Should All Social Media Managers Be Under 25? [RESPONSE POST]


A controversial article titled “Why Every Social Media Manager Should Be Under 25” was recently shared with me, and I was compelled to write a response to it. The article suggests that because my generation grew up with social media, it automatically makes us more qualified to be social media managers. Now, before I begin, […]

How the London 2012 Olympics’ Athletes’ Hub Boosts Social Media Engagement


Unless you’re a die-hard synchronized swimming fan, you may not necessarily watch or engage in the Olympics when they happen to roll around every 4 years. It would seem that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) must have recognized this fact, because the franchise has undergone a complete image transformation for the London 2012 Olympics and […]

A 30-Second YouTube Trailer Could Get You Free Google Promotion


Good news, YouTube creators: the time to have your channel promoted on the famous Google Display Network has arrived. Much to everyone’s surprise, YouTube announced on the Official Creators Blog yesterday that there was only three days left to enter the free promotion program. The contest is YouTube’s attempt to test out a new form […]

YouTube workshops let creators learn from the best (For Free!)


It is easy to take for granted the extensive production process that is behind the uniquely conceptualized, well-recorded and expertly edited YouTube videos that we see on partner channels every day. While viewers may not think twice about your hard work before trolling your videos, the good news for YouTube creators is that YouTube does. […]

Social Media Gender Divide: Boys v. Girls [INFOGRAPHIC]


If we told you that Pinterest was primarily comprised of female users, you would probably not be surprised; if we said men loved Reddit, you would say, “Sounds about right.” However, beyond the obvious, a recent infographic released by the data company DigitalFlashNYC declared women as the winners when it comes to dominating social media […]

Google+ Using YouTube Integration to Force Traffic?


Soon, Google+ pages for creators will be the key to connect your YouTube account as part of the company’s plan to unify its Google identity for channels. The company announced the new option to connect Google+ to YouTube pages in both its official YouTube blogs and the creator’s blog; thus far, the option has only […]

Google+ Further Integrates YouTube


In a move that would bring more connectivity between all the Google platforms, a new Google+ update let you use YouTube during Hangouts. Ulias Gargi, YouTube software engineer, writes on the YouTube blog, “Just start a Hangout, have everyone load the YouTube app at the top of the screen, and start adding videos. It’s like […]

YouTube’s Facelift… to look more like Google+?


YouTube’s got a new look. Some visitors to the site have been able to peep the new redesign that YouTube’s experimenting with–a minimalistic layout that incorporates more white space. The last YouTube design update was in December, when the middle feed of videos and sidebar with social media integration was added for a more immersive, […]

UPDATED: Samsung And Social Media?


See update below. With people making exaggerated rumors that the fall of Facebook would happen by 2020, Samsung hopes that its social media network will be a significant competitor to the social media monster. According to The Korea Times, the internal title—aptly titled “Samsung Facebook”—will connect many users via multiple mobile platforms, especially Samsung phones […]

YouTube Enters Photo Sharing World with Launch of Frontrow


YouTube has launched a new custom camera application called Frontrow which premiered in tandem with the start of the Vivid LIVE music festival at the Sydney Opera House on Friday. The annual festival runs until June 11, and select performances can be watched live through YouTube’s exclusive SOHfestival channel. What does the Frontrow app do? […]

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