#JustTerrible?: Facebook Rolls Out Hashtag Feature


Back in March, The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook was planning on adopting Twitter and Instagram’s most iconic — or, in the words of NMR — “worst” feature: the hashtag. That day has come. Facebook is channeling its inner Twitter by rolling out its hashtag feature to a select few users, the company announced […]

Jason Derulo and YouTube Musician Tyler Ward Collaborate On Newly Released Acoustic Cover


YouTube musician Tyler Ward just released a new music video in collaboration with singer-songwriter Jason Derulo that covers Derulo’s new single “The Other Side.” Ward shared with NMR: “ Warner Brothers Records were interested in getting Jason and I together to promote his new single, The Other Side. The experience was amazing! Jason was very easy […]

Collective Digital Studio Taps Ex-FremantleMedia Exec as SVP of Sales & Branded Entertainment


Collective Digital Studio announced today that they have hired Michele Fino as their senior vice president of sales and branded entertainment. She will start at Collective on June 24 at their New York office and will oversee all advertising sales and branded entertainment projects on the East Coast. Fino was previously the vice president of […]

‘Corman’s Drive-In’ Paid Channel Launches With 30 Classic Films


The first 30 films from filmmaker Roger Corman’s 400-plus collection are available tomorrow on YouTube as part of the launch of his “Corman’s Drive-In” paid subscription channel. In a statement, Julie Corman, Roger’s wife and producer, welcomed the launch of “Corman’s Drive-In” to YouTube: “This is a brave new world. Roger has always been on […]

Csandreas: Funny, Nerdy Motivational Videos [YouTube Next Vlogger Series 2013]


I asked all the YouTube Next Vlogger award recipients I talked to for 2013, the same first question: “Describe your channel in one AWESOME sentence.” The question was wasted on YouTube creator Csandreas (real name: Chris Sanders) though, as he states his channel aim right up on the masthead: “Funny Nerdy Motivational Videos.” You can’t […]

AkayDoll: Lifestyle Channel That Also Offers Up Honest ‘Girl Talk’ [YouTube Next Vlogger Series 2013]


Kayla Lashae’s beauty and lifestyle channel has one very important thing that separates it from the myriad of other “fashion flavor” channels that tend to crowd up the YouTube vacuum: Kayla imparts soulful, benevolent and candidly useful advice to her fellow females that directly emerges from her own life. Sure the fun, frilly stuff is […]

Emilieofnewgloom: Filmmaker Who Adds Cinematic Quality To Her Vlogs [YouTube Next Vlogger Series 2013]


When Emily Diana Ruth graduated from college in Canada, she set out to create her short film, “The Water’s Fine.” She decided to vlog about her experiences on her Emilieofnewgloom YouTube channel. Her videos, which are more cinematic mini-documentaries rather than vlogs in the traditional sense, give an honest take into the difficulties making her […]

‘Obama Is Checking Your Email’ Tumblr Spoofs NSA Computer Records Scandal


Much like Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things maligned the late North Korean “Dear Leader,” the hottest Tumblr at the moment is poking fun at President Barack Obama and his indirect involvement with the National Security Agency (NSA) phone and computer records scandal gripping the nation. Obama Is Checking Your Email features normally mundane photos of the president […]

Pakistan Wants YouTube To Remove ‘Blasphemous’ Videos Before It Lifts Ban


While fellow Muslim-majority country Bangladesh lifted its restrictions on YouTube last week, Pakistan is not in any rush to lift its own ban on the video-streaming site, The Daily Telegraph reported. In fact, nine months after it blocked YouTube because it hosted the controversial “Innocence of Muslims” video, it is still pressuring Google to remove […]

Foodbeast Bloggers Try Their Hand At Beer Cocktails [VIDEO]


Previously, the guys at Foodbeast have taught viewers awesome life hacks like the right way to eat Chinese takeout and how to eat cupcakes properly. But can Foodbeast teach YouTube viewers how to make a beer cocktail? Well, it’s not as easy as it seems. Foodbeast founder Elie Ayrouth explained his website’s collaboration with Red […]

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