Facebook Announcement: New Layout Is Image-Heavy and Includes Multiple News Feeds


Facebook is revamping its network starting today to become consistent across all platforms by adding multiple news feeds based on categories of interest and putting a heavy focus on visual images. Zuckerberg told the audience at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California that the upgraded news feed would be like a “personalized newspaper”: “We believe […]

‘Harlem Shake’ and ‘Gangnam Style’ Dance-off on Facebook Ruined by Thor. Of Course. [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 9.52.32 AM

    Once more unto the breach, dear friends … In what was just far too obvious a pun to resist, someone had to finally make a “Harlem Shake” video to “rule them all.” Smashing every aspect of the meme together, a group of “Harlem Shake-ers” are beset upon by some “Gangnam Style” trolls. And, […]

Tired of Being At the Singles’ Table On Facebook? Get A ‘Fake Internet Girlfriend’ Today!


As a single person, how many times have you been asked, “Are you dating anyone special?” Maybe 756 thousand times? You’re right, probably close to 1 million times — mostly asked from your grandma. In the life of a single person, there are those inevitable, uncomfortable experiences we are forced to endure on a daily […]

Facebook Will Pay No Taxes, Get $429 Million Refund For 2012


Facebook may be making more than $1 billion in profits after going public last year, but the social media network won’t be seeing any of it going to Uncle Sam. In fact, Uncle Sam is paying Facebook $429 million in tax refunds thanks to the company’s generosity in giving executives stock options. The Citizens for […]

Southwest Airline ‘Free Ticket’ Scheme Terrorizes Facebook Users


For everyone that has logged into Facebook at least once today, chances are you’ve seen a friend tag you in a picture that claims Southwest is offering free airline tickets. If you haven’t realized it by now, the link provided to “claim your free tickets” is a virus and will merely set off a chain […]

‘Bang With Friends’ Creator Makes Hooking Up Way Easier on Facebook [INTERVIEW]


Every once in a while something so brilliant comes along that it completely changes the way we as humans live/think/breath. The printing press, vaccinations, bisexual college girls and the internet were some of man’s most useful, and life-altering, inventions. And yet, none of them has shit on Bang With Friends. A site whose current sole […]

Religious Message in Lieu of Tip Stirs Internet’s Ire over Fired Waitress


So a waitress just got fired from Applebees (they should have just named this restaurant “Generic Stupid Name” — it amounts to the same thing) because she posted a photo of a receipt from a bad customer. The customer, a pastor (a female pastor, might I add, as if that makes a difference), wrote on […]

Ouch: Facebook Poke drops Out of Top 700 in Free Apps After Only One Month


You kids wanna see a dead body? These days, for just such an experience, you need look no further than Facebook’s “Poke” application. While Laptop magazine just rated it a better product than its chief competitor, Snapchat, the app-hungry public doesn’t quite see the competition as anywhere near that close. You see, according to App […]

4Chan Trolls the Grammys, Attempts to Get Lil B the ‘Gig of a Lifetime’


Over the years, 4Chan has hijacked many a internet voting contest for laughs. Some of the stunts their followers pulled included getting North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un voted as Time’s Person of the Year, sending Pitbull to perform in Kodiak, Alaska, Taylor Swift to perform at a school for the deaf and encouraging Justin […]

Two Girls’ Puppy Wish Goes Viral on Facebook — Take That, Dad!


So I clicked on “2 Girls and a Puppy” expecting … well, don’t worry about what I was expecting, but this was something totally different. But also heartwarming.Turns out these two young girls had their family dog pass away from cancer last year (this hurts my soul — people spending good money to have their […]

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