Some Dicks Named Their Newborn Baby ‘Hashtag Jameson’


There are a few reasons I want to punch this “piece of news” right in the mouth. First and foremost, the article in which I first read about it was labeled with the cringe-worthy title: “Twitter all atwitter over newborn girl allegedly named Hashtag Jameson, but skeptics wonder if Facebook baby post is just a […]

Sparkles, Unicorns & Rainbows: Facebook Viral Video Asks ‘What If Money Didn’t Matter?’


There is a new viral video in town, and it’s gaining popularity on Facebook of all places. No, people watching a Facebook video isn’t the news item, although it is pretty shocking. The questionably-punctuated video, “What if Money didn’t matter” has garnered over 22,000 likes and 195,000 shares. With a title like that it won’t […]

YouTube King PSY Receives Nomination For Time Magazine’s Person of the Year


In 2010, Time selected Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as their Person of the Year. Last year, “the protester” that made the Arab Spring and Occupy movements possible graced the Person of the Year cover. Following up with these eclectic and powerful choices from the last couple of years, will Time choose K-pop YouTube phenomenon PSY […]

Does Having More Facebook Friends Equal More Stress?


Facebook has made the user experience extremely problematic over the last few years with the infamous “timeline” addition, its ever-changing privacy settings and now, couples’ pages. But if you’ve got plenty of Facebook friends, your own personal user experience will likely stress you out. According to a survey of 300 Facebook users by the University […]

Coming Soon To Your Facebook Feed: ‘Upcoming Events’ & ‘Recently Released Albums’


The mad scientists at Facebook have been busy lately. In addition to the recently revealed Facebook comment ranking system, the social media megalith has begun testing two new feed features — “upcoming events” and “recently released albums.” The upcoming events news feed item essentially allows users to see nearby events regardless of your invitation status. […]

3 Social Media Lessons Learned from President Obama’s Digital Media Team


With the heat of this year’s presidential election beginning to cool, we the social media lovers now have a chance to really examine the true extent of President Obama’s victory. Now having peeled off the Romney bumper stickers and hung up the Obama posters, it can be said that this election was partly defined by […]

Facebook’s New Scrapbook-Like ‘Couples’ Pages’ Is Cringeworthy


In a nod to the lovers out there, Facebook is introducing its revamped “friendship” pages to include couples pages that chronicle the story of you and your significant other. For the couples’ pages to work, both users have to list their relationship — whether it’s married, engaged, domestic partnership, etc. — publicly. Once that’s public, […]

Facebook Tests Alert Sounds, Begin Ranking Comments By Importance


Starting soon, Facebook will be telling you whom you should be paying attention to. No, I’m not talking about some sort of iron-fisted Facebook reign of tyranny … not yet at least (shifts eyes back and forth suspiciously). Apparently, Facebook has been spreading the word about their brand new comment-ranking algorithm. The social media site […]

Watch as Mitt Romney’s Facebook Fanbase Disappears In Real-Time


While President Barack Obama basks in the glow of an upcoming second term and his breaking of social media records (with his Facebook photo of him embracing his wife Michelle,) Mitt Romney is slowly disintegrating into social media irrelevance. A new website called “Disappearing Romney” is tracking the steady drop of “likes” on his Facebook […]

Facebooker Loses Job Over Racist ‘Obama Assassination’ Post; Take Note, Idiots [VIDEO]


So a young woman got fired recently for posting a Facebook message which read, “Another 4 years of this nigger. Maybe he will get assassinated this term.” She was speaking in regards to our dark-skinned president re-elect, btw. Or as Mitt Romney would possibly call him, “our Lamanite president.” Anybody who reads my work even […]

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