Facebook’s New ‘Graph Search’ Feature to Sink Yelp?


After much hype over the big Facebook announcement, the social media site unveiled its new Graph Search feature today, where users can search for pretty much anything friend-related. While some were hoping that Mark Zuckerberg would reveal a Facebook phone or confess that he stole the idea of Facebook from the Winklevoss twins, the Graph […]

Graph Search: Facebook’s Big Announcement is A Different Kind of Search Engine


So Facebook has shit on all my theories regarding their big announcement. Turns out, the big announcement was not that he “ripped Facebook off from the Winklevoss twins,” but rather something edgy and new called “Graph Search” (Hmm, the name needs a little work … but then the developers admitted that they had trouble coming […]

Facebook Allows You To Message Mark Zuckerberg For $100 — Yup, He’s Getting Desperate


Would you pay $100 to troll Mark Zuckerberg? Neither would I, but guess what? Now at least Facebook is giving us the option. Likely a part of their mad dash to monetize themselves, the social media giant has added a controversial new feature. For $100, you can send a message to Zuck’s personal inbox as […]

5 Possible Announcements From Facebook’s ‘Mysterious’ Meeting


So Facebook has announced that they will be having a “big reveal” meeting next week, and already the industry wonks have their tongues wagging as to what this mysterious announcement could be. Is it a smartphone? Is it a foray into the search engine or online music businesses? Is it an expansion of their new […]

Survey Says: Teens And Young Adults Prefer Tumblr Over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


If you stopped to have a conversation with your teenage sibling, chances are they’d mention some random cat GIF that they found on Tumblr — and a recent survey backs it up. A recent survey by Posterous cofounder Gary Tan of people aged 13-18 and 19-25 revealed some surprising statistics about what social media networks […]

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr Users Weigh in On Oscar Snubs


Well, the nominations for the 85th annual Academy Awards nominations are in, and as always, the first topic of conversation is: Who got snubbed? Social media has its time to shine here, as the not famous, not rich plebeians of the world come out to show concern for rich, famous, beautiful people. It’s an odd […]

Facebook Launches New Timeline Layout — Now With More Customization


Facebook, in their endless tinkering, have started rolling out brand new changes to users’ Timelines. The changes so far have only rolled out in New Zealand, which many industry analysts are chalking up to the fact that “The Hobbit” was so good that New Zealanders should be rewarded. In reality, whether “The Hobbit” was good […]

Bragging Facebook Post Leads To Arrest For Drunken Teen Driver [VIDEO]


  When will people learn that Facebook is not their diary?Sure, it is a handy tool that collects all your friends and your hopes and dreams and “Mafia War” invites, but the harsh reality is that like a Japanese fishing net, sometimes something unexpected gets swept up in there as well. Like a narc. Or in […]

Girl Accidentally Kills Brother Trying to Take ‘Thug’ Facebook Photo


In the bid’ness of ballin’, gangsta wannabe-tough diva women are known as “ratchets.” Well, this ratchet is in a whole mess of shit. Savannah Ramirez, 19, was partying at her home on New Year’s Day at around 6 a.m., probably flossin’, jawin’ and throwin’ back Mickey’s wide mouths, when she decided to take a photo […]

Facebook Adds Voicemail To Mobile Apps, Will Roll Out Internet Calls Soon


Looks like Skype may have a run for its money in 2013. Facebook will be testing out its own VoIP service in the coming weeks, and it has already rolled out an updated messaging service where users can record and send voicemails. The new voicemail option is currently available on its iOS and Android Messenger […]

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