okay, NMR is determined to get off on a good foot with Machinima’s new CEO. We’ve had a long and happy symbiotic relationship with them and have visited their awesome Hollywood-based offices several times and aim to continue doing so. So of course we welcome Chad […]

No Prank Here: YouTube Songstress Madilyn Bailey Is Engaged [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 8.18.26 PM

Okay, this is definitely an exciting news day! NMR friend Madliyn Bailey just posted an engagment video to her YouTube channel! Believe me, my heart is broken too because her beau, YouTuber JimboSliceofLife seems like a really great guy. And when I say great guy, I don’t mean like rides a motorcycle and fights sharks, […]

Smosh, Break Team Up To Give Hardworking Waitress The Best Day Ever [VIDEO]


Smosh and have teamed up to do one of the most incredible and heartwarming contributions to April Fools Day. Chelsea Roff, identified as a truly deserving and philanthropic, hardworking waitress, was selected by Smosh and to have the best shift ever! Per’s Prank It Forward campaign which does nice instead of naughty […]

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