Reddit CEO Guilty of Reading, Posting Arch-Nemesis 9gag’s Content


Reddit CEO Yishan Wong has committed an unpardonable forum sin — he touted the competition. In a move that has left the posters of Reddit rabidly discussing various aspects of “The Lion King” (don’t ask, it’s Reddit), Wong, the relatively new CEO of the opinionated social media forum posted what he thought was an acceptable […]

Photo of Baby Reaching Out of Womb During Delivery Goes Viral on Facebook


Newborn babies in first photos usually show off a cute, awkward sort of expression. They’re either sleeping, or they’re posing with the confused gaze that comes from having no idea how they ended up in a brightly-lit maternity ward. Nevaeh Atkins, however, will have a much different first photo to remember. A photo snapped by […]

The Top 10 Most Viral Photos of 2012


When it boils down to finding the photos that grabbed the world’s attention in 2012, it’s hard to come up with only the 10 best. We’ve seen it all, from hilarious expressions that have spawned memes and fake Twitter accounts to those that captured those overlooked heartwarming moments. These 10, however, not only captured the […]

Private Zuckerberg Family Photo Pops Up Publicly on Facebook; Apparently Nobody is Safe


So it turns out that not even the Zuckerberg clan is immune from embarrassing private photos popping up publicly on Facebook. Somehow that doesn’t make me feel any better though.The photo, an image that Mark Zuckerberg’s sister posted to her private Facebook account, is of the Zuckerberg family standing in their kitchen, reacting to a new […]

Facebook Starts Testing Pay-To-Message Service — Stalkers And Spammers Rejoice


Here’s a good piece of news for the stalkers of the world. At the official Facebook blog, the social media site announced their plans to start testing a new messaging system. Previously, unwanted messages sent to you were routed to your profile’s “Other” folder, which filtered spam and non-friend direct messages. The new messaging format will […]

Facebook Competes With Yelp and Foursquare With Revamped ‘Nearby’ Feature


Move over Yelp and Foursquare, Facebook’s trying to cash in on the location-based social networking game. The social media giant will revamp its “Nearby” feature on its mobile apps to include a map showing local businesses and sorting them based on friends’ recommendations and “likes.” The revamped “Nearby” feature will be available in the latest […]

Mr. Roger’s Viral Facebook Quote Becomes Source of Comfort for Newton Victims


With America reeling in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, it is hard not to allow the darkness inflicted by one individual consume us.  But with the comforting words of the beloved Mr. Rogers, I truly hope we will begin to take our first steps forward to provide comfort and stability to the survivors […]

Morgan Freeman Outburst is Hoax, But ‘New Media’ is Finding Its Way In the Midst of Tragedy


So Friday was kind of a bad day for everyone, yeah? New media had a ton of influence in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre, and while it does come off as a bit cold-hearted to mention that new media finds its place more solidly with every new tragedy, consider the events of this […]

New ‘Social Media Manager’ Degree is One Step Below Toilet Paper


So there’s this old joke that goes: A person with a degree in science says, “How does it work?” A person with a degree in philosophy says, “Why does it work?” A person with a degree in liberal arts says, “Would you like fries with that?” I think we can now change “liberal arts” to […]

Relive Your Most Embarrassing Moments Through Facebook’s ’2012 Year In Review’


It’s that time of the year when everyone and their mothers are coming up with end of the year lists. What are the best albums of 2012? What are the most embarrassing moments of the year? You get the picture. Facebook is joining the best of the year bandwagon by compiling your 20 most embarrassing […]

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