Facebook Developing VIP-Only App To Help Celebrities Better Connect With Fans


Facebook is currently in development of a VIP-only app that will allow public figures to better connect with their millions of fans. According to All Things D, the app is still in its early stages and being tested on a small group of celebrities. The VIP app will allow social media-engaged celebrities and their managers […]

Study: Your Facebook Selfies Are Hurting Your Real-Life Friendships


Facebook users may enjoy uploading multiple albums of their recent trip to Las Vegas, but a recent study by a group of British universities points out that oversharing may significantly impact people’s real-life relationships. According to the study, titled “Taggers Delight?,” users who regularly post photos to Facebook — especially selfies — have no control […]

Police Confirm Dallas Woman Was On Facebook While Best Friend’s Child Drowned Next To Her


On Friday, 37-year-old Dallas resident Kariasa Thomas was arrested and charged with reckless injury to a child after 3-year-old Kanyce Giddings drowned while under Thomas’ care. Just weeks before, Thomas had taken her legally blind husband, her 16-year-old daughter and her best friend’s four children swimming at her apartment’s pool. Though the group arrived after […]

Facebook Walks Fine Line Over ‘Kill George Zimmerman’ Fan Pages


The acquittal of Florida neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman last weekend has sparked protests, social media campaigns and a Tumblr page expressing their support of the 17-year-old murder victim Trayvon Martin. However, some fan pages on Facebook want Zimmerman’s blood for Trayvon’s death. As of late, a handful of Facebook pages have titles that promote […]

UPDATE: ‘Western’ Men Harass Korean Girl, Incite International Anger in Racist, Misogynistic Facebook Video [VIDEO]


UPDATE 07/18/13 13:49 PST: So this might not be as it seems. Two of the men allegedly portrayed in this video have reached out to the Korea Herald with the claim that it is actually edited footage from a series of short Korean films and that the two men (who spoke on a condition of […]

Roxy Clothing Brand Slammed On Facebook For Objectifying Women In Recent Promo Video


Roxy clothing company is in hot water this week as their latest teaser trailer for their upcoming Pro Biarritz surf competition meet is being criticized by fans for objectifying women. Published on YouTube on June 26, the teaser trailer shows a topless blonde woman getting ready for a day of surfing — an ironic activity […]

Facebook Rolls Out Graph Search to US English Users


Facebook announced that its advanced search feature Graph Search will be rolled out to hundreds of millions of the social network’s users starting this week. Users who have their language settings to US English will be automatically updated to the Graph Search. Graph Search lets users search for content, photos and recommended places based on […]

The State Department Spent $630,000 on Facebook ‘Likes,’ Failed To Engage Fans


The U.S. State Department spent $630,000 to get more Facebook “likes” and failed to reach its target audience, the department’s inspector general said in its May report. From 2011 to 2013, the State Department’s Bureau of International Information Programs spent the money to boost the English-language Facebook page of the department from 100,000 likes to […]

Facebook Comment About Shooting School Kids Could Land Teen in Jail For 8 Years


“We take jokes very seriously.” That’s the sign at the airport relating to assholes making quips about having bombs in their suitcases — apparently now it is stamped on Texas as well. A 19-year-old Texas teen, Justin Carter, has been in jail since March 27th, charged with making “terrorist threats” after a snide comment on […]

Would Not Eat – Sexy Pancake is Viral Thai Lady-boy [VIDEO]


There are “shims” I would get my “bajiggity” on with, and “shims” I would not get my “bajiggity” on with. Sexy Pancake star Niwat Sangwor is unfortunately the latter. Not to be confused with Soul Pancake, the hub of such innovative YouTube content as “Kid President,” Sexy Pancake is the Facebook page for Thailand’s newest […]

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