Not Happy? Join the Revolt Against Facebook with the 99 Days Challenge


Do you ever feel the shackles of our Facebook-oriented generation weighing you down? The likes, the statuses, the updates … the ridiculousness of it all. While NMR enjoys a good selfie just as much as the next person, ever since the Facebook mood experiment debacle, we can relate to the social commentary jibber jabber about […]

Coal Rolling: The Expensive New Redneck Trend Hilariously Polluting YouTube (And The Environment)

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 1.45.53 PM

There are several ways one can look at this obnoxious new trend popping up on YouTube in which people modify their vehicles (pickup trucks, mostly) to spray billowing clouds of soot on bystanders with the flick of a switch. First, it’s pretty funny that Prius drivers and those distance bike riders seem to be the […]

Tumblr and Vine, Together At Last!


Two of the most popular social media platforms of the moment are about to get together, and the results are sure to be spectacular. Yahoo-owned blogging platform Tumblr and Twitter-owned video app Vine are finally working hand in hand according to a tweet from Tumblr’s official Twitter account yesterday afternoon: “6 seconds of your life […]

‘Nothing Lasts Forever’: Unreleased Bill Murray Sci-Fi Movie Discovered On YouTube — See It Before It’s Gone

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 11.20.30 AM

Actually, the “see it before it’s gone” part is slightly a misnomer because the film has been on YouTube since 2011, but “Nothing Lasts Forever,” which Bill Murray filmed at the same time as “Ghostbusters” (1984) is an appropriate title now that vultures like you and me have beaten a path to this … gem. […]

Spark That Blunt, Son: The 10 Best Marijuana Channels On YouTube

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 1.32.31 PM

Weed is coming up legal all over … first California made “medical marijuana” a thing, then Colorado made recreational marijuana acceptable, and now Washington state has finally opened up shop on recreational Mary Jane. They say that marijuana is a gateway drug but hopefully marijuana legalization is a gateway to the legalization of better marijuana […]

Newbie YouTuber Gets Hollywood Tourists To Treat Him Like a Star [VIDEO]


We’ve talked a lot recently about the fact that YouTubers are quickly becoming mainstream celebrities. With their millions of subscribers, someone like Jenna Marbles or Grace Helbig could easily stop traffic or draw the attention of tourists. However, 16-year-old YouTuber Quinn Halleck, whose subscribers currently number 51 (one of which is yours truly), decided to […]

‘I Got It!’ Disabled Boy’s First Steps On YouTube Melt The Internet’s Stone Heart [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 12.05.35 PM

  You know, it could be said that it takes real guts to mock a kid with a handicap taking his first steps, knowing that the whole world will pretty much be against you. Fortunately, nobody seems to have anything but positive encouragement for this little guy, Kayden Kinckle, whose inspiring chant of “I got […]

Amnesty International Wants to Teach You How to Use YouTube

amnesty international

We often talk about how YouTube has revolutionized entertainment and communication, but influence of social video goes far beyond making us laugh. YouTube is increasingly becoming a home for firsthand video taken of the various crises taking place across the world. In places like Syria, Sudan and the Ukraine, where the mainstream press finds its […]

Looks Like 2014 Won’t Be YouTube’s Year at the Emmys


The nominations for the 66th annual Emmy Awards were announced this morning. You probably noticed because everyone on social media briefly transformed into a television critic long enough to wail in despair or I guess shout with joy? (It was mostly wailing in despair over on my timeline to be honest.) It’s always fun to […]

Don’t Let It Go: ‘Frozen Is The New Black’ Is The New Animated Mashup You Have To Watch [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 4.04.30 PM

Okay, if your little pop culture-loving head hasn’t exploded yet, it’s because you haven’t watched this video combining two of the hottest trends in entertainment: women’s prison fantasies and ice queens … I mean, “Orange is the New Black” and “Frozen.” Mashing these two properties together has yielded some of the coolest (ooh, a “Frozen” […]

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