An Ode to the 10 Most Influential Faces of Google+ — Now in Poem Form! [INFOGRAPHIC]


 “This world is a dark place” Maybe some might fuss But then they don’t subscribe To one Google+ Where celebrities of all kinds Gather to be Ranked and judged And followed, you see. But there’s something mysterious Going on over there, Take a look at their top ten And tell me you care? Gaga has […]

The Top 10 Most Viral Photos of 2012


When it boils down to finding the photos that grabbed the world’s attention in 2012, it’s hard to come up with only the 10 best. We’ve seen it all, from hilarious expressions that have spawned memes and fake Twitter accounts to those that captured those overlooked heartwarming moments. These 10, however, not only captured the […]

Google’s ‘Video Year in Review: 2012′ Stirs The Emotional Soup — That’s A Thing, Right?


2012 was a “meh” year for me, but if Google’s “Year in Review” video now up on YouTube is any indication (and why should it not be?), this was a pretty dynamic year for Planet Earth. Good work, everybody. I guess your meth labs didn’t blow up and kill your dog, Buttons. Sniff … I […]

Google+ Begins Displaying Public YouTube Videos On Connected Users’ Profiles


YouTube creators: Remember that Google+ profile you started a year ago? Well, it’s time to dust off the old fella because it looks like Google is assimilating YouTube features further into Google+. Perhaps hoping to breathe some new life into Google+, public YouTube videos will now be highlighted in users’ Google+ profiles. This means, if […]

LIVE NOW: Alicia Keys Debuts ‘Girl On Fire’ in Google+ Hangout


[UPDATE] Watch the event below! Waiting for Alicia Keys’ latest album to drop? If you’re free tonight, she will host a Google+ Hangout at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT where she will premiere “Girl On Fire” for the first time, a week before it hits stores November 27. If you want to ask Alicia a […]

Google Now Lets You Keep Your YouTube Username — If You Link to Google+


By now, you’ve probably received a message on YouTube encouraging you to use your real name as your username by linking it to your Google+ profile. This is part of their broader efforts in combating trolls populating the video-sharing service and in boosting Google’s social media platform. Now, YouTube is making some minor changes to […]

‘Lincoln’s’ Steven Spielberg & Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Chat Live on Google+ Hangout TONIGHT [LIVE STREAM INSIDE]


In preparation for Steven Spielberg’s release of his latest film “Lincoln,” the director and actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt are participating in a Google+ hangout today starting at 7 p.m. Eastern/4 p.m. Pacific. [UPDATE] Watch the live stream below!   The film focuses on the last few months of Lincoln’s life as he grapples with the culmination […]

Google Chrome Gets Lego’d On Its Fourth Birthday (Plus 4 More Lego Masters)


Google Chrome celebrated its 4th birthday the only way a 4-year old should — with Legos! Posting before and after photos to their Google+ account, the collective of five staffers hunkered down with 10,000 Lego blocks to create the five foot square rendering of their ubiquitous logo. Utilizing colored blocks of green, blue, yellow and […]

Is Google’s New Ranking Algorithm Helping or Hurting YouTube Creators?


While Google’s latest algorithm change is sure to have a profound effect on the search ranking of websites, the company claims without further detail that their improved ranking system won’t impact YouTube or Google’s other websites. Search Engine Land writer Danny Sullivan asked whether YouTube will be treated the same as other websites when it […]

Taylor Swift to Hold Live YouTube Webcast Chat with Fans #August13


Got any questions for Taylor Swift? She’s all ears this Monday as she hosts a live webcast on YouTube. The show will start at 7pm ET/4pm PT and will be a great opportunity for fans to ask any questions they have for her and get some “really cool news” from the top county singer herself. […]

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