ZEFR’s BrandID Analytics Platform to Make YouTube Better for Brands


ZEFR announced that Procter & Gamble brands Covergirl and Pantene have signed up to be the first brands to try out their new BrandID platform. The BrandID platform is supposed to help brands find their most engaged fans and provide insight into how those fans are responding to their YouTube campaigns in three ways: Brands […]

Shaqita: Crazy and Curvy, She Is A ‘Plus Model’ In The Making [YouTube Next Vlogger 2013]


Shaqita first started making YouTube videos in 2009 to document her weight loss journey. Not until a year later in her final 80-pound weight loss recap did Shaqita show her face on camera. Since then she has devoted her channel to empowering plus-size women. Her videos center around all things fashion and fitness, including beauty […]

10 Things Creators Should Know About The Latest Study on YouTube’s Top Channels


Undergraduate students in the Internet and Mobile Media Concentration at Columbia College, Chicago recently compiled the 2013 YouTube Study, which analyzed the practices of the 241 most popular channels on YouTube. The study includes information from both independent YouTube channels and extensions of large brands such as VEVO and major record labels such as Universal. […]

NMR E3 2013 Live Coverage: The Smosh Games Crew Explain Why Nintendo Is King [VIDEO]


The final day of E3 came and went, and while we return to the drudgery of everyday life devoid of assault rifles and robot monsters, we can take some small comfort in knowing that E3 2014 is only 364 days away. Oh god, that isn’t comforting at all. Before you go tossing yourself off a […]

Beckie0: Inspiring The World One Video At A Time [YOUTUBE NEXT VLOGGER SERIES 2013]


There is a video of Rebecca Brown (Beckie0) that was posted four years ago that is incredibly hard to watch. In the video, the then 16-year-old spends the first minute simply trying to work up the courage to start what she is trying to do. Finally, after some genuine panic, Rebecca begins speaking about her […]

From ‘Epic Rap Battles’ to Clown Elvis: How Sean Barrett Has Carved Out YouTube’s Oddest Career [INTERVIEW]


YouTube is like the ocean in that all the shit and trash of the world eventually ends up there. When you see an opening line like that, I bet you think some really negative stuff is going to follow, but you’re wrong. I love “Clownvis Time” — a new sort of online variety show hosted […]

Kanye West Hates YouTube’s Layout — Why No One Should Care, Ever


Hey guys, Kanye West hates the way YouTube looks, so let’s all make a big deal about it, okay? According to the Daily Beast, at a listening party for his new album titled — wait for it — “Yeezus,” the rapper/”Jetsons” movie set designer told a group of socialites: “[I hate YouTube because] the player […]

Chevy Taps Europe’s Top YouTube Creators To Promote New SUV


Chevrolet is enlisting some of Europe’s most prominent YouTube content creators to work on its campaign to launch the new Chevrolet Captiva in the continent. The General Motors brand has hired Kai Man Wong of British photography channel DigitalRevCom, Spanish comedy channel Woki Toki and Patry Jordan of Spanish style channel Secretos de Chicas to […]

Gloria Nava: Making YouTube New And Exciting Again [YOUTUBE NEXT VLOGGER SERIES 2013]


Gloria Nava’s YouTube channel, glowpinkstah, is everything a modern YouTube channel should be. Pay attention to the keyword “modern” because it is what makes her channel so special. There is a formula on YouTube that has been proven to work for every different style of channel. Comedy channels stick to parody, music channels typically excel […]

‘The Sex Slang Song’: 99 Synonyms For Sex Will Make You Wanna Get Your Schwerve On [VIDEO]


Parking the beef bus in tuna town, clam-stabbing and blasting baby gravy from the hump pump to the front rump are just a few of the euphemisms left off this fantastically comprehensive (and sexy!) list of ways to say “get your bajiggity on.” But I can also see why those three would be omitted, as […]

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