Tiny Chihuahua Rescued From Busy Freeway Becomes Viral Star on Twitter, Facebook


From our ‘Heartwarming Stories’ department: A chihuahua has a new lease on life — and, likely, a new home. The little pup became a viral sensation after it was stranded on a freeway median near Contra Costa, Calif. and had to be rescued by the California Highway Patrol, an image of which they posted to […]

Facebook Helps Catch Cat Kicker, Gets Him Arrested [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2014-05-07 at 5.45.33 PM

  Want to earn the ire of the internet? Kick a cat. Arguably more disliked than rapists and murderers, people who harm animals and post videos of it online are pretty much signing their own ass-kicking authorization slip. Take Andre Robinson, a New York man who has eight arrests to his name, including one for […]

Sorry, YouTube — There’s A Social Media Site More Popular Than You In The Middle East


What social media is the fairest of them all in the Middle East? According to global research company Ipsos at a recent roundtable in Dubai, the answer to that question is Facebook. Are you surprised? That could only be the answer — that’s like saying what fruit is more popular than the orange? (Trick question: […]

George Takei Makes Molly Kate Kester A Viral Sensation With Her Song ‘His Daughter’ [VIDEO]

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As far as credible sources go, NMR tends to put a lot of stock in our friend George Takei — so when he says take a look at this, we do exactly what he says (I can’t imagine a way that would ever backfire). Fortunately for all of us, Takei has found an impressive voice […]

In Actual Death News: Woman Crashes, Dies While Posting About ‘Happy’ Song To Facebook


Must … fight … urge … to … be … insensitive … Okay, so a lady died recently just after posting an ironic message to Facebook. Excited about the incredibly overplayed Pharrell Williams song “Happy,” Courtney Ann Sanford, 32, of High Point, N.C. made a post to her Facebook page explaining that very thought: “The […]

Dancing On A BathTub In Lingerie Makes Woman A Facebook Star For Wrong Reasons [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 8.04.03 PM

Monique Anderson just made a name for herself on Facebook … in all the wrong ways. With a video on Facebook showing Ms. Anderson shaking her ass on the edge of a shower before eating it on an overzealous shower rod pole dance, the zaftig dancer now has over 50,000 shares. High heels and bathtubs […]

Is Facebook’s New Facial Recognition Program ‘DeepFace’ A Tool Of The NSA?


Facebook just got a whole lot more evil. Remember it’s Google who pledges, “Don’t Be Evil,” not Zuckerberg and crew. As such, their moral compass was free to develop a program that recognizes faces equally as well as human beings ~ roughly 97 percent of the time. Sure, Facebook is maintaining that the software is […]

Teen’s Videotaped Suicide Attempt Goes Emotionally Viral On Facebook [VIDEO]

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Nala Morrison might not realize it just yet, but she is unbelievably lucky to be alive. The teen went depressingly viral after her taped suicide attempt got posted to Facebook. Seventeen-year-old Nala mentions instances of rape and abuse by friends and family starting at age 4 in the video, which clocks in at over 14 […]

Studies Show: Kids Like YouTube, Adults Like Facebook


Perhaps the more mature you are, the less you want to watch videos of guys getting hit in the nuts and more time telling people who sort of remember you from high school about what you think of Obamacare. Whatever the case, the numbers don’t lie: nearly 75 percent of kids 13-18 use YouTube “frequently,” […]

Mom Shames Her Daughter On Facebook For Boyfriend, Fighting — Good Parenting or Bad Technique?


In the absence of spankings, parents have had to turn to increasingly creative methods of discipline in order to teach their misbehaving kids a sense of moral rightness. But is fucking with their social media the answer? Lorraine Walls made her 12-year-old daughter publicly apologize in a video posted to her Facebook account after being […]

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