Facebook To Lose 80 Percent of Its Audience in Next Three Years, Study Says


Facebook is gearing up to lose 80 percent of their audience a new study says — and it’s not anything they are doing that will cost them. No, it’s just the nature of the game, says the study — dryly called, “Epidemiological Modeling of Online Social Networks.” A couple of eggheads at Princeton have been […]

Science Calls It: Facebook Losing Teen Users At An Alarming Rate


iStrategy Labs has some grim statistics to report on Facebook: it’s losing its cool … fast. Of course we knew Facebook was diminishing in popularity, but it isn’t like polar ice caps melting, it’s more like popsicle on a hot day melting. At this rate, Facebook could achieve a rating of “Myspace” by the time […]

Facebook Hacks, Twitter Fumbles and YouTube Gaffes: The Top 5 Internet Screw-ups of 2013


The internet had its share of ups and downs in 2013, but arguably the following few were some of the biggest fails we’ve ever seen. Hopefully most of them (particularly #4 and #1) won’t ever be repeated, but we at NMR are realists: we kind of need this stuff to go down so that we […]

Leaked Video Ad Pitch Deck Shows How Facebook Believes it Can Beat YouTube


Facebook believes it can outcompete YouTube for video ad dollars, according to a leaked Facebook video ad pitch deck obtained by TechCrunch. In the 32-page document, Facebook advises its execs on how to sell the platform to potential advertisers. The ad pitch pushes the notion that the social media company can beat both YouTube and […]

Survey: For the First Time Ever, YouTube Beats Facebook as Younger Teens’ Favorite Site


On the heels of a Facebook earnings call where the social networking giant admitted they had lost traction with younger teens for the first time ever, comes the news that YouTube has now overtaken Facebook as younger teens’ favorite site. According to the Futures Company’s annual upcoming TRU Youth Monitor survey results, as previewed by […]

Facebook Knows Who You’re Dating and Can Predict When You Might Break Up [STUDY]


Ah, another day, another step closer to the internet completely and utterly pwning your humanity. A new research study authored by a Cornell University computer scientist and a Facebook engineer released Sunday reveals that Facebook doesn’t just know your name, birthday, likes, friends, coworkers, habits, purchases, social security number and whether you pee in the shower, […]

Facebook Aims To Get 5 Million More People Online Through New Partnership With Mobile Technology Companies


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today that Facebook will be entering into a partnership with some of the world’s leading mobile technology companies in an attempt to get more people online. The partnership is called Internet.org and will involve major companies such as Samsung, Nokia, Ericsson, MediaTek, Opera and Qualcomm. “Everything Facebook has done has […]

Mark Zuckerberg Gets His HomePage Hacked To Teach Facebook a Lesson in Listening


Mark Zuckerberg and his security team just learned an important lesson in listening to customers. Khalil Shreateh, a Palestinian researcher discovered a bug in the Facebook programming — one that would allow anyone to post on anyone else’s wall — even Mark Zuckerberg’s. Unfortunately, through an alleged gap in the translation barrier (and a high […]

More Time on Facebook Means More Dissatisfaction With Life, Study Finds


Facebook can not only damage your relationships with your friends, but it can also make you less satisfied with your life, a study by the University of Michigan pointed out. The study, posted on Plos One, showed that young people who looked at Facebook regularly felt a negative impact on their happiness and well-being in […]

Photo Of Cop Rescuing Terrified Dog With Melted Paws Goes Viral On Facebook


Officer Nick Ague of South Londonderry, Pennsylvania, is a hero this week after photos capturing him rescuing an injured German Shepherd dog went viral. On Sunday, Officer Ague was dispatched to a car crash in Palmyra where it was reported two dogs had escaped from the vehicle after the accident. While the border collie was […]

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