The Warp Zone Gives ‘Game of Thrones’ A Musical Makeover [VIDEO]

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Two of my favorite things, YouTube channel The Warp Zone and HBO show “Game of Thrones” collided musically today with the release of TWZ’s dazzling new video medley. Taking the tunes from such musical hits as “Roar” by Katy Perry, and that one Imagine Dragons song (you know which one), they change all the words […]

Dominique Banks, Natural Hair Vlogger Passes Away From Longtime Illness

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It’s one of those sad kind of news days … Sometimes we don’t uncover every important story in a timely manner. This tragically, is one that slipped through the cracks for us until now. YouTuber in the natural hair community, Dominique Banks, passed away from lupus on April 9 at age 27. Dominique, who had […]

Action Sports and Exercise Will Never Be The Same: Network A & Zoom Media Together At Last


In what feels like a fast-rising super network on the go, Zoom Media & Marketing, the largest, targeted, lifestyle media company in the U.S., has announced a partnership with Network A, the fastest growing action sports and adventure network. Their stated goal? “To align original action sports content to more than 48 million viewers monthly.” […]

NMR’s New BFFs: The Young Turks Score $4 Million Payday In First Investment Round


Sometimes I feel like an anchorman who has to abruptly change his emotional dial when I write stories — “Now in happier news …” going from a sad story right into a happy one. The Young Turks, beloved NMR friends, have become even closer and more meaningful to us with the announcement that they are […]

Makeup Guru Posts Suicide Video To YouTube, Takes Her Own Life

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16-year-old Maddie Yates, a YouTuber from Louisville, Ky. posted a three-minute long suicide video to her YouTube channel on Monday and then took her own life moments later. The makeup and lifestyle advocate was reportedly despondent over a friend who had herself committed suicide almost a year to the day before Maddie. In fact, Maddie […]

Spoiler Alert: VidCon Is Coming Soon And It’s Gonna Be Awesome!


As the dew forms up on blossoming flowers, newborn woodland critters take their first steps, and Old Man Winter retreats back into the hell from whence he came, IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR VIDCON!!!!!!!! You know it, you love it, you crave it. It’s that time of year again when NMR can finally begin talking about […]

Are Deaf Jokes Funny? Viral Prank Is Political Correctness Time Bomb About To Explode [VIDEO]

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Watching movies like “Bull Durham” always kind of made the minor leagues seem like an endless frat party — now I believe it. This video from channel Antihero Baseball reveals a prank that Triple A team Santa Fe played on Jeff Francoeur, a major leaguer sent down for a stint in the minors. While there, […]

Watch The World Die: British Pathé Films Puts Entire Historical News Archive On YouTube

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Easily the most important newsreel footage of the past 100 years, British company Pathé has published their total archives on YouTube. Footage of such events as the Hindenburg disaster, the Titanic, both World Wars and numerous other historical events are now available for historians and students to use. The archive’s general manager, Alastair White, told […]

VitalyZDTV Gets Pwned In a Major Way By The Dudesons — Let The Prank War Begin [VIDEO]

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And so began the great Prank War of 2014! The Dudesons have kicked the proverbial hornet’s nest in fucking up VitalyZDTV’s car, and now Vitaly has promised to punish the Finnish pranksters. “We wanted to give Vitaly some of his own medicine! And (we’re) looking forward to the payback… if he dares,” said Jukka of […]

Most Important YouTube Deal Yet? Freddie Wong’s Studio RocketJump Partners With Lionsgate

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What could possibly beat the news that Relativity Media is trying to steal Maker Studios from Disney? How about the reveal that Freddie Wong’s studio RocketJump has partnered with LionsGate Films? The house that built “Video Game High School” is now in business with the production company responsible for “American Psycho,” “Twilight” and “The Hunger […]

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