‘Nerdy Nummies” Rosanna Pansino Teams Up With Disney’s Muppets For Sugar Cookies [VIDEO]

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“Nerdy Nummies” host and creator Rosanna Pansino entertained some very special guests: the Muppets. Swedish Chef — who, for the record, is one of the funniest Muppets characters — and (sigh) Miss Piggy stopped by the No. 2 cooking channel on YouTube (with 1.6 million subscribers and over 260 million views). “I cannot look. It’s like my Kermie […]

Six Degrees of ‘Screw You’: Kevin Bacon Calls Out The Millennials on YouTube [VIDEO]

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Kevin Bacon is one of the last great human treasures we have. I’ve enjoyed watching everything I’ve ever seen him in — including this testament to the hardships of the 80s. Dropping dime on the millennials and how good they have it, Ren McCormack himself explains that for people born before 1985, life was a […]

4 Strategies That Guarantee YouTube Channel Growth [GUEST POST]


Anyone who’s a creator on YouTube wants to know the answer to this question: How do I grow my audience on YouTube? It makes sense because no one wants to invest countless hours into creating videos and feel like they’re not actually reaching people. We want people to see our videos. We want them to […]

Game On: Is PewDiePie Really Making $16 Million A Year?


Suddenly a gaming channel makes so much sense … According to Social Blade’s numbers (by way of the UK’s Daily Mail — which explains why everything is displayed in British pounds), PewDiePie is making $16 million a year. I’ve included this chart for the top five earners according to Social Blade, but the Swedish gamer […]

YouTube Musician Tom Milsom Branded As A ‘Pedophile’ And Booted Off VlogBrothers’ Record Label

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It’s good to see that a pedophilia scandal is one of those topics that still outrages YouTubers … John Green, just posted an incendiary screed from Hank Green on his Tumblr page; both Vlogbrothers do a fantastic job of outlining their disgust for alleged pedophile and definite YouTuber Tom Milsom. Milsom, 24, an English singer […]

Holy Moly: Record Number Of Christians Giving Up Social Media For Lent


If YouTube has noticed a dip in numbers this last week, the New York Post has an interesting revelation: Jesus. Jesus has stolen views from your channel. This year’s hot sacrifice for Christians during Lent? Social media! A survey from something called the Barna Group (okay, I checked — it’s an Evangelical Christian polling group […]

Is Disney Buying A Bomb in Reputed $500 Million Maker Studios Deal?


With not quite confirmations, but certainly more than rumors beginning to circulate the internet over Disney purchasing Maker Studios for a reported $500 million, one can’t help but wonder: has Disney been huffing its own mouse turds? Nobody is questioning that Disney is acquiring the crown jewel of multi-channel networks — a monster of a […]

Machinima Focusing More On YouTube After $18 Million From Warner Bros.


Now that Machinima has closed out its $18 million funding round with Warner Bros., you’d think they’d be looking to expand beyond YouTube, but instead, the opposite seems to be true. “Certainly for us in the short run, the focus is on creating new content franchises that’ll be born on YouTube and have a huge […]

Raymond McAnally & Daily Fiber Films Bring Us Cool Super Nerd ‘Chad’ on YouTube [INTERVIEW]

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Chad, the character created by Raymond McAnally, haunts me. I grew up with a “Chad” as my best friend — which might speak ill of my best friend (and me), but I don’t think it does. “Chad” is a type of person who owns his niche. He has different wants and needs than anyone else. […]

Twitter Snags Top YouTube Exec To Help Make Video Ad Revenue A Reality


Anybody got any eggs or endangered species? Twitter is in the poaching business. Snagging one of YouTube’s top executives, Twitter is looking to scare up more ad revenue. The executive in question, Baljeet Singh, worked at Google/YouTube for five years and developed the program that allow for skippable ads at the beginning of videos — […]

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