Rise of the News Titans on Streaming: The Young Turks Are Doing The Hulu Hula


The little engine that could, The Young Turks, just keeps on chugging upwards … Breaking news today reveals that TYT Network has just solidified its presence on Hulu with the addition of two half-hour shows: The Young Turks and PopTrigger. The Young Turks, the news/commentary wing of the TYT empire and PopTrigger, its entertainment sector […]

Playlist Live 2014 Last Day Recap: Madilyn Bailey, Jessi Smiles and More! [VIDEO]

jessi smiles

The final day of Playlist Live 2014 … and we’ve survived! AND we’re bringing you a recap of the day! Check out the video above, and don’t forget to vote for the Playlist Rockstar here!

Playlist Live 2014: Wassabi Productions, Alex G, Michael Buckley, DJ Flula INTERVIEWS [VIDEO]


What do Wassabi Productions, Alex G, Michael Buckley and DJ Flula Borg all have in common? (Beside the fact that they’re YouTubers, smart-ass.) They’re all at Playlist Live 2014 and NMR’s bringing them straight to you! Watch the video above for our interviews with Michael Buckley and Wassabi Productions’ Roy and Alex, with NewMediaRockstar Flula […]

Playlist Live 2014 Day 2: The Nive Nulls Team Up With NMR to Surprise Fans With … [VIDEO]

nive nulls feature

Last week, NMR favorites The Nive Nulls reached the 100,00 subscriber milestone. Of course, while we obviously threw Austin and Britney a kick-ass kegger — Kailand and Audri got milk — all of us thought, hmmm, what about the fans? Loyal viewers, after all, is what makes the YouTuber world go ‘round. So after a […]

Playlist Live 2014 Day 1: Which Creator Do Fans Want to Be Crowned #PlaylistRockstar? [VIDEO]

playlist feature

Thousands of online video fans converged in sunny Orlando, Florida yesterday for the first day of Playlist Live 2014. There, they participated in interactive games, watched shows, attended panels, checked out exhibitors’ booths, and met up with frightened, deafened creators — a thousand teenage girls screaming is a horrible thing (sorry, ladies). Luckily, NMR has […]

Xavier Ruffin Makes ‘Mad Black Men’ Series A Comedic, Racial Take on 60s Advertising [INTERVIEW]


I love when I start poking around in someone’s life while prepping for an interview and I find out they are way more interesting and accomplished than I anticipated. It makes the interview so much more interesting for everyone. Such is the case with Xavier Ruffin, an advertising man turned music video filmmaker. In addition […]

Karmin Talk Their YouTube Space Visit, The Songs They Won’t Cover, and Their New Album ‘Pulses’ [INTERVIEW]


Pop duo Karmin, known for their energetic covers on YouTube and their top 20 breakout single “Brokenhearted,” stopped by the YouTube Space in L.A. a few days ago to schmooze with select fans and for a Google+ Hangout with the slightly less privileged rest online. The married twosome are promoting their new album “Pulses,” which […]

Do The 5 Best Moments of Playlist Live 2013 Hint At What’s In Store For 2014?


What are you doing this weekend? It’s probably boring stuff … unless you’re like NMR and are going to the awesomely awesome Playlist Live in Orlando! Hopefully, it’s as good as last years … okay, okay, full disclosure: we didn’t go last year. But, god forbid we look like the noobs we are, so we’ve […]

Bikini, Water, Moosh Walks … Olga Kay Shows Exactly What You’ll Need For Playlist Live [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 6.37.15 PM

Is there any question why Olga Kay is one of NMR’s favorite YouTubers? She’s funny, she’s cute, she’s smart, she’s super friendly, she works her butt off, she’s cute, she’s charming, she’s talented as hell, she’s cute AND … she’s informative. We should put her on the payroll after she kicks out posts like this […]

Get Your YouTube On: Here’s The Schedule of Playlist Live Events

Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 6.22.53 PM

If you’re anything like us, you’re waaaaaaaaaay too lazy to actually go to the Playlist Live website and check the when/what of everything going down. So we’ve done it for you. Annoyingly, they don’t list out the specific panels yet, but at least they give us the breakdown of where we need to be and […]

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