Viral Facebook Post Accusing Juggalo Of Rape Is Awful Ex-Girlfriend Revenge Scheme


Another day another compelling case for why nothing posted on social media networks should ever be taken seriously. Meet Chad Lesko, a 23-year-old Toledo resident who was accused of being a rapist on Facebook. Lucky for Toledo, Lesko is in fact not a rapist, but that didn’t stop police officers from assaulting him according to Gawker. […]

Google And Facebook In Rumored $1 Billion Bidding War Over Waze Travel App


Let the auction begin! Reported this week, Waze travel app is said to be the subject of a $1 billion bidding war between Facebook and Google. Both companies have shown interest in tying the apps “social travel” features into their social media platforms to provide a more comprehensive experience for users. The Waze app lets […]

#WearWithPride: UK Soldiers Use Twitter To Protest Military Ban On Uniforms In Light Of Terrorist Attacks


British soldiers took to Twitter and Facebook this morning to protest the Ministry of Defence’s order for all servicemen and women to conceal their uniforms when traveling off-base. As part of emergency protocol in the wake of the brutal murder of British soldier Lee Rigby, the Ministry of Defence released a statement asking soldiers to […]

UPDATE: Worst ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Participants Ever Are Having A Total Meltdown On Facebook


Update 5/14/2013 3:30 PM: The owners of Amy’s Baking Company have recently posted to Facebook claiming that their website and various social media accounts were “hacked.”  Gordon Ramsay has seen and tasted a lot of shit in his lifetime, but it wasn’t until a recent episode of the hit Fox show “Kitchen Nightmares” that the celebrity chef faced […]

HTC’s Facebook Phone Flops, AT&T to Pull the Plug?


Facebook’s entry into the mobile phone market with the HTC First has turned out to be a colossal flop. It’s such a failure that even after AT&T dropped the price by 99 percent to just 99 cents last week, it may still not have been enough to save the social media giant’s debut smartphone. Barely […]

BangWithFriends Glitch Shows Who Of Your Facebook Friends Are Banging


I was wondering why I wasn’t getting any hits … A Facebook glitch, found here, currently allows you to see all of your friends that are signed up for BangWithFriends, the sexy app that makes hooking up a breeze. Unfortunately, exactly zero of my FB friends are signed up for the free service. So either […]

Should Teen Be Arrested For Rapping Threats Against White House on Facebook? [VIDEO]


There’s this obnoxious little swelling of “patriotism” that crops up in the aftermath of any terrorist action in which people clamor for “safety” above “freedom.” Obviously to make this argument, one has to throw quotations around those words above to indicate that there is an air of subjectivity to their interpretations. A Massachusetts teen, Cameron […]

Facebook Makes Forbes’ Fortune 500 List For First Time


Need proof that Facebook’s stock is worth more than toilet paper? Well then, look no further than Forbes Magazine’s “Top 500 Companies” list (as ranked by revenue) where, for the first time ever, the social media behemoth made the cut. And it took just nine years and becoming a publicly traded company to achieve it. […]

Facebook Unveils Simpler, Flatter Logos on Web, Mobile Platforms


Facebook’s latest smartphone updates not only featured a cleaner news feed, but the app and website also now also sport simpler symbols and logos to navigate through its many sections. Unlike many new logos that are more 3D-visual, Facebook’s main “f” logo will go flat and the transparent white strip that has been part of […]

Viral Facebook Post Helps Boston Marathon Runner Find And Thank Kind Stranger Following Bombing


Marathon runner Laura Wellington was half a mile away from finishing the 26-mile Boston marathon when two blasts exploded near the finish line where she had planned to meet her family and boyfriend. Directed away from the area by police, Wellington kept trying to call her family and boyfriend to tell them she was okay […]

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