Machinima Focusing More On YouTube After $18 Million From Warner Bros.


Now that Machinima has closed out its $18 million funding round with Warner Bros., you’d think they’d be looking to expand beyond YouTube, but instead, the opposite seems to be true. “Certainly for us in the short run, the focus is on creating new content franchises that’ll be born on YouTube and have a huge […]

Raymond McAnally & Daily Fiber Films Bring Us Cool Super Nerd ‘Chad’ on YouTube [INTERVIEW]

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 7.53.25 PM

Chad, the character created by Raymond McAnally, haunts me. I grew up with a “Chad” as my best friend — which might speak ill of my best friend (and me), but I don’t think it does. “Chad” is a type of person who owns his niche. He has different wants and needs than anyone else. […]

Twitter Snags Top YouTube Exec To Help Make Video Ad Revenue A Reality


Anybody got any eggs or endangered species? Twitter is in the poaching business. Snagging one of YouTube’s top executives, Twitter is looking to scare up more ad revenue. The executive in question, Baljeet Singh, worked at Google/YouTube for five years and developed the program that allow for skippable ads at the beginning of videos — […]

Does Justin Bieber Hate YouTube? Deposition Video Raises That Very Question [VIDEO]


Sorry to make the headline sound all tabloid-y like that, but Justin Bieber makes a very interesting statement during a deposition video obtained by TMZ. Bieber, who was brought in to file an official statement in a lawsuit brought by a paparazzo against one of his bodyguards, appears petulant, smug, and at one point says […]

Ray William Johnson Announces Date for Final Episode of ‘Equals Three’

ray william johnson

Post by Ray William Johnson. Today, Ray William Johnson announced the end date for his popular “Equals Three” YouTube show on his Facebook page, and it’s a lot sooner than anyone had thought or hoped. This Wednesday, March 12, “Equals Three” will see its final episode go public on Johnson’s main YouTube channel. “Equals Three” […]

Chester See Unblocks His Private YouTube Files For The World To See [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2014-03-07 at 7.13.13 PM

Ever wondered what Chester See might have as a “private video” on YouTube? Maybe it’s something too sexy or too dangerous for the average fan to comprehend — or maybe it’s so off-the-wall insane — Chester running through a field of yaks with a chainsaw, just hacking and cutting — that it shouldn’t be anything […]

MyDamnChannel Teams With Subway To Reward Talented College Kids With New YouTube Series


So Subway the restaurant apparently has a yen for making sandwich-themed programming. Teaming up with MyDamnChannel, Subway offers USC & Syracuse college kids an opportunity to put their original series on the air — as long as the original series centers around the theme “Every Sandwich Tells A Story.” The winning shows — two from […]

Reelio Scores Unspecified ‘Seven-Figure’ Seed Round To Merge Products & Advertising


Reelio is rolling in dough apparently. How much dough is the question though. The little company with big ambitions has excitedly announced that they’ve scored a seed funding round “somewhere in the seven-figure range.” So, somewhere between $1-9 million. While there are substantial differences between the two ends of that spectrum, either number bodes well […]

Smosh Debuts Two New Shows: ‘Honest Game Trailers’ & ‘16-Bit High School’ [VIDEOS]


Smosh is slowly expanding the Smoshiverse … With a mighty merger between Alloy Digital and Break Media coming to fruition, all that’s left is for Smosh to do what they do best: put out awesome programming. And with that in mind, two new shows are joining the Smosh lineup of game-centric programming. Up now, we […]

Iman Crosson, Hannah Hart, Tyler Oakley Other YouTubers Talk Healthcare With President Obama [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 7.23.36 PM

NMR is now one step away from the White House. Surely, after they allow all the YouTubers in to visit with President Barack Obama to discuss healthcare reform, they’re bound to want to talk to the industry’s top shitrakers. Hannah Hart, Rafi Fine, Tyler Oakley and other YouTuber’s were there for a special sit-down with […]

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